Oct 192016

Busty blonde Bad Dolly gets horny and masturbates in her pink lingerie, sheer nylon panties and fully-fashioned stockings video at Vintage Flash

Busty blonde Dolly is back with a playful scene in the bedroom, dressed in a satin rob and feminine lingerie, she strips down to her fully-fashioned nylon stockings and indulges in some exciting pussy play.

‘I’m wearing some lovely vintage, fully fashioned stockings, which are cream coloured and extremely rare,’ Dolly said, lifting her leg up to show the back-seam running up from the sole of her stockinged foot. ‘I love stockings and the way my little feet look in them,’ she remarked, and raising both legs she held her feet together, giving a close-up view of her stockinged soles. ‘And because I’m so naughty, I’m wearing some completely transparent knickers,’ she smiled, saucily, opening her legs to show her hairy pussy that showed through the sheer nylon of her panties.

Dolly knelt on the bed and opened her gorgeous satin robe, revealing a pink slip through which the white straps of her suspenders could be seen stretching down to her stockings tops. She stripped off the robe, revealing a pink gingham, suspender-belt around her hips, and rubbed the slinky material of her pink slip over the cheeks of her pantie clad arse.

‘Does your cock get hard when you see me like this, all pretty in pink?’ Dolly asked, stripping off the pink slip, revealing a matching gingham bra strapped around her boobs. ‘My sheer nylon knickers make me feel very horny,’ she said, slipping her hand down the front of her pink nylon panties and rubbing the hairy mound of her cunt. ‘The thought of you playing with yourself makes me really wet. I can’t wait to take my knickers off and show you my pussy.’

Dolly slipped the bra straps down her arms and pulled away the cups to show the soft flesh of her all natural breasts. ‘It definitely gives me a thrill, knowing that you are touching yourself while looking at me,’ she said, stripping off the bra and fondling her pendulous tits as she knelt with her legs apart; her suspenders framing her hairy quim behind the sheer nylon crotch of her panties.

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Oct 142016

Curvy brunette Kylie Kay plays with her shaved pussy in black lingerie and grey nylon stockings video at Vintage Flash

Curvaceous Kylie Kay strips off her red dress and displays her ample curves in black lingerie and nylon stockings. Reclining on the sofa with her legs wide open, she plays with her shaved pussy in her debt scene at Vintage Flash.

Kylie stood looking statuesque, her hands in red lace gloves caressing her body through the red dress that showed off her fabulous curves. She lifted the hem and tugged on the black suspenders and gleaming metal clasps attached to the tops of her grey, rht nylon stockings

Kylie slowly stripped off the tight fitting dress over her curvaceous body, revealing a black long-line bra, matching suspender-belt, and full back panties that clung to the cheeks of her shapely arse.

Sliding the straps of the bra down her arms, she stripped away the cups and leaned forward to display her fabulous boobs and soft, pink nipples. Removing the bra, she ran her gloved fingers over the sheer lace crotch of her panties which covered her shaved pussy.

Kylie slowly peeled her panties over the soft flesh of her naked buttocks; bending as they slipped down her stocking clad legs, and leaving them stretched between her ankles above her stiletto heels.

Kylie stepped out of the panties and lay back on the sofa with her stockinged legs spread wide open. She closed her eyes and sighed softly as she began to masturbate; her hand pressed against the smooth mound of her shaved pussy, moving in a swift rhythm as she built up her pleasure.

Getting into a kneeling position, Kylie pushed out her arse and placed her hand between her thighs to rub her naked pussy. She strummed her fingers against her throbbing clitoris and the soft lips of her cunt, her breathing increasing with excitement as she worked herself up to a lush climax.

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Oct 112016

Pretty blonde glamour model Vanessa Scott stripteases and masturbates in an open-bottom girdle, tan stockings and stiletto heels at Vintage Flash

Vanessa dressed appropriate in vintage attire for a retro-ball, wearing a polka-dot dress, genuine 60s fully-fashioned stockings, and some leopard print shoes, with killer, seven inch, stiletto heels.

