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Leggy Brunette Milf Raven Lee In Fur Coat, Black Nylon Stockings and Heels At Vintageflash

Horny Milf Raven Lee is in the mood for some fun masturbating in her fur coat, black seamed nylon stockings and sexy heels at Vintage Flash

Raven loves getting all dressed up in her favorite fur coat and nylon stockings as it makes her feels so sexy, but the thing she likes doing most of all is wearing no knickers, she told us….

‘There’s nothing sexier than a pair of seamed stockings, sexy fur coat and no knickers,’ Raven said and opened her legs to give a quick flash of her shaved pussy between her thighs and stocking tops. ‘I love the reaction I get when I go on dates and tell guys that I’m not wearing any panties!’

Raven stood and opened her fur coat to reveal the black girdle and long-line bullet bra that clung to her feminine curves. Turning around, she bent right over to expose her pussy and ran her hands over the tense muscles of her calves and up the back of her legs in their seamed nylon stockings.

Raven removed her fur coat and stripped off her bra to play with her fabulous boobs. ‘I bet you’d like to get your hands on these and give them a good squeeze,’ she said, pressing the fleshy mounds together in her hands and pulling the thick nipples between her fingers.

‘You see there’s no point in wearing any knickers, and I think you know why,’ Raven explained, as she caressed her arse through the tight fabric of her girdle, ‘because when you play with yourself as much as I do, it’s so much better to have easy access.’

Raven put her fur coat back on so the softness of the lining rubbed against the warm flesh her naked breasts. Then laying back on the couch, she opened her stockinged legs wide apart and began to rub the moist slit of her sexy pussy. ‘You see, this is what happens every day before I go out, I like to have a bit of a play,’ she said, licking her finger and placing it against the wet lips of her hot cunt as she continued to masturbate. ‘Would you like to come and have a play as well?’

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Oct 292014
Brunette Milf Masturbating In Black Nylon Pantyhose At Pantyhosed 4u

Horny housewife Sofia masturbates with a dildo to climax in her ripped nylon pantyhose video at Pantyhosed 4u

Housewife Sofia shows how she likes to spend some ‘me time’ in the bedroom playing in her pantyhose. Fooling around on the bed, teasing and chatting about how horny she feels in her pantyhose, it’s not long before she is overcome with the desire to cum!

Sofia’s pantyhose are so tight round her hips and thighs, she slides her hands down the inside of her hose and they make a ‘squeaky sound’ as she moves them around under the taut sheer nylon. She playfully pushes the nylon screen of her pantyhose upward using her hands, so the crotch is stretched tight against the moist lips of her hot pussy.

Her arse looks very enticing in it’s layer of black nylon as she gets on her knees and pushes her hands down the rear of her hose. Spreading the cheeks of her arse wide apart, she exposes the puckered ring of her ass and lips of her pussy through the sheer nylon that encases her round buttocks.

Stripping off her bra, she pulls up the waist of her pantyhose and rubs the stretched nylon over her petite, all natural breasts and stiff nipples. Then she lays back and taking her glass dildo, she puts her hand down the front of her hose and slides the object between the moist lips of her pussy.

Removing her hand from inside her hose, she uses the taut, nylon screen of the crotch to push the dildo in and out of her tight, wet cunt.

Sofia rubs the head of the glass dildo against the hot flesh of her erect clitoris, then tearing a perfect round hole in the gusset of her hose, she plunges her sex toy deep inside her hairy snatch and masturbates to climax.

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Oct 282014
Retro-Glamour Model Shows Off Her Shapely Legs In Classic Fully-Fashioned Nylon Stockings At Vintageflash

Glamour Gal Brianna strips down to her classic lingerie and nylon stockings then plays with her hairy pussy in her latest video at Vintage Flash

Brianna recalls the time when she first got into dressing up and found her love of vintage nylons and lingerie, the whole glamour 50s deal… Brianna told us about the time when she first encountered vintage underwear in a box and dressed up in it, which later led to her preferring to wear those styles when she was in her late teens and ever since.

‘I’m here to show my love of vintage clothes and lingerie, and I understand that’s what you guys like to see,’ Brianna said, as she posed in her leopard print dress through which the shape of her underwear could be seen through the semi-sheer material.

Brianna lay on the bed and slipping off her heels, flexed her toes as she presented the soles of her feet to show the reinforced heels of her full-fashioned nylons in close-up. ‘These are a style of nylon stockings I always like to wear, as they are just the sexiest,’ she said, giving a tantalizing flash of her hairy pussy as she extended her leg and lifted it up, while drawing her hand over the silky surface of her seamed nylon stockings.

