Jun 262009
Sexy Redhead Housewife Masturbates In Fully-Fashioned Nylon Stockings In This Movie At Vintage Flash

Sexy Redhead Housewife Masturbates In Fully-Fashioned Nylon Stockings

Appearing very ’sweater girl’ in her clingy top and tight pencil skirt, Red shows off her curves and cleavage, then strips down to her point heel nylon stockings and masturbates in the kitchen in our latest movie from Vintage Flash.

Sexy housewife Red is in her kitchen waiting for ‘the milkman’ so she can pay him for his delivery service. Maybe she has other plans for the guy as she is all dolled up and ready for seduction wearing a tight woolen pencil skirt, genuine British 60’s taupe point heel nylon stockings and high heels.

While she waits for the milkman to arrive, Red puts on a sexy show just for us right there in the kitchen.

Talking in that seductive English accent all the while she teases, Red begins by running her hands over her voluptuous curves that are covered by her tight skirt and blouse.

Then she gives us a tantalizing glimpse of what she is wearing under that tight skirt by lifting it a little … putting her hands down the tops of her seamed nylon stockings and snapping the strap of her suspender belt against her thigh.

But the revealing will have to wait, as first she takes out her ample tits… massaging and cupping them in her hands, and pursing her cupid bow lips in that saucy, mischievous way that is ’so’ Red.

Then as Red slips off her tight pencil skirt, she pulls it down slowly over her curvaceous arse, letting it stay halfway down as she wiggles and sways her hips, before finally removing and stepping out of it.

Half-naked, except for those lovely taupe nylons and wide-suspender belt that frames her ginger pussy, Red sits on the kitchen top and plays with her cunt, but it does not end there..

Red goes on to give a lewd display of explicit masturbation, which ends up with her orgasming as she sprawls on the kitchen floor in her stockings and heels.

You will see everything of this redhead housewife as she masturbates in her nylon stockings, suspenders and heels in our latest (16 minute) Hi-Def movie at Vintage Flash.

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Jun 172009
Michelle Thorne In Black Seamed Nylon Stockings and Latex Garter Belt

Michelle Thorne In Black Seamed Nylon Stockings and Latex Garter Belt

Michelle Thorne strips down to her kinky latex suspender belt, black Harmony Point fully-fashioned nylons, and talks dirty as she masturbates to completion in our latest Vintage Flash Movie.

Michelle is a good friend of mine from way back and she has been modeling for Vintage Flash for many years. Just last week I popped around to her house for some coffee and a chat, and found her all dressed up in this kinky combo.

Apparently, she’d been doing a bit of tidying up, and while going through her wardrobe she’d found some discarded items from her modeling past.

Michelle has got loads of clothes, I can tell you.. too many in fact, and these items hadn’t seen the light of day in a long while. These included a 70’s style cap, an old dark mac, a latex suspender belt and a pair of black, seamed fully-fashioned nylons (with a ladder in ’em).

Being a bit of a kinky bitch she’d decided to wear this rather striking ensemble for a bit of fun, then went about doing the housework (or at least that’s what she told me she’d been doing). Which was when I just happened to call round and found her wearing this get up.

I told her she looked like a 60’s – 70’s French street prostitute, at which she laughed. Then, I went and got out my camera and lights from the boot of my car, and told her to get out in the garden as it was such a fine day..  we’d do an outside shoot.

Michelle is always up for a photo or video shoot, and soon enough she was doing her thing, bending over while poised on classic 6 inch stilettos, and putting on a stunning display of lasciviousness.

Standing with back to the wall, Michelle pulled open her mac, scooped out her humongous titties and strummed her hard nipples with her fingers. I thought to myself, this must be some kind of personal technique she uses for getting herself aroused, as I’d never seen anyone else doing it quite like that. Whatever, her ‘tittie banjo’ technique was clearly having it’s effect and definitely getting herself in the mood for some explicit fun!

Michelle talked dirty as she continued to tease in her nylon stockings, bending forwards and running her hands over her seamed stockinged legs, then pulling her arse cheeks apart so I got a perfect view of her puckered arse hole and the soft lips of her swollen labia.

At one point she lifted her mac over her perfectly rounded ass, then started humping and thrusting her hips like a slack dancer. As she did her bump and grind her latex suspender straps clung to her thighs, stretching and pulling at the tops of her black seamed nylons as she pumped her ass in rhythm.

Next she was all over the place, kneeling with one leg on the garden table and standing on the other while she frigged herself off, letting me get in close to capture all the action. Then reclining in her garden chair, she opened her legs and fingered her shaven cunt.. spreading her pussy lips and making sure I could see everything as she masturbated to completion.

See Michelle enjoy her afternoon of self-pleasure in this (17 minute long) hi-def movie from our exclusively produced nylon stockings website Vintage Flash.

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Rebekah Dee’s Sultry Stockings Striptease

 Nylons Parade, Rebekah Dee, Tan Nylon Stockings, Vintage Flash  Comments Off on Rebekah Dee’s Sultry Stockings Striptease
Jun 042009


Stockings Milf Rebekah Dee knows we enjoy looking at her legs in their sexy nylon stockings. With very little persuasion, we get her to perform a sultry striptease, then video her masturbating on her bed.

Rebekah dressed in a fine blouse, a tight skirt that split at the thigh, and pink stiletto heels for this video. The ‘V’ of her split skirt revealed the tops of her sexy high class vintage nylons as she sat there applying her makeup. As soon as she noticed my interested in her stockinged clad legs, she began to put on a sexy show and seductively removed her clothes.

Wearing her ‘merry widow’ corset, tan seamed nylon stockings, and a set of string pearls that dangled between her breasts, Rebekah climbed onto the bed. Lying face forward, she looked back and ran her fingers down her the seams of her stockings, then moved them over her pussy and touched the puckered ring of her arse.

Kneeling on the bed, she stuck her arse in the air and began masturbating in front of me. What a fantastic view I had of her cunt, framed by those tight garter straps stretched around her thighs and attached to the tops of her seamed nylons.

Rebekah was in the perfect position for fucking, I thought, and I think she would have liked me to fuck here there and then! But I let her continue masturbating as I was enjoying this little show she was putting on..

‘You really are naughty making me do this, when I was ready to go out’, remarked Rebekah. But there was no stopping her now.. Her arse and hips began bouncing up and down as she diddled herself, her fingers circling and rubbing her clit and labia.

Then she turned to lie on her back, and with legs wide open she continued to frig herself. Her fingers made liquid sounds as she poked them up her moist sex hole, and the palm of her hand slapped hard against her wet clitoris as she worked herself up. Rebekah continued her rhythm, using her hand and fingers to build up the intensity of her orgasm, until she finally reached her noisy climax at the conclusion of this video.

[flashvideo file=http://www.vintageflash.com/flash_test/RebekahDee_640flash_trailer.flv /]

Flash Trailer of Rebekah Dee Stripping and Masturbating

Download the entire 15 minute hi-def masturbation movie featuring Rebekah Dee at Vintage Flash.

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