Danielle Soul – Horny Blonde Babe Masturbating In Ripped Nylon Pantyhose

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Mar 222017

Horny blonde babe Danielle Soul stripteases and masturbates to climax in ripped nylon pantyhose in this scene at Pantyhosed4u

Horny blonde babe Danielle Soul is ready to play with you on the bed in her sheer nylon pantyhose. Watch her perform seductively while stripteasing and masturbating to an intense climax in her ripped nylon hose in this hot scene at Pantyhosed 4u.

Danielle smiles and moves so sexily, dressed in her plaid shirt which frames the tops of her thighs in their sexy, sheer pantyhose. She gives a sideways glance with her come to bed eyes as her hand sweeps over the cheeks of her ass and legs sheathed in delectable pantyhose.

Danielle kneels on the bed and unbuttons her shirt, swaying sensually as she allows it to slide over her shoulders and down her arms. Removing the shirt, she runs her hands over her slender body, leaning forward to massage her tits inside her loose fitting bra. Then stripping away the bra, she leans back to push out her chest and fondles the soft, warm flesh her beautiful all natural breasts.

Reclining against the pillows, Danielle opens her legs wide and slips one hand down the inside of her hose. Her hand moves behind the taut, sheer nylon of the gusset, massaging the soft, supple lips of her moist pussy and circling her fingers over the flesh of her throbbing clitoris. She pulls on her hose and gently thrusts her hips while rubbing her fingers against the mound of her pussy, teasing the compressed lips of her hot cunt through the taut nylon screen of the gusset.

Gathering the front of her pantyhose in her hands, she pushes her fingers into the stretched nylon and tears a hole in the crotch.  Her fingers claw at the fragile nylon and rip it wide open, exposing her shaved pussy and succulent pink flesh of her labia.

Danielle sighs softly as her fingers slide over her clitoris and spread the moist lips of her cunt wide apart; the soft pinkness of her labia glistening with the slick wetness of her flowing juices. She kneads the lips of her cunt between her fingers, then slips one digit into her hot, pink hole and frigs herself off to a lush climax in her sexy, nylon pantyhose.

See gorgeous blonde Danielle masturbating to climax in her in her ripped nylon pantyhose video at Pantyhose 4u

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