Brianna knelt on the bed with her legs wide open to show her vintage garter-belt, then stroked her fingers over her hairy bush, visible through the sheer nylon of her full-cut panties. She pulled her dress over her head, then placed her hands around the cups of her bullet bra and tweaked the points of the cones with her fingertips.

‘All of this is such a turn on for me because the first time I tried this underwear on, that became my idea of adulthood and what it meant to be feminine and sexy,’ Brianna explained, slipping her hand down the front of her panties and feeling up her hairy pussy as she began to masturbate. ‘It makes me feel more confident, either at work or out on a date, if I’ve got vintage lingerie on under my clothes. Even when I’m by myself, this underwear makes me feel so much more hornier, dressed up like this around the house or enjoying myself in bed like I am today.’

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Oct 242014
Sexy Blonde Stripper In Suspenders, Tan Nylon Stockings and Heels Video At Vintageflash

Horny blonde secretary Nina stripteases and masturbates in her suspenders, shiny nylon stockings and heels at Vintage Flash

Looking fresh out of the typing pool in her clingy black sweater and skin tight pencil skirt, our sexy bottle-blonde is set to make the time fly by, teasing, stripping and masturbating in her nylon stockings…

‘I like dressing up in vintage clothes they make me feel really sexy,’ she said as she showed off her ass in a tight fitting dogtooth pencil skirt and shapely legs in their stockings and heels. ‘There’s nothing better than a nice outfit with some gorgeous underwear underneath, it feels so comfortable against my skin. Would you like to see it?

Nina bent over so her skirt pulled tight around the cheeks of her arse, then lifted it to reveal a glimpse of suspender attached to the tops of her shiny nylon stockings. Unbuckling her belt, she unzipped the back of her skirt and slowly pulled it down over her fabulous ass, sheathed in sheer nylon panties, then let it slide down her stockinged legs to the floor.

Nina posed in her vintage lace suspender belt which framed the crotch of her flimsy nylon panties and lifted her black top over her head to reveal a pale blue bra underneath. Kneeling on the sofa, she presented her ass and pulled the back of her panties aside to show the puckered ring of her bum hole and the fleshy lips of her juicy pussy.

Nina removed her bra and hooked her thumbs into the elastic of her panties, then slowly peeled them over her ass and slipped them down her shapely legs in their silky, nylon stockings. Stripping her panties over her stiletto heels, she lay back with her legs pulled back and spread wide open as she rubbed her hot clitoris and fingered the moist lips of her pussy.

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Oct 222014
Horny Milf In Lingerie Masturbating Her Hairy Pussy In Lacy Pantyhose

Horny milf Mistique In lacy lingerie and red satin corset, shows off her hairy pussy and masturbates to climax in her video at Pantyhosed 4u

‘I love wearing vintage clothing and tights,’ said Mistique, our beautiful Transylvanian model, sitting on the bed and caressing her long legs in their lacy fashion pantyhose. ‘I like to keep it all natural,’ she said, referring to her hairy pussy which was tantalizingly visible behind the lace mesh of her pantyhose crotch.

Mistique fondled her boobs through the front of her lacy negligee, then lifted it up squeeze the fleshy mounds in her hands and reveal the red satin corset that framed the underside of her titties. ‘I hope you like my hairy pussy, ‘ she said, lifting the front of her pantyhose to play with the springy hairs, teasing and pulling them with her fingers.

Reclining on the bed with her legs wide apart, she pushed her hands inside her hose and they moved around and under the stretchy lace of her tights. ‘I love playing with my hairy pussy, it feels so soft and juicy,’ she said, spreading the moist lips of her hot cunt to show pink through the lacy crotch of her hot pantyhose.

Mistique got into a kneeling position so her arse was in full view, then pushed her hands down the rear of her tights and felt the softness of her buttocks. As she pulled both cheeks of her arse wide apart, the sticky lips of her cunt parted and looked so inviting through the lace pattern of her sexy pantyhose.

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Oct 212014
Gorgeous Redhead With Hairy Pussy Stripping In Lacy Black Lingerie and Nylon Stockings At Vintageflash

Redhead prom queen Lola strips down to her lacy black lingerie and nylon stockings and plays with her hairy pussy at Vintage Flash

Lola looked like the perfect prom-queen in her pretty dress, the folds rustling as she lifted it up to reveal her silky petticoats and her black suspenders and stockings, contrasted against the pale flesh of her smooth thighs.

‘You know the thing I like about stockings, is that you can keep them on while getting fucked,’ Lola said, sitting down on the stool next to the dresser, ‘there’s something very kinky about that, which I really like.’ Her petticoats made a soft swishing sound as she lifted her dress once more to give a view of her black, nylon panties around her crotch and the tops of her sexy nylon stockings.

