Samantha Bentley Stripteases and Masturbates in Satin Corset and Black Nylon Stockings

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May 312016
Samantha Bentley In Sexy Burlesque Corset, Suspenders and Stockings at Vintageflash

Samantha Bentley stripteases and masturbates in her satin burlesque corset, black fully-fashioned nylon stockings and sling-back heels video at Vintage Flash

Horny babe Samantha Bentley is dressed in her corset, stockings, and sexy sling-back heels, all ready to go and perform in her burlesque show. Instead, she decides to indulge in some naughty fun and games and put on a personal striptease show for you…

‘I’ve heard that you are really into nylon stockings,’ Samantha said, posing in her blue satin corset and showing her hairy pussy framed by the suspenders attached to her vintage nylon stockings.’ ‘Particularly fully-fashioned nylon stockings and the way they are held up by my suspenders,’ she added, her fingers nimbly adjusting the metal clasps to the top of her stockings.

‘Do you like the way my corset holds my waist in tight and makes my tits spill out over the top?’ Samantha asked, pushing her boobs together and lifting her cleavage above the top of her boned corset. ‘I bet you’d just love to fuck me from behind in this corset, whilst holding and pulling the laces tight to make my waist even smaller.’

Reclining on the bed, Samantha detached the metal clasps of her suspenders from the tops of her stockings and rolled the wrinkled nylons down her legs. Then teasingly pulled the stockings back up her legs, and pushed her hand under the flaccid nylon to stroke the soft flesh of her thigh.

Samantha popped the fasteners along the front of her corset, pulled the garment open and stripped it off to reveal her naked breasts. Then reclining on the bed, she lifted up her legs and used her feet to slip off one of her sling-back heels so it dangled from her toes.

‘Do you want to come and stick your cock between the bottom of my foot and my shoe?’ Samantha asked, sliding her fingers in the space between the dangling shoe and the sole of her stockinged foot. ‘Feel my stocking clad foot against your cock, and hear the sound of the nylon as I rub my legs together?’ she said, briskly rubbing her nylon clad legs against each other so her stockings made a rasping sound.

Removing her sling-back heels, Samantha lifted her legs to give a close-up view of her stockinged feet and point the toes inside their layer of nylon. She rolled her stockings down to her ankles and gathered the loose nylon in her hands, then drew the hosiery up her legs and adjusted the tops around her thighs.

Samantha lay back with her hairy pussy in full view and stripped off one of the black seamed stockings and draped the diaphanous nylon over the mound of her pussy.

‘Keep stroking that cock as I play with my juicy wet pussy,’ Samantha urged, as she rubbed the soft nylon against the tuft of pubic hair and teased her clitoris, gasping with pleasure as she slid the drawn out stocking over the lips of her shaved cunt.

See Samantha Bentley stripteasing and masturbating in her satin corset and seamed nylon stockings in her latest video  -‘Personal Burlesque’ at Vintage Flash

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Rebekah Dee’s Sultry Stockings Striptease

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Jun 042009


Stockings Milf Rebekah Dee knows we enjoy looking at her legs in their sexy nylon stockings. With very little persuasion, we get her to perform a sultry striptease, then video her masturbating on her bed.

Rebekah dressed in a fine blouse, a tight skirt that split at the thigh, and pink stiletto heels for this video. The ‘V’ of her split skirt revealed the tops of her sexy high class vintage nylons as she sat there applying her makeup. As soon as she noticed my interested in her stockinged clad legs, she began to put on a sexy show and seductively removed her clothes.

Wearing her ‘merry widow’ corset, tan seamed nylon stockings, and a set of string pearls that dangled between her breasts, Rebekah climbed onto the bed. Lying face forward, she looked back and ran her fingers down her the seams of her stockings, then moved them over her pussy and touched the puckered ring of her arse.

Kneeling on the bed, she stuck her arse in the air and began masturbating in front of me. What a fantastic view I had of her cunt, framed by those tight garter straps stretched around her thighs and attached to the tops of her seamed nylons.

Rebekah was in the perfect position for fucking, I thought, and I think she would have liked me to fuck here there and then! But I let her continue masturbating as I was enjoying this little show she was putting on..

‘You really are naughty making me do this, when I was ready to go out’, remarked Rebekah. But there was no stopping her now.. Her arse and hips began bouncing up and down as she diddled herself, her fingers circling and rubbing her clit and labia.

