Chelsea French – Gorgeous Brunette Teasing & Masturbating In Sheer Nylon Pantyhose

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Jun 242015
Gorgeous Brunette Model Chelsea French In Sheer Nylon Pantyhose and Heels at Pantyhosed4u

Gorgeous brunette Chelsea French teases in her sheer nylon pantyhose and heels and masturbates to climax in her latest video at Pantyhosed4u

Chelsea sports a sexy pair of sheer to waist, grey pantyhose and does she look fit! Watch her peel off her clingy dress and play with her pantyhosed pussy in her latest video.

‘I’ve decided to wear a hot pair of pantyhose for you and if you look very careful you’ll see they have a sexy pattern on the back,’ Chelsea says, lifting her purple dress and caressing the curve of her fabulous ass sheathed in it’s layer of clingy nylon.

Chelsea stands with her legs apart and bends over to run her hands up from her ankles and over the surface of her silky nylon hose. The subtle shine of her pantyhose looks so erotic around the firm cheeks of her ass and shapely legs as she poses in her heels.

Stripping off the dress, she moves sensually as she caresses her toned body and petite all natural breasts, her hands feeling the cheeks of her ass encased in sheer nylon hose.

Sitting on the divan and pulls her pantyhose around her waist so the crotch is tight around her pussy and teases her throbbing pink clit through the taut nylon.

Her alluring eyes draw us in as she slips her hand down the inside of her hose and slides her fingers along the moist slit of her lovely pussy. ‘Do you like seeing my fingers under these tights rubbing my naughty pussy,’ Chelsea asks, her fingers moving under the stretchy sheer nylon as she mastubates openly in her erotic nylon hosiery.

See gorgeous brunette Chelsea French teasing and masturbating in her sheer nylon pantyhose and heels at Pantyhosed4u

Essex Girl Saffy In White Satin Panties, Suspender Belt And Tan Nylon Stockings Video At Vintage Flash

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Oct 282011

Saffy Blonde Topless UK MILF In White Satin Panties Multi-Suspender Belt And Tan Nylon Stockings Video at Vintage Flash

Saffy chose to get back in front of the VF camera this week, because she loves our site and wanted to make a special videos for you guys. Knowing how you are all fans of vintage nylon stockings, she wore some unusual sandle-foot nylons from New York, especially for this photo set and video.

Wearing a sexy outfit to showcase her fabulous figure, Saffy began by sitting and stroking her stockinged legs, slipping off one of her 6 inch pumps to show off her nyloned foot in close up.

Standing, she lifted her pencil skirt to reveal she was wearing deep-cut satin panties, and a multi-strap suspender belt attached to the tops of her lovely tan nylon stockings.

‘It’s making me feel very horny wearing my sandle-foot nylon stockings and silky satin panties,’ Saffy said, pushing her hands down the front of her white satin knickers and giving her pussy a feel.

Unbuttoning  her blouse, Saffy pulled it back around the cones of her 50’s bullet bra, which was holding her very large breasts firmly in check. Then undoing her bra, she slipped it off her arms and let her tits swing free. Cupping the mounds of voluptuous flesh in her hands, she pressed her boobs together and pushed them very close to the camera lens.

‘It’s time to take off my knickers and reveal my nice, juicy pussy,’ Saffy said, then knelt on the floor and tugged at the waistband of her panties, pulling them over her round buttocks and slipping them down her legs.

Still on her knees, Saffy tilted her ass upwards and pulled the lips of her pussy apart, using one hand to massage her clitoris in a circular motion.

‘Oh, that feels so good,’ she remarked, as her masturbation picked up it’s rhythm, ‘knowing that you boys are wanking your cocks over me, it’s good to be back!’

Saffy then lay on the rug with her stockinged legs spread wide and openly masturbated with fingers rubbing the lips of her hot cunt. She talked explicitly as she imagined all those cocks wanking over her nylon stockings, pussy and ass while watching her video.

‘That’s it fuck me hard, with your cock deep in my pussy,’ Saffy exclaimed excitedly as the rhythm of her masturbation increased and she climaxed with fingers knuckle deep in her throbbing cunt.