Lola stood to strip out of her dress and reveal her vintage underwear – black, lacy strapless bra supporting the mounds of her petite, pale breasts, a matching lace garter-belt around her waist and sheer nylon panties that give a tantalizing glimpse of her hairy pussy. She removed her bra to release her lovely, all natural titties, then sitting on the bed she spread her legs wide open and pulled on the webbing of her taut suspenders so they snapped back, against the flesh of her thighs.

Lola knelt and hooked her thumbs into the waist of her panties, pulling them down at the front to give a flash of her hairy minge. ‘I really like it when a guy is brave enough to pull down my sexy vintage underwear and take me right then and there,’ she said, slowly peeling her knickers over the smooth, pink cheeks of her sexy ass, exposing her hairy muff, tucked between the back of her thighs.

Leaving her knickers stretched tight around her ankles, she put her head down on the pillows and pulled her buttocks to one side to show more of her tight, little ass. Spreading the lips of her cunt wide open she fingered the hot lips of her cunt and her flowing juices glistened against the pink flesh of her gaping fuck hole.

‘I’ve really enjoyed showing off for you and now I’m going to cum in my stockings,’ she said, as she reclined against the pillows and opened her stockinged legs. Licking her fingers, she then rubbed them over the slit of her hot, little pussy, surrounded by the fuzz of her pubic hair. Massaging the pink head of her clitoris, the lips of her cunt distended and oozed with her juices as she frigged herself off to climax in her sexy nylon stockings and heels.

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Oct 172014
Horny Secretary With Hairy Pussy Masturbating In Black Nylon Stockings and Heels At Vintageflash

Hairy pussy secretary Brianna strips in the office and masturbates in her black suspenders and seamed nylon stockings video at Vintage Flash

Secretary Brianna had gone to a celebration dinner at a local restaurant with her colleagues from the publishing company and had dressed in some of her favorite vintage clothes, including lingerie and stockings. Bored with the conversation around the table, she allowed her mind to wander and noticed the sensation of her stockings around her thighs and the slight dampness in the crotch of her panties. Feeling aroused, she needed to play with her pussy, so when her colleagues wanted to go to a bar, she made her excuse to leave and came back to the office for some naughty fun on her own.

‘My colleagues are definitely drinking right now, so while I know they are all occupied, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to come back,’ she said, sitting with her legs crossed at the ankles and her feet in stiletto heels, resting on top of the boss’s desk. ‘I often enjoy misbehaving in places I shouldn’t, as I love being naughty,’ she said, as she admired her shapely legs and brushed her hands over the surface of her black, seamed nylon stockings.

Brianna unzipped the back of her green satin dress and stripped out of it, revealing a black lacy strapless bra and matching garter-belt, plus sheer nylon panties through which the hairs of her pussy were visible. ‘I actually thought about doing this for a while and fantasized about it, so I can’t believe I’m actually here,’ she said, sitting on top of her bosses’ desk with her legs open, her hand moving under the sheer nylon of her panties as she gave her moist pussy a rub.

Hooking her thumbs in to the elastic of her panties, she rolled them over the cheeks of her fabulous arse and down her thighs, leaving them stretched around her legs in their fully-fashioned, nylon stockings. Sitting in the chair with her shiny heels up on the desk, she reached between her thighs and spread the lips of her cunt wide open and began to masturbate.

Stripping off her panties, she stood in her stiletto heels and leaned over the desk, her seamed nylon stockings looking very wrinkled around the back of her shapely legs. She gasped as her hand moved between her thighs and fingered the gaping lips of her hot pussy, wet with her juices. She then sat on top of her boss’s desk and spreading her legs wide open, she massaged her erect clitoris and pleasured herself to reach an intense orgasm.

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Oct 152014
Horny Housewife Masturbating With Cucumber In Ripped Nylon Pantyhose

Horny housewife Sofia rips open the gusset of her pantyhose and masturbates with a cucumber in her video at Pantyhosed 4u

Sofia misses having some cock while her hubby is away on business, so she finds a way to satisfy her needs with a cucumber…

Sofia was at the supermarket, when she found herself admiring the phallic shapes of the cucumbers on the veg stall, thinking how much they looked like big cocks. Maybe it was because she was missing having her hubby around to give her a fuck, because she certainly seemed to have sex on her mind quite a bit recently.

Her mind raced at the idea of fucking herself with one of these huge cucumbers and the crotch of her pantyhose became damp at the thought of sliding one up her hot pussy. Getting excited at the idea of giving herself hours of kinky pleasure, she carefully sized up the cucumbers by feeling their width and finding one that was just perfect, put in her basket and headed for the checkout

Arriving home, she stripped off her dress and sat on the kitchen top with her legs parted, her fingers feeling the short pubes covering the mound of her pussy, through the crotch of her sheer nylon pantyhose. Slipping the cucumber down the front of her hose, she rubbed the shaft against her clitoris and the pink lips of her cunt spread wide open as she masturbated with the phallic object.

