Aug 152014
Evey Krystal's Panties Down Around Her Legs In Their Seamed Nylon Stockings At Vintage Flash

Watch peachy assed Evey Krystal stripteasing in sheer panties, nude nylon stockings and shiny leather heels at Vintage Flash

‘Hi Darling so glad to see you again, especial as I’m wearing one of my favorite outfits,’ Evey said, as she sat looking very glamorous in her tight fitting, drop shoulder polka dot dress. ‘I can’t stop stroking my legs in these beautiful, nude stockings.’

Evey caressed her long legs in their light colored, nylon stockings, drawing her hand up from her ankles to her thighs and giving teasing glimpses under her dress. Then she stood to give a better look at her at shapely legs in their silky nylons, the taut muscles of her calves so perfectly sculpted, as she posed in her patent leather heels.

Evey turned and looked back over her shoulder, bending slightly so the material of her dress wrapped tight around the girth of her fabulous arse. Her hands moved in a fluid motion up and down the back of her legs in their nude-tan nylons, following the line of the seam to the top of her thighs. Standing straight, she turned back with her tight dress pulled up to give a tantalizing glimpse of her black suspenders, attached to the tops of her fully-fashioned stockings.

Evey stripped off her dress, revealing a black bra, suspender belt and sheer nylon panties, that clung to the rounded buttocks of her sumptuous ass. She reclined on the sofa and spread her legs, purring with pleasure as she rubbed her fingers against the pink slit of her hot pussy, showing visibly through the sheer nylon screen of her pantie crotch.

Standing to strip off her panties, she hooked her thumbs into the thin elastic of the waistband and slowly teased them over her peachy ass, rolling them down her legs in their seamed nylon stockings and stripping them off over her leather, cut away pumps.

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Aug 132014
Pretty Brunette With Legs Open Showing Off Her Gusset In Black Pantyhose

Horny brunette Simona rips open her nylon body-stocking and masturbates to climax with her dildo in this video at Pantyhosed 4u

Simona enjoys the sensation of being covered in nylon and dressed in one of her all over body-stockings for this video. But being a kinky girl, she first cut some circular holes in the top half so her erect nipples poked through and ripped out the gusset, so she could get access to her luscious cunt and fabulous arse.

Laying on the bed, she rolled onto her side and reaching behind, spread the lips of her already gaping cunt to show the inside of her vagina, glistening pink and wet with her juices. She drew in her breath with mounting excitement as she played with her tits, pulling and teasing the thick, fleshy nipples between her fingers.

Simona lay and lifted her arse and pulled her legs back, spreading the fleshy lips of her gorgeous cunt and fully exposing the puckered ring of her sexy bumhole. She bit her lips as her hand moved in a slow circular rhythm, teasing her clitoris and massaging her fingers against the flaps of her hot pussy. She got onto her knees and tilted her arse upward, then licking her fingers she reached around and stuffed them up her tight snatch, uttering little sounds of pleasure as she frigged herself off.

Simona needed more than just fingers, so she straddled her dildo which was fixed to the bedside table, supporting herself with one hand on the headboard of the bed and the other against the wall. She lowered herself so the cock-like object slipped inside her juicy fuck hole, feeling the dildo thrusting between the walls of her hot, tight snatch as she bounded up and down on it.

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Aug 122014
Redxxx Masturbating In Black Suspenders, Nylon Stockings and Heels At Vintage Flash

Dressed like a French whore in slutty black suspenders, nylon stockings and heels , Red masturbates to climax in her latest video at Vintage Flash

Dressed like a French whore in her tight fitting blouse, pencil skirt, stockings and heels, Red is ready to entertain you in her boudoir before she goes to the bar for the evening…

Admiring her shapely figure in her sexy ensemble, you’ll notice how her tight skirt clings to her bottom and wonder what’s underneath. Teasingly, she lifts up the hem of her skirt to give a thrilling look at her black suspenders attached to the tops of her French, vintage fully-fashioned nylon stockings.

Sitting on the edge of the bed she crosses her legs and rubs one against the other so they make that lovely sound as the nylon brushes together, then slipping her gloved hand down the tops of her stockings she caresses the soft, warm flesh of her thighs.

Red brings your attention the rather fetching bullet bra she is wearing under her sheer blouse, the pointed cones pushing against the tight material as she sticks out her chest. She strips off the blouse to fully reveal her sheer, black lacy bra, then unzips her skirt to pull it down over her fabulous arse, sheathed in black, sheer nylons panties.

