Mar 202015
Glamorous Lady Showing Her Pussy In Black Girdle, Nylon Stockings and Red Stilettos At Vintageflash

Elegant lady Holly Kiss tease and masturbates in her sheer girdle, black nylon stockings and red stiletto heels in her latest video at Vintage Flash

Holly had been tidying up around her house, but feeling a little bored. So she’s really pleased you popped round and happy to keep you entertain for the rest of the afternoon…

‘I was just on my way out, as I had plans to have tea with my friends, but I’m very glad to see you,’ Holly smiled, sitting on the leather sofa wearing, an animal print top, red skirt, black stockings and red strap-on heels. ‘Yes, and that’s why I’m dressed up so elegant, in my fully-fashioned nylon stockings and patent leather court shoes,’ she added, swinging her leg outward and sliding her hand over the surface of her vintage nylons. ‘They feel gorgeous, as smooth as glass and they even have their own shine,’ she remarked, her hand sweeping up from her ankles as she admired her legs in their elegant stockings and heels.

‘Are you wondering what underwear I’m wearing today?’ Holly grinned naughtily. ‘Well take a little peek and see if you can guess.’ And sitting on the edge of the couch with her legs slightly parted, she gave a clear view up her skirt, revealing her bare pussy framed by her thighs and stocking tops. ‘Look, no panties,’ she laughed, amused by her naughty revelation. ‘Well, not exactly underwear down there, but I am wearing something else that feels exquisite and fits like a glove around my body.’

Holly stood and unzipped the back of her skirt, revealing her ass clad in a black, sheer nylon girdle, then let it slide down her shapely legs to the floor. She stepped out of the skirt and stood proudly in her underwear; her hands caressing the curve of her hips and ass, sheathed in the tight fitting, open-bottom girdle. ‘Look at that,’ she said, referring to her girdle, ‘it’s so snug around the curve of my arse, all six metal suspender clasps supporting my fully-fashioned stockings.’ She bent over to touch to her ankles and ran her hand over the sculpted muscles of her calves, her fingers tracing the long black seam up the back of her legs.

Holly took off her blouse and pulled down the cups of her black lace, strapless bra, lightly brushing her fingertips over the warm flesh of her tits and against the pink nipples, erect with excitement. She reached behind her back and released the catch, then stripped the bra away and reclined on the leather sofa with her stockinged legs set wide apart. Sucking on her fingers to make them wet, she put her hand between her thighs and pressed hard against her throbbing clitoris, massaging the supple lips of her juicy cunt, as she masturbated to climax in her girdle, stockings and heels.

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Mar 182015
Teen Girl Pulling Her Ass Cheeks Apart In Sheer Nylon Pantyhose and Heels

See horny babe Kate Anne teasing and masturbating to climax in her sheer nylon pantyhose video at Pantyhosed 4u

‘Today, I’ve got a surprise for you because I know you guys love pantyhose. Well guess what? I’m wearing some!’ Kate stood holding her turquoise lace dress half-way up her slender thighs that looked so flawless in beige, nylon hose. ‘I love wearing pantyhose because of the way they feel extra smooth on my legs, and also because you can see right through them, which is really sexy,’ she said, lifting the dress higher to show she was sans panties under the layer of her sheer nylon hosiery.

Kate Anne turned and ran her hand over her arse, sheathed in its layer of fine nylon that clung to the smooth, rounded cheeks. Then she reclined on the couch and lifted her legs to give a view of the hairs of her pussy through the crotch of her pantyhose, partly concealed between her thighs. She lowered legs, then opened them wide and pushed her hand down the front of her hose, which could be seen moving under the stretchy layer of sheer nylon as she stroked the short pubic hairs of her pussy.

Kate Anne stripped off her lacy dress and circled the palm of her hand over her arse, encased it’s fine layer of silky nylon. Then she turned to pose with her pendulous breasts hanging freely and pulled up her hose so the crotch stretched tightly around her naked pussy. Kneeling on the couch, she pushed her hand down the rear of her tights and caressed the flesh of her buttocks, showing her pussy through the sheer nylon gusset of her beige hosiery.