Standing in her boudoir, Vanessa lifted up her dress to show her white slip and pulled it up, revealing her naked pussy, framed by the open bottom of her powder-blue girdle and suspenders attached to her tan, nylon stockings.

Vanessa unzipped her dress at the back and took it off, revealing a white lace, long-line, balconette bra that held her tits firmly in place. She turned and leaned against the dresser, undoing the eye-hooks of the bra and stripped it away, exposing her beautiful, all natural boobs.

Vanessa sat on the dresser chair and slipped off her open-toe, leopard print heels, to show her pretty stocking clad feet. She lifted her legs and rubbed her feet together, flexing her toes inside their layer of silky, nylon hosiery.

Vanessa stood with one knee resting on the dresser top, reaching behind herself to spread the gaping lips of her naked cunt and massage her pussy. She sat in the chair once more with her stockinged legs wide open, her fingers circling around the pink flesh of her erect clitoris as she masturbated openly.

Kneeling on the floor, Vanessa spread her legs and leaned back to rest her blonde head on the seat of the chair. She sighed softly, thrusting her girdled hips and massaging the lips of her gaping cunt, oozing with her flowing juices. Her hand moved swiftly in a circular fashion, fingers rubbing hard against her hot clit as she brought herself off to a lush climax.

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Poppy Spink – Horny Redhead Stripteasing and Masturbating In Open-Bottom Girdle and Stockings

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Oct 072016

Horny redhead Poppy Spink stripteases and masturbates in and open-bottom girdle and fully-fashioned nylon stockings video at Vintage Flash

Poppy feels horny after arriving home from a party, where she met a beautiful blonde. Stripteasing out of her cocktail dress, she fantasizes about the blonde while masturbating in her girdle, stockings and stiletto heels.

‘I’ve just got in from a cocktail party, as you can probably guess from what I’m wearing,’ Poppy said, running her hands in their black opera gloves over her body, and giving her hips a little sway under her gorgeous, 1920s cocktail dress. ‘There’s a silk slip underneath my dress, and these 1950s fully-fashioned stockings that feel so good on my legs,’ she said, lifting the front of her dress and revealing her shaved pussy, framed by her open-bottom girdle and taut suspenders pulling on the welts of her black stockings.

‘I’m such a naughty girl, not wearing any panties under my girdle,’ Poppy giggled, ‘but that would just spoil the look, don’t you think?’ She turned to look over her shoulder, a naughty twinkle in her eye as she caressed her arse in the black elastane of the girdle that firmly held her buttocks in place.

‘You may be wondering why I’m back so early.’ Poppy sat down on the red leather sofa, and pulled her dress back over her thighs, revealing the array of suspenders attached to her stockings. ‘Well, I flirted with this tall, blonde girl at the party. She turned me on so much, I came back home just so I can fantasize about her,’ she said, drawing her gloved hands up her stockinged legs. ‘I’m going to get very turned on thinking about her, so I don’t mind if you get your hard cock out for me, while I fantasize.’

Poppy stripped off her dress and slip, running her hands over her red and black lace bra and squeezing her tits inside the cups. She lay back on the leather sofa and felt her pussy between her thighs.

‘I’m so turned on right now, see how wet I am?’ Poppy placed her hand between her thighs and slid her gloved hand over her shaved pussy, her fingers opening the juicy lips the pink slit of her cunt as she began to masturbate openly.

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Jessica Rose – Gorgeous Redhead Secretary Masturbates In Suspenders & Stockings

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Oct 042016

Gorgeous redhead secretary Jessica Rose stripteases and masturbates after work in her suspenders and seamed nylon stockings video at Vintage Flash

Gorgeous redhead secretary Jessica looks smart in her 60s style attire, under which she is wearing some rare fully-fashioned nylons with eye catching welts! Watch her strip off her sexy blouse and pencil skirt, then slip off her sheer nylon panties and frig herself off in her vintage stockings.

Jessica arrived home after being all day in the office were she works, still dressed smartly and looking fabulous in her loose fitting orange blouse and teal-blue pencil skirt.