Sofia pushed her fingernails through the crotch of her pantyhose, which split with an audible pop as her fingers broke through the taut nylon screen. She tore at the gusset, clawing at the tattered nylon which split even further and ran in ladders down her thighs, then opened at hole in the crotch, exposing the juicy pink lips of her gaping pussy.

Sofia rubbed her hot clitoris through the open hole in the nylon crotch, then taking hold of the cucumber she placed it between the lips of her cunt and it slipped up her wet snatch with ease. Thrusting the cucumber up her tight hole, she pressed the laddered gusset against her clitty, as she masturbated to an intense climax in her ripped nylon pantyhose.

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Oct 142014
Gorgeous Blonde Jennifer Jade Topless In White Suspenders and Tan Nylon Stockings At Vintageflash

Seductive blonde Jennifer Jade strips off her polka dot dress and masturbates to climax In her white suspenders and tan nylon stockings At Vintage Flash

‘Hi guys, I’m Jennifer. Have you come to get up close and personal with me? Look how shiny my legs look in these stockings,’ said hot blonde Jennifer, as she stood and stroked her hand over the surface of her fully-fashioned nylons. ‘I wish you could feel how smooth they are, they are so fine, it looks like I’m not wearing any stockings on my legs, but I am.’

Jennifer swished her polka dot dress it from side to side, giving a tantalizing view of her white panties, stockings and suspenders. ‘I love these vintage style dresses, I can just tease you buy lifting it up,’ she said and pulled up her dress to reveal she was wearing sheer nylon panties. ‘Were you looking at my pussy? I think you can see through my nice, big nylon knickers,’ she said and rubbed her fingers over the slit of her moist pussy through the flimsy material of her panties. ‘There’s something so horny about touching myself through my wet, sexy panties.’

Opening the top of her dress, she pulled down the cups of her pink gingham bra and and jiggled her huge tits in the palms of her hands. ‘I’d love to lean forward and slip my nipples into your mouth, then bury your face in the cleavage of my big tits,’ she purred suggestively, jiggling and pushing her firm boobs together to make them bounce and look so enticing.

‘I always like to slip my fingertips down my stockings tops. I could just take you cock and slide it down the top of my nylons and give it a nice massage,’ she said, suggestively rubbing the welt of her nylon stockings and the soft, naked flesh around the top of her thigh.

Jennifer knelt to show off her ass and pulled on the sides of her panties so they stretched tight around her rounded buttocks. ‘How does my arse look in these tight, knickers,’ she said, giving her ass cheeks a slap, her suspenders stretching around her thighs and pulling taut on the tops of her nylon stockings. ‘My pussy, feels so wet,’ she said, pushing her fingers into the rear of her pantie crotch and massaging her hot cunt through the damp, clingy nylon.

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Oct 102014
Glamorous Brunette With Hairy Pussy In Sheer Nylon Panties, Suspenders and Stockings At Vintageflash

Glamorous brunette Kate Anne shaves her hairy pussy the masturbates in her suspenders and tan nylon stockings at Vintage Flash

Kate Anne enjoys having a hairy bush, but like most modern young ladies, she likes to shave it off occasionally and feel how smooth her bald pussy feels inside her panties.

Dressed up for you again in retro-style suspenders and stockings, we convinced her to do her personal shaving right there in front of the camera.  Watch Kate shaving her bits in her latest video…

Kate stripped off her dress, revealing a white bra and lacy garter-belt, the suspenders framing the shadow of her pubic bush, visible through the front of her sheer nylon panties. Bending slightly forward, she began to strip off her panties and they snagged on the metal clasps of her suspenders as she rolled them down her stockinged legs.

Sitting in the chair, she took off her bra and opened her legs to reveal the trim hairs surrounding the lips of her pussy, framed by the webbing of her garter-belt attached to the tops of her tan, nylon stockings. Slipping off her open-toe heels, she stepped into the bath tub and sat on the edge with her legs opened. Then taking her electric razor, she carefully shaved off the trim hairs which covered the mound of her lovely minge.

Having shaved her pubes, Kate sat once more in the chair and spreading her legs, she rubbed the flesh of her bare cunt, which now looked so smooth and naked. She knelt with one leg on the chair and the other atop of the dresser to present her rear end, then pulled her buttocks apart to expose her freshly shaved cunt. Her multi-strap suspenders stretched around the cheeks of her arse and pulled taut on her stocking tops, as she reached fingered the juice lips of her moist pussy and masturbated in her lingerie and seamed nylon stockings.

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