‘I’m feeling really horny, knowing you are watching me playing in my pantyhose, so I’m going to have to touch myself and I hope you’ll join in.’ Kate reclined on the couch and held open the pink lips of her hairy pussy, under the flimsy nylon of her tights. She began to masturbate and her hand pushed against the the nylon membrane of her hose as she rubbed the the mound of her hairy pussy. Her fingers circled over her clitoris and against the supple lips of her wet pussy as she frigged herself off, her breathing coming in short gasps as she cried out and climaxed in her sexy, nylon pantyhose.

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Mar 172015
Blonde Milf Playing With Her Pussy In Sheer Nylon Panties, Nylon Stockings and Heels At Vintageflash

Skye Taylor playing with her wet pussy in sheer nylon panties, stockings and heels in her latest photo-set and video at Vintage Flash

‘You’ve caught me at a good time, I just got home from work, so I’m ready to relax now,’ Skye said, sitting on the couch wearing a white mohair cardigan, loose floral blouse and short yellow skirt. ‘I love this outfit, the color of my skirt and these vintage shoes, which are my favorite because I love yellow,’ she remarked, and reached down to rub her fingers over the shiny heels of her leather court shoes.

‘As you know I love wearing vintage clothes, and sometimes I like to wear my outfits at work. My colleagues don’t know what I’m wearing underneath my clothes, and that’s my little secret that I’d like to share with you.’ Skye pulled back the hem of her yellow skirt and revealed her thighs and the white suspenders attached to the tops of her tan, nylon stockings. ‘My genuine vintage nylons stockings feel so sexy on my legs. I don’t know how I managed to concentrate at work today, knowing what I was wearing underneath my skirt the whole time,’ she said, as her hand swept over her thigh and caressed the soft layer of fine nylon covering her shapely legs.

‘You see, this is the effect wearing sexy vintage stockings and underwear has on me, come and have a proper look at what I mean,’ she beckoned, sitting on the edge of the couch and opening her stockinged legs to show the damp patch in the front of her sheer nylon panties. ‘I’ve been at work in my wet panties like that, can you imagine how much I’ve been distracted all day,’ she said, giving a close up view of her cunt lips clinging to the sheer nylon of her panties soaked with her pussy juice.

Skye stripped off her blouse and skirt, then pushed her hand down the back of her panties and moved it under the flimsy, sheer nylon, as her fingers massaged the wet lips of her pussy. Then she sat back on the couch with her legs opened and hooked her thumb under the elastic waist of her panties and slipped her hand inside to feel her pussy. She breathed soft sighs of pleasure as her hand moved under the stretchy, sheer nylon, her fingers gently massaging her clitoris and the juicy lips of her wet pussy.

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Mar 132015
Sexy Redhead With Hairy PussyTeasing In Red Lingerie, Nylon Stockings and Heels At Vintageflash

Horny redhead Ella Hughes strips off her leather pencil skirt skirt, and masturbates in her satin lingerie, black nylon stockings and heels in this video at Vintage Flash

Wow! Imagine coming home to find saucy redhead Ella waiting for you dressed in a racy blouse, leather pencil skirt, black stockings and heels. Well here she is all dressed up and ready to put on a tantalizing striptease show for your pleasure…

‘When I’m wearing this as I walk down the street, everybody turns and looks at me,’ Ella said, as she stood posing with her hands around her hips clad in a tight, leather skirt. ‘Every man wants me and every woman wants to be me,’ she added, lifting one leg and rubbing it against the other so the surface of her stockings whispered as they brushed together.  She leaned over and her leather skirt wrapped tight around the cheeks of her arse as her hand followed the seam of her stockings and touched the shiny heels of her stiletto shoes.