See Saffy striptease down to her stockings and suspenders in this (186 image) photo set and watch her masturbating to orgasm in her video ‘Essex Girl In New York Nylons’.



Sasha Cane Masturbating In Tan Nylon Stockings And Lacy Suspenders In ‘Some Sexy Telephone Fun’ Video

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Sep 282011

Sasha Cane Masturbating On The Phone In Stockings And Suspenders Having Sex With Dildo Video At Vintageflash

Sasha had been waiting over half an hour for her man to arrive, and he eventually called up to say he couldn’t make it their date. 

All dressed up in her stockings and suspenders, Sasha is feeling really horny, so she suggests they have some sexy fun while on the phone!

Sasha begins by telling her guy exactly what she is wearing: a tight blue pencil skirt, underneath which are some sheer nylon panties, a designer garter-belt, and some delicious tan colored nylon stockings and heels.

Describing what she is doing, she takes off her bra and plays with her pink-brown nipples, then kneeling on the bed with her ass in the air, she slips her hand down her sheer panties to pleasure her pussy.

Having removed her skirt and stripped down to her lacy garter-belt and vintage nylons, Sasha finds a huge fat dildo with which to enhance the moment!

She then encourages her man to take his pants off and wank along as she talks dirty down the phone.

Inserting the dildo up her lubricated pussy, Sasha breathes heavily as the large cock stretches the walls of her vagina.

Feeling the large cock filling her up, Sasha works the dildo up her tight cunt and orgasms loudly down the phone as she cums.

Join in the fun and wank along with Sasha as she dildos her pussy in this (159 image) photo set and video – ‘Some Sexy Telephone Fun’.


Natalia Forrest – Naughty Girl In Uniform Pulls Down Her Panties And Masturbates In Sexy Seamed Nylon Stockings Video

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Sep 262011

Naughty Natalia Forrest In Uniform Masturbating In Sexy Seamed Nylon Stockings And Panties Video At VFacademy

Natalia is in trouble again for lifting her school skirt and pulling her panties down for all the guys on the recreation field to take a good look!

‘I love bending over, showing my ass to everybody,’ Natalia says, flipping her school skirt up and showing us just how she likes to move her hot pantied ass around in a very sexy manner. ‘And I know they love it too!’

Natalia turns to give a frontal close-up view of her sexy white lace panties, the straps of her suspender belt stretching and pulling at her stocking tops as she moves her crotch lasciviously.

Making a proper show of wiggling her arse, Natalia teasingly tugs at her panties until they are pulled down and stretched around the tops of her stockinged thighs.

Then bending over the desk, Natalia sticks out her peachy bum, and spreads the lips of her pink pussy open with two of her fingers.

Spanking the cheeks of her ass, Natalia wets her finger with her tongue and applies it to the throbbing head of her hot little clitoris and gives it a good rub.

Then, with two fingers inserted up her tight love slot, Natalia vigorously frigs herself off to a resounding climax!

See Natalia giving lots of upskirt views of her panties, stockings and suspenders as she wanks herself off in this (174 image) photo set and video – ‘Naughty On The Rec’.



Sep 132011

Chloe Lovette Sexy Schoolgirl In Uniform Blouse Skirt Black Stockings And Suspenders Video At VFAcademy

Waiting in her room for lunch break, Chole was feeling horny in her stockings and suspenders, so she decided to keep herself amused with a bit of masturbation.

She’d been sent to her room for the remainder of the morning, when one of the teachers discovered Chloe hiding her vibrator in the desk. The teacher had confiscated her sex toy, but our horny miss soon found her hairbrush and looked forward to using it for some self-pleasure.

Stripping out of her tight blouse, Chloe played with her erect nipples and stroked her seamed stockinged legs, pushing her hand down to tops of her nylons to feel the flesh of her soft thighs.

Laying flat on the bed, she looked over her shoulder and tugged at her black lacy knickers until they were just stretched below the cheeks of her buttocks. Then she reached round and massaged her pussy, already moist with excitement.

