Eden – Horny College Babe Sucks Off The Janitor And He Cums On Her Black Nylon Stockings

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Aug 122013
Sexy College Girl Lifts Her Skirt And Masturbates In Her Panties, Stockings And Suspenders

Horny college babe Eden sucks off the janitor and then he wanks his cock and cums over her black nylon stocking tops in this video at VF Academy

Eden was feeling horny after her gym class which was led by handsome Mr Jones the fitness instructor, with whom she happened to have a big crush…

Back in the changing room, Eden fantasized about Mr Jones as she changed out of her sports clothes and dressed in her uniform, black nylon stockings and suspenders.

Sitting on the bench she opened her legs and began to rub her pussy through the front of her white, sheer nylon panties, dreaming about all the things she’d like to do with her fit gym instructor.

Suddenly our nosy janitor entered and caught her masturbating through her knickers, so she quickly tried to pull down her skirt.  Knowing about the janitor’s salacious reputation from the other girls, she had a good idea what he would expect from her next, and she was corrected in her assumption.

‘You’ve been caught red-handed, young lady,’ the janitor admonished, reminding her that she was in an awkward and compromising situation. ‘And useless we come to a little agreement, I’ll be going to the principal and you’ll be in a lot of trouble.’

Even though Eden realized what he meant by ‘little agreement’ she feigned her innocence, but he asked her to continue what she had been doing beforehand, so she let him watch her touching her pussy through her nylon panties.

‘It’s difficult for me you know, seeing all you beautiful young ladies walking around the academy all day long,’ the janitor remarked, as he opened his overall and rubbed the massive bulge in the front of his trousers. ‘I think if we can come to an arrangement, I’m sure I won’t say anything to anybody.’

The janitor unzipped his fly and dropping his trousers he released his cock and she looked on in astonishment as his erection waved around, right in front of her face.

Eden had never seen an erect cock before, at least not in real life, though she had heard so many rumors about the size of the janitor’s cock. Now the damn thing was standing erect in front of her face and it looked quite big and hard, though she had nothing to compare it to in her own experience.

Curiosity getting the better of her senses, it didn’t take much encouragement to get her to take hold of his cock and cup the balls in her hand to feel how heavy they were.

The janitor then made Eden lift her leg and her rubbed his hard cock along the back of her seamed nylon stockings, which made her feel very excited at this kind of naughty game they were playing together.

Eden was so turned on she began to lick his balls with her hot, little tongue and popped his throbbing cock in her mouth, wrapping her hot lips tight around his shaft as she sucked him off.

The janitor thrust his hips and she let him fuck her orally, feeling his huge erection filling her mouth and the cockhead hitting the back of her throat. He then pulled his prick out of her soft, wet mouth, and wanking himself off he ejaculated and spilled his sticky cum load onto the tops of her black nylon stockings.

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