Discarding the bra, Red grabs the soft fleshy mounds of her voluptuous tits, squeezing and pushing them together in her lace gloved hands, suggesting that they’d look good with your cock sandwiched in her cleavage.

Kneeling to give a rear view, she teases her nylon panties over her firm rounded buttocks and leaves them stretched around her thighs as she exposes her magnificent arse and hot pussy. Then she lays on her back and slides her panties down her legs as she lifts them up, her panties stretched tight between her ankles and her heels pointed upward.

Red strips off her panties and slides her fingers over the moist slit of her gaping cunt, all nicely framed by the webbing of her suspenders, straining on the tops of her nylon stockings as she writhes on the bed. Her hand quickens as she rubs her cunt, thrusting her hips upward to meet her fingers pressed hard against her throbbing clitoris as she frigs herself off to an intense climax in her slutty suspenders, stockings and heels.

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Aug 082014

Sexy Brunette Masturbating Her Hairy Pussy In Sheer Nylon Panties and Tan Stockings At Vintage Flash
Kate Anne has a self-confessed liking for vintage clothing and loved our extensive collection of genuine lingerie and nylons stockings. She wanted to try on everything and so loved dressing up for her debt video, she just had to strip off and masturbate in all that sexy underwear.

Being a fan of the 60s, she had done up her hair in a bouffant style that looked perfect, but it wasn’t until later that we discovered she is a quite traditional girl, in more ways than one…

‘I’ve got a big, hairy bush, waiting to say hello to you,’ Kate Anne said and just to prove it she stripped off her dress, the turned to reveal the dark patch of pubic hair behind the gauzy material of her sheer nylon panties. Looking completely authentic in her vintage bullet bra, garter-belt and tan nylon stockings, we drew in our breath as she pulled the crotch of her panties to one side and gave us a proper view of her hairy minge.

Kate Anne slipped the straps of her bullet bra over her shoulders and stripping it away, cupped her hands around the fleshy mounds of her all natural titties. Then stripping off her panties she opened her legs and proudly displayed her hairy cunt, all nicely framed by the webbing of her suspenders attached to the tops of her classic fully-fashioned nylons. Her fingers teased and pulled on the long brown pubes and exposed the hot pink lips of her juicy pussy, surrounded by the curly hairs of her pubic bush.

‘You guys have made me so horny, I think you should cum all over my hairy bush, stockings and suspender belt,’ Kate Anne suggested, reclining comfortably on the leather sofa with her stockinged legs spread in offering. Sliding her fingers through her pubes, she circled them over her erect clitoris and massaged the lips of her pouting pussy. ‘It just feels so hot doing this in front of you, knowing you are watching me and ready to cum,’ she added and slipping her finger up her hairy snatch she frigged herself off to climax.

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Aug 062014
Blonde Babe Stretching Up Her Pantyhose Over Her Cunt At Pantyhosed4u

Horny blonde English wife Samantha strips and plays with her hot pussy in ripped nylon pantyhose

Samantha is an English rose in every sense, well dressed and mannered in public, but don’t be taken in by her demure appearance. For in private she likes nothing more than to slip into her pantyhose and spend time in her bedroom, playing with her pussy through the tight nylon surrounding her crotch.

‘I love wearing pantyhose, they feel amazing on my legs, so soft and sexy,’ Samantha says, as she lays on the bed caressing her long legs in tan, sheer nylon hose and shiny pink, stiletto heels. ‘I also know you love looking up my dress when I’m wearing tights, don’t you?’

Getting on her knees, she flips up the back of her dress exposing her nylon clad buttocks and the the slit of her pussy, which shows through the sheer nylon gusset. Reaching behind, she slips her hand down the rear of her hose and it moves around under the stretchy nylon, as her fingers explore her moist cunt.

‘I love feeling that nylon against my pussy, all nice and tight,’ she says, lifting the front of her dress and stretching her pantyhose up her waist, so the crotch is pulled around the mound of her pussy. Making sure the seam up the front of her hose is pulled into the slit of her pussy, she presses her fingers against her snatch and gives it a good rub. ‘I bet it’s really making your horny watching me playing around in my pantyhose. I think you need to get your cock out and give it a wank.’

Samantha strips off her dress and kneeling with her ass in view, she puts her hands down the inside of her pantyhose and rips open the seat, exposing the flesh of her buttocks and the lips of her juicy pussy. Laying flat on the bed, she reaches between her her thighs and moves her hand in a circular rhythm, as she massages her hot cunt through the opening of her torn, nylon hosiery.