Kneeling on the bed with her naked ass in the air, Chloe spread her pussy lips and used her fingers to flick her bean. Her fingers made wet sticky sounds as she diddled her pussy and made the juices flow out of her hot, pink love hole.

Grabbing her hairbrush she inserted the handle up her tight love slot, and pushed it all the way up. Chloe vigorously rubbed the tip of her throbbing clitoris with one hand, and working the hands of the brush up her twat, she reached a long and satisfying climax.


Jessica Pressley Shows Off Her Shapely Legs In Designer Pantyhose And Masturbates

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Sep 092011

Jessica Pressley Showing Her Pussy And Masturbating In Stripy Fashion Pantyhose Video At Pantyhosed 4U

Jessica was so looking forward to going to a party tonight, but had been let down by her date, who was supposed to be her partner at this swinging event.

Having gone to all the trouble of dressing up in her party dress and some super sexy striped pantyhose and heels, Jessica doesn’t know what to do with herself and on top of that she’s is feeling quite horny.

‘I’m glad you’re here to watch me play with myself, I’m feeling so naughty,’ Jessica says, feeling her boobs through the fabric her silky dress, and running her hands up and down her thighs covered in designer pantyhose.

Lifting her dress she gives a close-up view of her arse encased in tight hose, then rubs her middle finger down the crack of her ass, touching the ring of her butt hole through the sheer nylon fabric.

Jessica seductively runs her hands over her hosed legs from ankles to thighs, making a good show of stroking her shapely legs and buttocks through the tight mesh of her striking patterned hose.

Jessica then climbs onto the kitchen top and massages the juicy lips of her moistened pussy, now squashed behind the tight crotch of her designer pantyhose.

Slipping a vibrator down the front of her hose, she uses the gusset to keep it in place and pulls her legs back so the object slides deep into her gaping cunt.

Jesssica then grabs the vibrator through the fabric of her tights and works it in and out of her sticky love hole; increasing the rhythm of her masturbation until she reaches an intense pantyhose climax.

See Jessica Pressley stripping and masturbating in her hot pantyhose in this (173 image) photo set and video – ‘Stripy Strip Strumpet’.


Stylish Girl Masturbates In Brown Nylon Pantyhose And Stiletto Heels With Large Dildo Up Her Pussy

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Aug 242011

Pretty Brunette Teen Sasha Masturbating In Sheer Black Nylon Pantyhose Video At Pantyhosed4U

Sasha was getting ready to go to a posh party, and being a very smart and stylish girl she decided to wear a low cut brown dress, coordinating Wolford pantyhose, and six-inch stiletto heels for the occasion.

‘I’ll have to be careful I don’t bend over,’ Sasha said, concerned her tight dress may be a bit too short for this posh party. ‘I actually don’t have any knickers on!’

Sasha confessed she didn’t like wearing knickers with hose, preferring to feel the sexy sensation of pantyhose against her pussy and ass.

‘Although these pantyhose aren’t actually see-through,’ she added as an after thought, opening her legs to show me the opaque patch of her tights. ‘I’ll just have to keep my legs crossed,’ she concluded.

Feeling frisky in her sexy new outfit, Sasha decided she had time to put on a little pantyhose show for me.

She began by removing her dress, letting it slip over the globes her pert ass cheeks and down her long svelte legs encased in tight brown nylon.

Then laying on the couch she massaged her pussy through the reinforced gusset of her hose; pushing the tight nylon screen into the folds of her moist cunt, soaking the crotch of her new nylon pantyhose with her musky juices.

Pulling down her pantyhose until they were wrapped around her legs, Sasha then masturbated with a large dildo, making her cunt juices flow around the shaft of the cock like object as it stretched her pussy wide.

Sasha then stuffed the dildo up her cunt, and pulling her pantyhose back up her legs, she let the gusset hold the object firmly in place. The further she pulled up her tights, the  deeper the dildo went up her sex hole, causing her pussy to spasm with waves of pleasure.

Holding the dildo through the crotch of her hose, Sasha shoved the object deep in her sopping wet cunt, causing her to experience an intense orgasm as she climaxed in her sexy nylon pantyhose.