‘I’ve got a little secret, I want to share with you,’ Jessica said, standing with one hand on her hip and the other lightly caressing her body though her ruffled blouse. ‘I love to wear vintage lingerie under my clothes while I’m at work; the feel of my suspenders and stockings is something that really turns me on, it makes me so wet,’ she said, turning to show her shapely arse and the sightly raised suspender bumps, showing through the tight-fitting material of her skirt.

‘I haven’t had a chance to have a play today, so I’m feeling really horny,’ she confessed, opening her blouse and revealing the black lace, bullet bra, holding her breasts firmly in place. ‘I love how this bra fits around me so tight, I can feel the lace rubbing gently against my nipples,’ she said, her gently moving hands caressing her boobs through the reinforced cups of her lacy bra.

‘What’s hiding beneath my skirt is even more naughty,’ she smiled, bending as she pulled down the skirt to reveal her ass clad in black, sheer nylon panties and suspenders, straining on the snazzy tops of her fully-fashioned, nylon stockings. She slipped the skirt down her stockinged legs and it dropped swiftly to the floor, then she sat on the couch and stripped it over her heels.

Jessica pulled down the cups of her bra, and her hands played over the soft flesh of her all natural breasts and rubbed against the erect, pink nipples. Sitting upright, she stripped off the bra completely and opened her legs, revealing the trimmed ginger pubes and shaved pussy, showing through the crotch of her sheer nylon panties.

‘Oh, I am so wet,’ Jessica exclaimed, noticing the dampness of her knickers as she lightly circled her fingers over the mound of her nylon clad pussy. ‘I love wearing these panties against my pussy; how you can see through them completely,’ she said, and slipping her hand inside her knickers, her fingers massaged the pink lips of her cunt, oozing with her flowing juices.

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Chloe Toy – Cute Blonde Masturbates In Open-Bottom Girdle, Silky Stockings and Pink Stilettos

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Sep 302016

Cute blonde Chloe Toy masturbates in her open bottom girdle, silky stockings and pink stilettos in her latest video at Vintage Flash

‘You guys have caught me in my lovely boudoir,’ Chloe said, sitting on the edge of the bed in her pink satin gown and baby doll nightie, legs crossed in their silky, nylon stockings and pink, stiletto heels. ‘I love being dressed up in all my lovely fillies, it really turns me on dressing up like this, all nice and cute.

‘So, what do I have on today? Well lets start with these leather pink court shoes, and these unusual, grey stockings from the 60s, which have a reinforced heel and toe,’ Chloe said, stroking her ankles in their pastel grey nylons and drawing attention to her candy pink stilettos. ‘And I’m wearing a lovely, retro, open bottom girdle, which has a crazy pattern,’ Chloe said, lifting the lacy edge of her baby doll and showing her girdle clad hips and her thighs, clad in suspenders and stockings

‘Under my baby-doll, I’m wearing this vintage, frilly bra,’ Chloe said, her fingers playing lightly over the the lacy bra under the the pink, sheer nylon  of her nightie. ‘It’s a little bit see-through, just so I can tease you,’ she chuckled, her hands caressing her body though the layer of silky, soft satin and lace lingerie.

‘What I love about these open-bottom girdles, is that I don’t need to wear any panties,’ Chloe said, kneeling to expose her shaved pussy, framed by the girdle and suspenders that pulled on the shiny tops of her nylon stockings. ‘I’m sure you’d love to join me on this bed and run you hands up and down my legs in these lovely soft nylons,’ Chloe said, reaching behind herself and caressing her slender legs in their fine, bluish-grey, vintage hosiery.

Chloe lay on her back and slipped off one heel, letting it dangle from her stockinged feet and toes, then replaced the shoe back on her foot. ‘All this teasing is making me feel quite horny,’ she said, raising both legs and opening them wide, drawing her hands down the back of her thighs and over the cheeks of her girdled arse.

Placing her hands either side of her pussy, she spread the juicy lips wide open, exposing her erect clitoris and pink cunt, glistening with her flowing juices. She turned over, lay on her front and reached behind to insert several fingers up her tight, little fuckhole; thrusting them between the walls of her lubricated cunt and frigging herself off to a loud climax.