Ella unzipped the back of her skirt and bent slightly as it slid it over her ass in black nylon panties and down her legs to the floor. Stepping out of the skirt, she sat  in the comfort of the arm chair and lifted her legs up high, crossing them at the ankles. Her hands ran over the curves of her leg muscles under the layer of soft nylon, the black suspenders stretched taut over the soft, pink flesh of her thighs strained on the black welts of her stockings.

Ella stood and stripped off her leopard print blouse, revealing a red-satin and black lace strapless bra around her chest. She reached behind her back and released the catch, while holding her hands over the cups, then stripped it away. She posed in her lingerie while massaging her breasts and thick, erect nipples and the tuft of pubic hair visible thorough her sheer nylon panties, perfectly framed by the garter-straps attached to her stocking tops. Her thumbs hooked under the soft elastic of her sheer nylon panties and she slowly drew them over her thighs and down her stockinged legs, then sat back in the chair.

‘You want to watch me play?’ She pulled back her legs and opened them wide, then put her hand between her thighs and began to masturbate. She fondled her breasts with one hand and reaching between her thighs with the other, her fingers slipped over the soft, pink lips of her tight, wet pussy. Her hand increased in rhythm as it rubbed her clitoris and her fingers slipped into the juicy folds of her cunt, causing her body to tremble as she reached an intense climax.

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Mar 112015
Jasmin Jae posing topless and showing her hairy pussy in sheer nylon pantyhose at Pantyhosed4u

Horny Asian babe Jasmin Jae fingers her wet pussy and orgasms in her sheer nylon pantyhose in this video at Pantyhosed 4u

Jasmin dressed for a night out clubbing, wearing a tight fitting, spandex dress that clung to her fit body, its short length just covering her ass and legs in their layer of sheer nylon pantyhose.

‘I love wearing my pantyhose because they feel so good against my skin,’ Jasmin said and leaned over to caress her long legs, in their, fine nylon hosiery. ‘I always wear no panties under my hose and love the way they rub against my bare pussy,’ she said and sliding her hand between her thighs, she briefly touched her pussy through her nylons. Then she turned and lifted her heels to stand on tip-toe, looking back over her shoulder as she rubbed her hand over the pert cheeks of her arse. ‘I bet you’d like to come up behind me, rip open these pantyhose and slide your cock inside.’

Jasmin lay back on the sofa and lifted her legs, holding them close together so her pussy was concealed between the thighs. ‘I told you I wasn’t wearing any panties,’ she remarked, then lowering her legs, she swung around and sat with them spread open to explicitly show her pussy through the crotch of her pantyhose. ‘It turns me on so much, to feel that seam rubbing against my pierced clit, I can feel myself getting wet,’ she said, sitting on the edge of the sofa, slowly grinding her hips in a fluid movement so that the tight, nylon crotch, rubbed against her pussy.

Jasmin massaged her cunt through the crotch of her hose and thrust her fingers inward, pushing the taut nylon between the moist lips of her tight pussy. ‘Look how wet I am,’ she exclaimed, ‘can you see my pussy juice, creating a little wet patch, right there?’ She pulled and stretched at the material of her pantyhose gusset and sure enough, her pussy juice was smeared over the taut, nylon membrane.

Jasmin reached for her vibrating wand and pressed the head against the crotch of her pantyhose, teasing her pierced clitoris through the layer of nylon surrounding her pussy. She pulled on her pantyhose so the nylon slipped between the lips of her cunt and squealed with delight as the sex toy sent thrilling sensations of sexual pleasure through her lithe body.

Jasmin ripped open the seat of her hose and the flesh off her buttocks popped through the bursting nylon, exposing the juicy lips of her pussy and the tight ring of her anus. Her hand vibrated as she held the wand firmly against her clitoris, thrusting several fingers between the lips of her wet cunt she brought herself off to an intense orgasm in her ripped nylon pantyhose.

