Jun 042009


Stockings Milf Rebekah Dee knows we enjoy looking at her legs in their sexy nylon stockings. With very little persuasion, we get her to perform a sultry striptease, then video her masturbating on her bed.

Rebekah dressed in a fine blouse, a tight skirt that split at the thigh, and pink stiletto heels for this video. The ‘V’ of her split skirt revealed the tops of her sexy high class vintage nylons as she sat there applying her makeup. As soon as she noticed my interested in her stockinged clad legs, she began to put on a sexy show and seductively removed her clothes.

Wearing her ‘merry widow’ corset, tan seamed nylon stockings, and a set of string pearls that dangled between her breasts, Rebekah climbed onto the bed. Lying face forward, she looked back and ran her fingers down her the seams of her stockings, then moved them over her pussy and touched the puckered ring of her arse.

Kneeling on the bed, she stuck her arse in the air and began masturbating in front of me. What a fantastic view I had of her cunt, framed by those tight garter straps stretched around her thighs and attached to the tops of her seamed nylons.

Rebekah was in the perfect position for fucking, I thought, and I think she would have liked me to fuck here there and then! But I let her continue masturbating as I was enjoying this little show she was putting on..

‘You really are naughty making me do this, when I was ready to go out’, remarked Rebekah. But there was no stopping her now.. Her arse and hips began bouncing up and down as she diddled herself, her fingers circling and rubbing her clit and labia.

Then she turned to lie on her back, and with legs wide open she continued to frig herself. Her fingers made liquid sounds as she poked them up her moist sex hole, and the palm of her hand slapped hard against her wet clitoris as she worked herself up. Rebekah continued her rhythm, using her hand and fingers to build up the intensity of her orgasm, until she finally reached her noisy climax at the conclusion of this video.

[flashvideo file=http://www.vintageflash.com/flash_test/RebekahDee_640flash_trailer.flv /]

Flash Trailer of Rebekah Dee Stripping and Masturbating

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