Then she turned to lie on her back, and with legs wide open she continued to frig herself. Her fingers made liquid sounds as she poked them up her moist sex hole, and the palm of her hand slapped hard against her wet clitoris as she worked herself up. Rebekah continued her rhythm, using her hand and fingers to build up the intensity of her orgasm, until she finally reached her noisy climax at the conclusion of this video.

[flashvideo file= /]

Flash Trailer of Rebekah Dee Stripping and Masturbating

Download the entire 15 minute hi-def masturbation movie featuring Rebekah Dee at Vintage Flash.

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Apr 192009


When we went to visit leggy stockings babe Shay Hendrix at her home, we found her washing her favorite sex toys in the kitchen sink!

Shay knew we were on our way to record this video, and she was already dressed in a crisp white blouse, tight pencil skirt, tan seamed nylons and black patent heels when we arrived.

She invited us into the kitchen to wait, while she was just finishing off cleaning her sex toys in the sink. Not wanting to sit around, we quickly got out the video camera and she showed us each of her toys, starting with the smallest up to her favorite big dildo.

Shay’s arse looked fabulous under that tight checked skirt and she started to strip. Under her clothes she was wearing a cute gingham check bra, and six strap garter belt set that framed her pussy real nice.

Standing in stockings and heels with one leg poised on the edge of the kitchen top, Shay grabbed her large dildo and inserted it right up herself. We got a great view of all the action that followed as Shay masturbated right in front of us.

See more of Shay’s masturbation in her nylons in this sizzling video here at Vintage Flash.

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Mar 252009


We haven’t featured panties too many times on Vintage Flash, but these sheer nylon full cut beauties on the delectable Michelle Thorne look so hot!

In response to our member requests, we recently shot this full photo set and hi-def movie of Michelle Thorne wearing the most revealing sheer nylon undies and vintage ZigZag heeled, fully-fashioned nylons.

Michelle dressed in a hounds tooth pencil skirt which hugged her figure, a wide belt around her waist, and wore a tight white blouse that hardly contained her enormous boobs. She slipped off her skirt, letting it slide down slowly, to reveal those ample ass cheeks of hers covered by the black see-through mesh of her sexy panties. What a sight to behold!

Michelle was well turned on, and feeling so naughty she fingered her ass and massaged her pussy through the nylon material of her panties. Lying back, she opened her stockinged legs wide, slipped her hand down the front of her see-through panties and masturbated while we got up close to video every detail.

See Michelle Thorne masturbating through her nylon mesh panties and reach climax with her pussy gaping open in this 18 minute, Hi-Def movie from Vintage Flash.

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Michelle Thorne Striptease & Masturbation In Nylons

 Fully Fashioned Nylons, Garterbelts, Michelle Thorne, Vintage Flash  Comments Off on Michelle Thorne Striptease & Masturbation In Nylons
Feb 192009

Michelle Thorne wants you to fuck her in nylons stockings in this movie from Vintage Flash - michellethorne

Michelle Thorne is dressed to thrill wearing a slinky tight pencil skirt, ff-nylon stockings and spikey red fuck me heels in our latest movie at Vintage Flash.

Michelle’s see-through red nylon blouse barely contain her lush assets, and that tight pencil skirt makes her ass look so tempting as she, stands and teases us on the top stair landing.

Caressing her tits through her blouse and bending so she can run her hands up her stockinged legs, Michelle tells us just how much she wants to tease and turn us on.

Michelle is wearing no panties, and as she stands with legs apart we get a good look under her skirt at her naked pussy, and enjoy close up views of her tan seamed nylon stockings.

Opening her blouse, Michelle reveals she is wearing a red bra and her huge tits are almost busting out of their confinement. She lifts her arms above her head and runs her hands through her blond hair so her breasts are more pronounced, then she totally removes the blouse.

Seductively swaying her hips, Michelle undoes the buckle of her belt and unzips the side of her skirt, pulling it down and over the rounded cheeks of her fabulous behind.

She pauses with the skirt pulled tight across her thighs and ass, then leans forward and pushes her naked buttocks out towards us in a provocative display of wantonness.

The suspender straps of her white vintage garterbelt stretch around the globes of her splendid ass, framing the shaven pudenda hidden in the cleft of her upper thighs between her buttocks.

Standing with legs apart in her vintage fully-fashioned nylons, we get a close up view of her tempting naked pussy. Michelle looks back over her shoulder and says, ‘I bet you’d like to fuck me from behind, like this? Slide your cock in there!’