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Mar 102015
Sophia Delane In Open Crotch Girdle Showing Off Her Legs In Shiny Nylon Stockings and Stiletto Heels

Sophia Delane teases in her lingerie and masturbates in her 60s open crotch panty-girdle and shiny nylon stockings and stiletto Heels at Vintage Flash

Sophia reclined on the bed and flaunted herself in her lingerie, fully-fashioned stockings and six-inch, snakeskin stilettos. Her hands caressed her body and felt her breasts through the lacy top of her sexy slip, then swept over the subtle contours of her shapely legs in their shiny, smooth nylons.

‘Yes, I’ve got on my crotchless, full girdle, and I know exactly what you’d like to do right now – get your hands on my gorgeous body in my beautiful lingerie,’ she said, kneeling on the bed and lifting up the back of her slip to reveal her raunchy, cut away, panty-girdle, that framed her pussy and ass cheeks. ‘Come on, take your hard cock out and show me how horny you are, whilst you look at me in my lingerie,’ she said, as she lay back and spread the pink petals of her pussy with her fingers. ‘I want you to rub that cock until you shoot your cum everywhere, for me.’

Sophia slipped the thin straps of her camisole over her shoulders and leaned forward to show the voluptuous flesh of her cleavage. She jiggled her bosom and pulled down the front of her slip to fully reveal her pendulous, all natural breasts, framed by the holster straps of her cut-away bra. Her hands cupped and lifted the soft flesh of her boobs and pushed them together, her fingers lightly strumming the fleshy points of her nipples, so hard and erect.

Sophia stripped off her camisole and caressed her hips and ass through the tight fabric of her panty-girdle. ‘I love the way it fits around my body and accentuates my gorgeous curves, and how it puts me in a very naughty mood,’ she smiled pleasurably, then shifted around and tilted up her ass, exposing her pussy and the puckered ring of her anus, surrounded by the provocative open crotch of her girdle.

‘Come on, wank your nice hard cock while you look at my gorgeous bottom,’ she said, reaching between her thighs and spreading the moist lips of her pussy, glistening wet with her flowing juices. ‘Think of all the things you could do to me,’ she spoke suggestively, as her fingers her hand began to circle over the nub of her erect clitoris. ‘I bet you’d love to stick your cock right in there, wouldn’t you?’ Sophia lay back and opened her legs wide, spreading the pink, supple lips and holding the wet gash of her cunt wide open. ‘Just imagine you fucking me and making my big tits bounce, pumping your cock right inside my tight pussy and filling it with your hot, wet cum!’

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Mar 062015
Roxy Mendez Strips In Bathroom and Stands On Her Toes In Cuban Heel Nylons At Vintage Flash

Roxy Mendez strips down to her lingerie and masturbates to an intense climax in her wet nylon stockings in her latest video at Vintage Flash

Roxy invites us into her bathroom and gets wet in more ways than one when she climbs into the bathtub and masturbates in her point heel vintage nylons…

‘I thought I’d let you enjoy me in my bathroom tonight, because I’m going to do my favorite thing and get a little bit wet,’ Roxy said, sitting on the edge of the bathtub in her white lingerie and silky nylon stockings.

Roxy got up to stand in her stockinged feet, then opened the front of her diaphanous negligee to reveal her white bra, suspenders and sheer nylon panties. The blush of her pussy was just visible through the layer of her sheer nylon panties and framed by the webbing of her garter-belt. She turned, lifting her feet so she stood on tip-toes and bent over, which caused the taut suspenders to strain on the tops of her nylon stockings. Then reaching down to her ankles, she slowly ran her hands up and over the sculpted muscles along the back of her legs in their seamed, fully-fashioned nylons.

Roxy enjoyed the sensation of her lingerie against her flesh as her hand followed the outline of her curves. Reaching up, she slipped the negligee over her shoulders and let it glide down her arms, then pushed her hands down the front of her nylon panties and gave her pussy a quick feel. Stripping off the negligee and bra, she climbed into the bath and scooped up some of the warm water and rubbed her wet hands over the cheeks of her ass.