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Aug 052014
Wanilianna Flashing Her Pussy In Car In Suspenders and Stockings At Vintageflash

Wanilianna exposes herself outdoors and masturbates openly in her sheer nylon girdle and stockings video at Vintage Flash

We are out and about with our guest, the adorable Wanilianna from Poland this week, and she sure knows how to get attention by opening her coat and flashing in her girdle and nylons at the train station!

We catch her exposing herself in her black, sheer nylon bra and girdle by the railway line, squatting down and slipping her fingers up her hot twat, then licking the juices off her fingertips. Hearing a train coming she parades down the station platform, opening her coat and pulling up her girdle to expose her wet pussy.

Close to the roadside rail crossing, she squats again and opens her coat to pull down her bra and fondle her voluptuous tits. Spreading her legs wider, she moans with pleasure as she massages the lips of her juicy cunt and slots her fingers right up her hot fuck hole, while wanking openly for everyone to see.

Wanilianna sits in her car with the door open and her pussy all nicely framed by the taut suspenders of her girdle straining on the tops of her stockings. She bites her lip as she inserts several fingers up her sticky wet hole, her hand moving swiftly as she applies friction to the rosy flesh of her hot clitoris and frigs herself off to climax.

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Aug 012014
Sexy Blonde Masturbating Hot Pussy In Sheer Nylon Panties, Stockings and Heels At Vintage Flash

Leggy blonde Samantha Alexandra masturbates in her tan RHT nylon stockings, suspenders and open-toed heels at Vintage Flash

Leggy blonde Samantha Alexandra looks so chic wearing a vintage cotton top and 60s style, tight fitting, pencil skirt and open toe, slingback heels. Dressed to perfection in her outfit, it’s just how you prefer your women to look and of course, she’s wearing some very special underwear and RHT nylon stockings guaranteed to excite your ardour.

‘I love wearing these vintage stockings, they are genuine RHT nylon and look really sexy on my nice long legs,’ Samantha said, sitting on the edge of the bed with her legs crossed. Then she lifted her legs and crossed her ankles to rub them together and draw attention to her white leather, slingback heels.

Samantha stripped off her blouse and put her hands around the cones of her white bullet bra, squeezing and massaging her voluptuous tits inside the cups. Laying back on the bed, she unzipped her skirt and lifting her bum, slid the garment from under herself and stripped it down her legs in their soft and silky, nylon stockings.

Kneeling, she gave a view of her luscious pussy through the sheer nylon crotch of her pink panties; her hand caressing her arse and the taut, pink suspenders attached to the tops of her tan, RHT stockings.

‘I hope you’ve got your cock out while you’re staring at me rolling around on this bed,’ she said, then unhooking her bra, she slipped the straps over her shoulders and massaged her tits in the loose fitting cups, before stripping the garment away.

Laying back on the bed, Samantha pushed her hand down the front of her panties and rubbed her hot pussy under the stretchy, sheer nylon. Finally, stripping her panties down her legs, she left them stretched between the back of her knees and rocked back and fourth, moaning with increasing pleasure as her fingers slipped between the lips of her moist pussy.

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Jul 302014
Evey Krystal Sexy Blonde With Hot Ass In Black Pantyhose and Heels At Pantyhosed4u

Horny blonde Evey Krystal wanks to climax in her ripped nylon pantyhose video at Pantyhosed 4u

Evey Krystal, the blonde with the adorable bubble butt is here for you again, this time in a super clingy dress, sheer black nylon pantyhose and killer heels!

‘Hello my pantyhose fan, you’re in the right place at the right time,’ Evey says, sitting on the edge of the bed with her legs crossed. ‘I’m wearing really nice, shiny pantyhose today, so I hope we are going to have some fun together.’

Evey stands and bends over so the material of her purple lace dress wraps tight around her fully-rounded arse and runs her hand over her shapely buttocks. ‘So why don’t you get out that cock of yours and start playing with it,’ she says, as she remains in position and tempts you with her bubble butt. ‘Make it nice and hard for me while I tease you in my pantyhose.’

Evey unzips her dress and slowly slides it over her arse sheathed in sheer black nylon, letting it fall to the floor around her shiny stiletto heels. Stepping out of the dress, she bends over again and runs her hands all over her nyloned legs and ass encased in her layer of clingy nylon hose.