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Natalia Forrest – Sexy Glamorous Model Stripteases In Corset and Vintage Black Nylon Stockings

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Sep 272016

Sexy glamour model Natalia stripteases and masturbates in her corset, stockings and red stiletto heels video at Vintage Flash

Natalia invites you to her private bar for a drink and some naughty fun and games! Looking so exotic in her glamorous dress, she puts on a strip show just for you and masturbates in her fabulous French corset and black, fully-fashioned nylon stockings.

‘This is where I wear my sexy nylons and heels when I have a drink and like to relax,’ Natalia said, standing by the cocktail bar in her tight-fitting dress, her legs in black nylon stockings and red, stiletto heels. ‘Do you like my exotic dress? Let me hitch it up for you, to get a look at my seamed nylon stockings.’

Natalia sat on the stool and sipped her wine, giving a view up her dress at her naked shaved pussy, framed by the top of her black nylon stockings. She stood and placed one knee on the stool, and pulled up the dress to give a view of her ass; the black suspenders stretched over the tanned flesh of her buttocks, straining on the tops of her seamed nylon stockings.

Natalia untied the shoulder straps of her dress and striped it down, uncovering her naked tits and the tight, black corset, narrowing her waist and emphasizing the roundness of her fabulous arse. The dress slithered over her curves and dropped down her stockinged legs to the floor; then she turned to give a view of her buttocks, bound by black suspenders attached to her fully-fashioned stockings.

‘Go on, enjoy the view, as I give you your own private show,’ Natalia said, standing with her legs set apart and grinding her hips; her naked pussy framed by the edge of the corset and webbing of her taut suspenders stretching to her stocking tops.

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Beth Bennett – Seductive Blonde Stripteases In Satin Panties, Suspenders and Nylon Stockings

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Sep 232016

Seductive blonde Beth teases in her pink lacy lingerie, satin panties, suspenders and seamed nylon stockings in her latest video at Vintage Flash

Beth Bennett loves her bright summer outfit and all the sensual satin and lace underwear she is wearing under her coral pink dress. Getting frolicsome on the bed, she teases you with her legs and feet in their skin-tone, fully fashioned nylons and masturbates with her hand inside her sexy, satin panties.

‘I’ve got on a full-cup, retro-style lace bra and these matching full-back satin panties which are my favourite,’ Beth said, kneeling on the bed and lifting the back of her dress to show the cheeks of her ass filling out her shiny, pink satin panties.

‘And, I’ve got my my vintage suspender belt, which is holding up my sexy, fully-fashioned stockings,’ Beth said, sitting and caressing her legs in their vintage, pink-beige, nylon hosiery. ‘I love the feel of having stockings on on legs, running my hands up and down them,’ she remarked, enjoying the sensation as she stroked her stockinged feet and ankles in their layer of silky nylon.

‘Can you hear the sound of my stockings rubbing against each-other?’ She asked, stretching out her legs and rubbing her nylon clad feet together. ‘I love that sound; that little bit of friction as I rub my toes together,’ she said, sliding one foot over the other and wriggling her toes inside their cocoon of diaphanous nylon hose.

‘I can see you are getting turned on by these stockings,’ Beth smiled knowingly, and sat with her hands wrapped around her stockinged feet. ‘I bet you’d love to rub my feet, right now; work your hands over the arches and run your fingers along that seam,’ she said, massaging her thumb over the soles of her feet in their seamed nylon hosiery.

‘Oh, I could have some fun with you and my little stocking covered feet,’ Beth smiled, resting back on her elbows and bringing up her legs, she placed her feet together to form an arch between the soles. ‘Can you imagine sliding that hard cock of yours in-between my feet? I could squeeze those arches around it and slide them up and down, teasing and stroking the length of your shaft.’