‘Oh, it’s making me feel so horny,’ she said, as she caressed the flesh of her thighs above the tops of her stockings. Then she hooked her thumbs into the elastic waist of her panties and stripped them down her legs in their seamed nylons and over her feet. She sat on the inside edge of the tub and spreading her legs, placed her feet firmly on the other side, then slipped her fingers up the tight, pink gash of her pussy, already flowing with her juices.

Roxy pressed her fingers against her clitoris and her hand moved in a circular motion as she vigorously masturbated. Her naked tits jiggled in rhythm with her hand, which rapidly massaged the gaping lips of her pussy, then she cried out as an intense orgasm hit her with full force and she climaxed in her wet nylon stockings.

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Mar 042015
Blonde Babe Skye Taylor Showing Off Her Legs and Feet In Tan Nylon Pantyhose At Pantyhosed4u

Blonde babe Skye Taylor teases her pussy and masturbates to climax in her tan, sheer nylon pantyhose in this video at Pantyhosed 4u

Skye may look demure as she relaxes on the bed in her vintage dress, but this girl can be downright kinky as she gets off playing with herself in sheer tan pantyhose…

‘I’ve got such a big thing for pantyhose,’ Skye confessed, as she sat on the bed in a yellow and white polka dot dress, running her hands over her legs in their layer of light tan pantyhose. ‘I wear them every day, but it’s becoming a bit of a problem, because I can’t help but get turned on and can’t get anything done. I don’t know what to do with myself half the time. It’s like an addiction and I don’t really want to stop wearing them, so I’m just going to have to put up with getting distracted, several times a day.’

Skye placed her feet together on top of the bed and her hands swept over her knees and down to her ankles and back again along her inner thighs. ‘I just love the sensation of their tightness against my skin and wearing them without any underwear, they feel so comfortable and sexy,’ she said, shifting over to lay on her side and pulling back the hem of her dress to expose her ass, sheathed in its layer of tan nylon. Then she reached around and placed her hand against the curve of her cheeks to caress her buttocks in their silky layer of sheer nylon pantyhose.

Skye stripped off her dress and lay back against the pillows with her legs open wide, revealing the patch of wetness that had spread across the gusset of her pantyhose. ‘I love the way they feel here,’ she said, sliding both hands over her pantyhose crotch; her fingers touching the wet stain of her juices that had soaked into the nylon stretched tight against her hot pussy. Her hand slipped down the front of her hose and moved under the stretchy nylon as she spread the moist, pink lips of her pussy. ‘Touching myself while I’ve still got my pantyhose on feels so naughty,’ she spoke softly, her fingers sliding over the pink flesh of her cunt that glistened wetly through the sheer nylon of her tights.

Skye looked dreamy with her head of golden locks spread against the pillow, her eyes narrowing with pleasure as her fingers rubbed around the head of her clitoris and sent a thrill up through her slender frame. She sighed gently as her body undulated on the bed, her chest rising and falling with the points of her nipples standing erect with arousal as she masturbated with her hand doing its work deep inside her sheer nylon pantyhose.

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Mar 032015
Sexy Milf In 60s Dress, Showing Red Suspenders and Nylon Stocking Tops At Vintage Flash

Posh Milf Holly Kiss gets turned on while masturbating In her red nylon panties, suspenders, seamed stockings and stiletto heels in this video at Vintage Flash

Holly dressed for a dinner dance at the weekend and decided to wear her latest vintage outfit, including a fashionable 60s style, ‘block color’ dress, her legs dressed in black fully-fashioned nylons and patent leather heels. Describing how turned on she feels in her sexy attire, Holly gets all excited and strips down to her underwear to have a play…

‘Don’t they look fantastic?’ Holly sat with the hem of her dress pulled back, a glimpse of red suspender stretching over her thigh as she adjusted the tops of her stockings. ‘They make you feel like a million dollars and every gentleman will be looking at them as I walk into the room,’ she said, her hand caressing her legs in their black, seamed stockings. ‘Obviously, I’ve done it before,’ she winked, ‘I love catching their eye and drawing their attention to the long, black seam running from my ankle up to my thighs.’