Michelle then gets down of the floor, and with her stockinged legs wide open she sinks her fingers into her pussy and frigs herself off. She gives great close up views of her puckered asshole and shaven cunt as she climaxes at the close of this movie.

Download this latest movie of Michelle Thorne, teasing, stripping and masturbating here at Vintage Flash.

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Evey Masturbates In Fully-Fashioned Nylons

 Evey Krystal, Fully Fashioned Nylons, Nylons Parade, Vintage Flash  Comments Off on Evey Masturbates In Fully-Fashioned Nylons
Feb 122009


Evey returns home all sexed up after a walk in the park, strips off and masturbates in her nylons and suspenders in this movie from Vintage Flash.

Evey had been out for a walk in the park, hoping she would pickup a guy and take him home for a fuck. She had deliberately worn a skin tight leopard print dress, sexy black bra, suspender garterbelt and seamed nylon stockings to attract attention and make it clear she was up for some action.

Evey had chosen to visit the park during lunch hour, as she knew there would be lots of office guys taking their break on the park benches.

She sauntered through the park, swinging her hips so her ass moved from side to side in her tight dress, making sure her heels clicked on the path and she walked along. She looked a stunning figure in her leopard print dress and high heels as she meandered down the pathway, quite unmissable.

As she paraded past the rows of office workers eating their sandwiches, she could feel their eyes following her as she passed. Her sexy stockinged legs in high heels were totally galvanizing, capturing the attention of every male in the park. She smiled as she felt their eyes follow her contours, and the line of her seamed nylons running up the back of her stockinged legs.

Most of the workers sat in the park were average looking, but there was one guy who was particularly handsome that she caught site of sitting on one of the benches. She noticed him admiring her legs as she approached and made even more of an effort to make her ass move seductively. Then as she walked by he looked up and smiled back, but that was the end of it. She was rather hoping he would say something and engage her in conversation, but it was not to be, at least on this occasion.

After the lunch hour was over, Evey returned home feeling decidedly horny and thinking about the guy she had seen in the park. Just to think, he could be with her right now feeling up her thighs and putting his hands down her stocking tops, sticking his fingers up her wet slit and pulling her tits out of the top of her dress. The thought of it made her feel even more turned on, she could just do with having a big cock to play with right now!

Remember, next time you unexpectedly see some ravishing female in stockings pass you by, make sure you strike up a conversation and let her know you appreciate her legs in nylons. You never know where it might lead..

Watch Evey return home, strip down to her vintage sheer nylons and garters, feel up her stockinged legs then masturbate in this movie from Vintage Flash.

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Feb 012009

Wendy Jane strips out of her school uniform and shows off her sexy legs in vintage nylon stockings -  wendy-jane

Wendy Jane does not want to do any homework to day, and tells us she’d rather read a sexy book. She’s just come home from school and is dressed in white blouse, tie, pleated skirt, seamed stockings and black patent court shoes.

The book she is reading makes her horny and she starts to undress. She unbuttons her white blouse, revealing she is wearing a vintage bullet bra, which is holding her generous size 34D boobs in place! She’s a busty girl, all right, and a very naughty one indeed.

Wendy Jane lifts up her pleated skirt for us to get a good look at what she’s wearing underneath. Black fully-fashioned nylon stockings, a suspender garter-belt with metal clasps and no panties! Is it any wonder she is feeling so horny?

Lifting her skirt higher, Wendy Jane delicately runs her hands over her naked pussy, so nicely framed by the straps of her suspender belt.

Turning, she lifts her skirt high over her naked behind and gives us a great view of her bare ass and pussy. She runs her hands over her soft naked buttocks, and allows her hands to move sensuously over her legs in their seamed nylon stockings, which are starting to wrinkle behind her knees.

Removing her skirt, Wendy Jane lays back on the bed and begins to masturbate, allowing her fingers to touch her asshole and delve into her pussy. Kneeling on all fours with her ass in the air, she takes out her pink vibrator from under the pillow. Wendy Jane inserts her sex toy in her pussy and using her other hand masturbates her clit. She rolls onto her back and with her stockinged legs wide open she continues to masturbate until she climaxes.

Watch naughty Wendy Jane strip out of her school uniform and masturbate while wearing her wrinkled ff-nylons, vintage suspender belt and high heels in this explicit stocking sex movie from Vintage Flash.

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