‘Look how good my legs look in my sexy pantyhose and my ass so nice and round,’ she purrs deliciously, bending over and pushing her arse outward so the cheeks expand inside the layer of stretchy, nylon hosiery. ‘I bet you’d love to rub your cock all over my ass, wouldn’t you? Put it right here between my bum cheeks, that would feel so nice.’

Evey kneels on the bed and pushes her hands down the rear of her hose, grabbing the cheeks of her ass and pulling them apart to expose the puckered ring of her bum hole. Her hand moves under the sheer nylon as her fingers massage the fleshy lips of her hot pussy, spreading them open so her pink hole glistens wet with her flowing juices.

Laying back on the bed she tears at the crotch of her pantyhose and rips it open, her fingers clawing at the laddered nylon, fully exposing her shaved pussy. ‘Oh, baby it makes me very excited just watching you play with your cock, I want you to cum all over my legs,’ she says, her fingers strumming the pink flaps of her juicy cunt as she masturbates to an intense climax in her ripped, nylon pantyhose.

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Jul 292014
Redhead Masturbating In Black Girdle, Seamed Nylon Stockings and Heels At Vintage Flash

Horny cougar Red masturbates in her open bottom girdle, fully-fashioned nylon stockings and sexy heels at Vintage Flash

Glamorous cougar Red oozes feline sophistication dressed in her stunning cocktail as she strips down to her vintage girdle and thrilling seamed nylon stockings in her latest video.

Red posed in her sophisticated outfit, running her hands over her curvaceous figure and the material of her black dress, wrapped so tightly around the cheeks of her fabulous arse. Her hands followed the contours of her shapely legs and as they drew back hem of her dress, her fingers played over the glinting metal suspender clasps that pulled taut on the tops of her fully-fashioned nylon stockings.

‘Look at you staring at those legs,’ she said, sweeping her hands over her stockings and feeling the contrasting flesh of her thighs as they moved up higher, ‘you’d like to crawl along and worship me from the toes upwards, wouldn’t you?’

Red unzipped the back of her dress and pulled it down to reveal she was wearing a sheer nylon bullet bra and cupped her gloved hands over the conical cones, pushing her voluptuous tits together. ‘I see you are admiring these gloves, they are lovely and sheer,’ she said, interlacing her fingers and rubbing her hands together. ‘I bet they’d look lovely around your hard cock as I wank you off!’

Wiggling out of her dress, she stripped it away to fully reveal her black open-bottom girdle and suspenders pulling taut on her stockings. Her shapewear formed itself around her feminine curves and the open front of her girdle perfectly framed the mound of her mature pussy. She turned around and bent over, giving a view of her fabulous arse as she ran her hands up the back of her legs in their seamed nylon stockings.

‘I’m feeling particularly naughty, so why don’t you get your cock out and stoke it while you admire my vintage lingerie.’ Red lay back on the sofa and opened her legs, pulling the lips of her cunt wide open to fully expose the pink flesh of her cock hungry cunt. ‘Yes, come a little closer and have a really good look as I open that pussy nice and wide and masturbate. I just love the feel of these gloves on the hot, wet flesh of my cunt.’

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Jul 252014
Beautiful Brunette Masturbating With Dildo In Black Seamed Nylon Stockings

Gorgeous Czech babe Simona masturbates with her dildo in black multi-suspenders and fully-fashioned nylon Stockings at Vintage Flash

Beautiful brunette Simona was looking forward to having a sexy evening with her boyfriend, but he phoned to say he couldn’t make it, tonight. Well this guy really doesn’t know what he’s missed, as Simona is dressed up in her sexiest red satin skirt, stockings and heels, in anticipation of getting a good fuck.

Simona had been looking at a sexy book to get herself in the mood for sex and now that she’s feeling horny, she decides to have a play with herself to relieve her frustrations.

Simona opens her shirt and feels her tits as she looks at her book, which has erotic pictures of women posing in their stockings and heels. Feeling even more turned on, she lifts up her skirt and runs her hands over the array of multiple-suspenders and their metal clasps, attached to the tops of her black nylon stockings.

Simona sits back in the chair and opening her legs, she spreads the pouting lips of her hot pussy and gasps with pleasure as she slides her fingers over the hard flesh of her erect clitoris. Needing to feel some cock, she inserts her purple dildo up her cunt and thrusting it deep inside her tight fuck hole, she masturbates to climax while looking at her sexy stockings porn.

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