Holly stood and unzipped the back of her dress, bending slightly and wiggling her hips as she slowly stripped the garment over her ass in red, sheer nylon panties, and down her stockinged legs to the floor. Discarding the dress, she knelt on the sofa and pushed her hand down the rear of her panties and it moved under the stretchy layer of sheer nylon as she rubbed the slit of her pussy.

‘I love the way my nipples have room to grow inside the cups of my bra as I get excited,’ she said, placing her hands over her shiny, red satin bullet bra and lightly tracing her fingers around the pointed cups. Slipping the bra straps over her shoulders and down her arms, she unhooked the catch at the back and stripped it off to run her hands over the soft, warm flesh of her all natural titties and hard nipples.

Sitting on the edge of the sofa with her legs spread, she circled her fingers over her pussy through the tight nylon gusset of her panties, making it tingle and send thrilling sensations up through her body. Laying back, she closed her eyes and slipped her hand down the inside of her sheer panties, and it pushed against the stretchy nylon as she massaged the moist slit of her shaved pussy. ‘Can you see what I’m doing?’ Holly said, her hips undulating on the edge of the sofa as she masturbated. ‘Can you see my hand through my panties, playing with my pussy, making it get wet with excitement?’

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Feb 272015
Classic Brunette In Open-Bottom Girdle, Seamed Nylon Stockings and Heels At Vintageflash

Business lady Brianna strips down to her girdle and masturbates to climax in her nylon stockings and heels in her latest video at Vintage Flash

Brianna dressed to impress a woman she had invited to meet in her hotel room to discuss a business proposition. They’d met once before and had reason to believe that the woman had lesbian tendencies, so she hoped that her sexy, vintage attire, nylon stockings and heels would serve to kindle their passions.

‘Last time I met her she complimented me on my vintage style, so thought I’d wear some sexy shoes and seamed stockings,’ Brianna said, sitting sideways on the divan and drawing her finger along the seam of her fully-fashioned nylons that ran up the back of her leg. ‘These are some of the most stylish stockings I have, just look at the detail,’ she said, pointing out the Cuban heel pattern around the back of her ankles, then slipping her foot out of her stilettos to show the full-extent of the reinforced stitching running under the soles.

‘I also thought I’d go for a classic 50’s dress, demure but sexy.’ Brianna stood up to show off her semi-sheer dress, through which the outlines of her underwear were slightly visible. ‘I have to say that even when I’m not trying to impress a lady, I like to walk around in transparent dresses as though I don’t know that my underwear is somewhat on display,’ she confessed, adding that, ‘I might be just a bit of an exhibitionist.’

Brianna lifted up the hem of her dress to reveal a tight fitting, open bottom girdle, that clung to her hips and thighs, the taut suspenders pulling on the tops of her beige nylon stockings. ‘Girdles really turn me on,’ she said, turning and caressing her buttocks clad in tight fitting elastane. ‘I like how they give that feeling of support and constraint, it just makes me feel so sexy because they make me aware of being gripped and shaped, it’s such a good garment to wear.’

Brianna stripped off her dress and lay on the divan with her legs open, then slipped her fingers either side of her pantie crotch and stretched it tight over her pussy. ‘I might just have to get my hands into my knickers before my client arrives,’ she said, getting aroused and excited as she focused on the sensation of her fabulous foundation wear against her flesh. ‘I don’t have much time before this meeting, though I think I have some time to enjoy myself a little bit more.’

Stripping off her bra to release her all natural tits, she fondled them briefly then pulled aside the crotch of her nylon panties and exposed her pussy. Sliding her fingers either side of the moist lips of her cunt, the pink flesh of her erect clitoris glistened wetly with her juices as she began to masturbate. She flung her stockinged legs wide open, holding them aloft with her stiletto heels pointing outward, her fingers massaging the slit of her juicy pussy as she brought herself off to a lush climax.

See Brianna strip down to her girdle and masturbate to climax in her seamed nylon stockings and heels in this (176 images) photo-set and video at Vintage Flash