See Sasha masturbating in her classy pantyhose in this (157 image) photo set and 21 minute hi-def video – ‘Dressed To Impress’.


Jessica Pressley – Academy Girl Wanking In Sheer White Nylon Panties, Stockings And Suspenders Video

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Aug 192011

Jessica Pressley College Girl Wanking In Sheer White Nylon Panties, Stockings And Suspenders

Jessica is looking forward to going back home for the holidays, especially because she has a crush on the guy who is her next door neighbour.

Thinking about how she is going to seduce him with her legs in sexy stockings, Jessica strokes her hands up her seamed black nylons as she thinks about sex.

Jessica kneels on the bed and hikes up her skirt, then sitting with her stockinged legs apart, she runs her hands over the webbing of her suspender belt, touching the mound of her moist cunt through her sheer nylon panties.

As she grinds her hips in a state of sexual arousal, the juicy lips of her pussy appear pink and flushed through the sheer mesh of her delicate white panties.

Jessica clearly enjoys herself for quite some time as she massages her big breasts though the cups of her bra, finally releasing them from their confinement to play with her erect nipples and squeeze her boobs even more.

Stripping out of her skirt, she plays with her ass and pussy through the flimsy material of her see-through panties, eventually sliding her hand down the front and slipping her fingers into the slit of her sticky cunt.

Jessica then works her pussy from the inside of her kickers, her hand slapping against her naked cunt as she vigorously masturbates and climaxes with fingers deep in her hot juicy hole.

See Jessica Pressley stripping off her uniform, then wanking in her stockings and suspenders in this (149 Image) photo set and hi-def video ‘Going Home Fantasy’.


Kayla In Latex Dress & Net Pantyhose Is ‘Fuckable In Fishnets’

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Sep 182010

kayla in latex and fishnet pantyhose at pantyhosed4u


Kayla is a pretty little cutie with a petite figure and super sexy legs all nicely wrapped in kinky nylon fishnet pantyhose, as you’ll see in this video at Pantyhosed4

This exotic beauty speaks rather softly, which may make you think she’s is a bit shy at first, but believe me she’s a hot little sex pot.

Dressed in a tight latex dress that clung to her slimline figure, Kayla looked stunning as she posed in her fishnet hose and 6 inch patent leather heels in my living room.

I loved the sound her latex dress made with every movement, and seeing it stretched across her pantyhosed thighs, I made sure to get some upskirt shots.

Kayla dragged her long manicured nails across her net pantyhosed legs making an incredible sound and I also got in some great close ups of her sexy pantyhosed legs.

Kayla then opened her legs and I got in real close as she revealed she was wearing no panties and her wet little pussy shimmered through that black open fishnet.

Needless to say, her pert ass looked incredibly sexy in her net pantyhose and she even jiggled her ass cheeks with her hands. I was thinking, Kayla is the perfect type of fuck doll you’d just want to bend over, grasp those hips and fuck her real hard!

See Kayla in tease and masturbate in pantyhose in this (165 image) photo set and 16 minute video ‘Fuckable In Fishnets’ at

Apr 192009


When we went to visit leggy stockings babe Shay Hendrix at her home, we found her washing her favorite sex toys in the kitchen sink!

Shay knew we were on our way to record this video, and she was already dressed in a crisp white blouse, tight pencil skirt, tan seamed nylons and black patent heels when we arrived.

She invited us into the kitchen to wait, while she was just finishing off cleaning her sex toys in the sink. Not wanting to sit around, we quickly got out the video camera and she showed us each of her toys, starting with the smallest up to her favorite big dildo.

Shay’s arse looked fabulous under that tight checked skirt and she started to strip. Under her clothes she was wearing a cute gingham check bra, and six strap garter belt set that framed her pussy real nice.

Standing in stockings and heels with one leg poised on the edge of the kitchen top, Shay grabbed her large dildo and inserted it right up herself. We got a great view of all the action that followed as Shay masturbated right in front of us.

See more of Shay’s masturbation in her nylons in this sizzling video here at Vintage Flash.