Tia Jones – Masturbating In a Haunted Mansion In Vintage Lingerie & Nylon Stockings

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Jan 052016
Sexy Redhead Tia Jones Stripteasing In Suspenders and RHT Nylon Stockings at Vintageflash

Tia Jones visits a haunted mansion and masturbates in her satin lingerie and nylon stockings at Vintage Flash

Tia is certain to bewitch you while she investigates our spooky haunted mansion, dressed so elegantly in her ruffled, cream silk blouse, pearl necklace, grey woolen skirt and legs in RHT nylon stockings and stiletto heels.

‘I’m all on my own in this strange house, but it’s weird, I also feel a little bit horny, right now,’ Tia said, as she lay on the couch and drew back the hem of her skirt to reveal the tops of her brown nylon stockings. ‘Maybe it’s because of this strange house, or my vintage nylon stockings,’ she wondered, extending a leg upward so her and stiletto heel pointed vertically, her hand caressing the surface of her nylons and smoothing out the tiny wrinkles.

‘It feels so nice rubbing my silky panties, they are so soft and smooth, I can feel my pussy is getting wetter,’ Tia said, opening her legs and sliding her hand over the crotch and around the curve or her buttocks encased in peach colored, satin knickers.

Tia  stood and stripped off her skirt, revealing the outlines of her vintage garter-belt through the tight material of her full-sized satin knickers. Leaning over the dresser with her legs apart, she reached down to her ankles and slid her hands up the back of her legs, then caressed the soft satin of her panties clinging to her buttocks.

Tia opened the front of her ruffled silk blouse and fondled her breasts through the pink satin cones of her vintage bullet bra. ‘I can feel my nipples getting very hard inside this bra,’ she smiled, delighted at the sensation of her fingers circling over her tits through the soft, stitched satin. ‘So come on baby, rub that cock of yours, as I want you to be very naughty with me today!’


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