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Jessica Rose – Pretty Redhead Stripteases In Sexy Lingerie and Seamed Nylon Stockings

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Sep 192016

Pretty redhead Jessica Rose stripteases and masturbates in sexy lingerie, panties, suspenders and seamed nylon stockings in her latest video at Vintage Flash

‘Hi, I’m Jessica Rose, and I’m here to show you some of my favourite garments, starting with my fully-fashioned Cuban heeled nylons,’ she said, reclining on the bed and extending her stockinged legs and display her feet in their strapless mules.

‘Here, get a better looks at my suspenders,’Jessica said, kneeling to show her ass in panties, and her thighs bound by the taut suspenders that pulled on the tops of her seamed nylon stockings.

Jessica reclined on the bed and lifted up her legs, extending them higher so the strapless mules dangled from her toes, revealing the seams of her stockings running under the soles of her feet. She slipped off her sexy mules and raised her legs high, her stockings whispering softly as she rubbed her pretty, nylon clad feet and toes together.

Sitting upright, Jessica spread her legs open and placed her hand between the thighs and rubbed her pussy thorough the black lace French knickers. ‘It makes me really wet wearing these stockings and see-through lacy knickers,’ she said, running her fingers along the inside leg of the pantie crotch; the trimmed ginger pubes visible through the sheer nylon of her knickers.

Jessica slipped her thumbs into the elastic of her knickers, and lifted her hips off the bed to pull them from under herself. She rolled over onto her knees to strip the panties down to her suspender clad thighs, fully exposing her naked arse and pussy. Reaching behind herself, she spread the slit her shaved cunt, pulling aside the luscious pink lips that glistened wetly with her flowing juices.

Jessica stripped the panties over her stockinged feet, and pulled down the cups of her body to fondle her natural breasts and their soft pink nipples. Then sitting upright with her legs wide open, she massaged the erect hood of her throbbing clitoris; gently biting her lip as she felt the sensation of her fingers working their magic on her hot, wet cunt.

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Sep 162016

Pretty air hostess Brook Logan stripteases and masturbates in her black girdle, nylon stockings and stiletto heels video at Vintage Flash

‘Hello guys welcome to my hotel suite,’ Brook said, standing fully-dressed in her red hostess uniform, stockings and heels. ‘I really do fancy a nice hot bath, but before that I’m going to get a bit naughty first in my lingerie and stockings.

‘You probably don’t know, but in my full-time job I am an air-hostess and work for a well-known airline company. I can’t wear my proper uniform for this shoot, so I’m wearing this hostess uniform from the 50s instead. I love how it fits so perfectly against my body,’ she said, running her hands over the outline of her hips and thighs covered in the tight material of her red pencil skirt.

‘I bet you’d feel really horny if I was on your flight, and get an instant boner looking at my stockings and heels,’ she said, suggesting she could provide some in-flight entertainment by inviting you to fuck her in one of the private bed-cubicles they have on those long-haul flights.

‘You’d like that, wouldn’t you; because it’s very risky with all those people on the plane who would hear us, but who cares! We would be having lots of fun. Even more risky for me as I could lose my job, but I’d risk it all for you because it would be very kinky and naughty.’

Brook stripped off her jacket, uncovering a black nylon blouse that showed her black bra through the sheer material. She turned, wiggling her ass as she unzipped the pencil skirt and let it slide down her legs, revealing the tight-black girdle, encasing the firm cheeks of her arse.

Stepping out of the skirt, Brook stood in her heels, spreading her legs wide and bending right over to expose her pussy. Her girdle stretched over her buttocks and the suspenders strained on her stockings as she drew her hands up her fabulous legs in their seamed nylons and stilettos.

Stripping off her bra, Brook fondled the soft flesh of her beautiful tits and seated herself in the leather armchair.

‘Let me show you my little, wet pussy,’ Brook said, spreading her legs wide open and sliding her fingers over the pink supple lips of her shaved cunt. ‘Look at my hot fuck hole. I really need your cock inside it, so you can give me a good pounding,’ she said, rubbing her clitoris vigorously and slapping her hand against the mound her wet pussy. ‘Can you hear how wet I am?’ she asked, thrusting her fingers up her slippery cunt hole so it made a sloshing sound as she frigged herself off to climax.

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