Feb 102016
Watch Michelle Thorne Masturbate With A Dildo In Ripped Nylon Pantyhose At Pantyhosed4u

Michelle Thorne plays with her huge tits and masturbates with a dildo in ripped nylon pantyhose in this video at Pantyhosed 4u

Here’s another exclusive featuring one of the UK top blonde glamour models Michelle Thorne, this time in a hot and steamy pantyhose video.

We visited Michelle last week and found her just chilling in the kitchen at home in her micro-mini dress, designer heels and sheer barely there nude pantyhose!

Michelle was in the mood to do a really raunchy pantyhose set for her fans. So we set up the lights in her kitchen and started the cameras rolling to capture Michelle doing what she does best – being a hot and horny minx!

Michelle posed for us on her kitchen top, spreading her legs wide open to give us a view of the lips of her pussy squashed tight behind the sheer nylon of her pantyhose crotch.

Pulling down the stretchy top of her dress she fondled the mounds of her huge tits, then began to massage her hot cunt through the gusset of her sexy tights.

Her pussy wet with excitement, she ripped open the crotch of her hose and exposed the lips of her cunt that oozed with her flowing juices. Getting down on the floor, she squatted down on her heels and thrust her favorite dildo up her gaping cunt to make herself cum hard!

See busty blonde Michelle Thorne fucking her juicy pussy in ripped nylon pantyhose at Pantyhosed 4u

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Feb 092016
Sexy Commanding Female Officer In Uniform, Suspenders and Nylon Stockings Video at VintageFlash

Commanding female officer Danielle stripteases out of her uniform and masturbates in her lingerie and nylon stockings and video at Vintage Flash

Your commanding officer Danielle has called you into her office to address your behavior. Having been caught acting inappropriately towards the female officers at the naval academy, she wants to teach you a lesson. Of course, having an attractive female commanding officer who wears vintage lingerie, fully-fashioned nylons and heels is hard to ignore.

‘We don’t tolerate behavior like yours and the attitude you have’, Danielle says haughtily as she stands over you dressed in her uniform, hands on hips, her stockinged legs in line of sight. ‘I understand you have needs, and that there are a lot of sexy women who work here, but that doesn’t give you the right to get turned on and wank your cock over them,’ she admonishes, seating herself on the top of her desk and bringing attention to her legs in their seamed nylons and stiletto heels.

‘I’ve been doing some spying of my own and have seen you wanking, if you can call it that,’ Danielle says mockingly, poised on her desk with her skirt parted over her thigh; deliberately revealing the tops of her stockings to get your attention. ‘For your punishment, I want you to drop you pants right now and masturbate for me,’ she commands, sliding her hand seductively over her knee and caressing her stockinged leg. ‘You really need to stroke that cock, so go on get it out and show it to me, I haven’t got all day!’

Danielle takes off her jacket and sits with her legs open, showing the sheer nylon of her panties around her crotch. ‘Did you catch a glimpse of my vintage see-through panties?’ she queries, and opening her legs wider she runs her fingers over the soft, sheer nylon covering her pussy. ‘You’d love to see me in my office stripped down to just my underwear and stockings, wouldn’t you?’ she asks rhetorically. ‘I bet that would really get you hard!’

Danielle strips off her blouse and skirt, revealing a black, see-through bullet bra, sheer nylon panties and six-strap, suspender-belt attached to brown, fully-fashioned nylon stockings. Releasing the catch of her bra, she teasingly holds the loose cups over her boobs, then strips it away and massages the mounds of voluptuous flesh in her hands.

‘Would you like to watch me play with my pussy,’ Danielle says, sliding her hand down the front of her panties and giving her pussy a rub. ‘Are you sure you are ready? I don’t want you to cum to soon,’ she chides, bending over to pull her black nylon panties down her legs in their seamed nylon stockings, right to her shiny patent leather heels.

Watch dominant female Danielle striptease out of her uniform and masturbate in her fully-fashioned nylon stockings and stiletto heels video at Vintage Flash


Feb 052016
Pretty Blonde Showing Of Her Hairy Pussy In Suspenders and Nylon Stockings At Vintageflash

Pretty blonde babe Vanessa Scott stripteases and plays with her hairy pussy in suspenders and nylon stockings in her latest video at Vintage Flash

Vanessa is a pretty blonde babe who has become very popular in recent months on Vintage Flash. Here she returns to tantalize and tease you wearing a 50s style orange dress, a rare pair of burnt-orange, vintage nylon stockings and black, patent leather stiletto heels.

Vanessa loves to tease and begins by lifting the folds of her dress to give us a glimpse of her black, six-strap, suspender-belt, attached to her nylons. Hands feeling around her thighs, she adjusts her suspenders and straightens the tops of her stockings, while we admire her shapely legs draped in sheer hosiery.

‘I’m getting turned on by the feel of these silky stockings,’ Vanessa says, laying on the bed and extending her legs, while caressing the surface of her lovely vintage nylons. She pulls the dress up around her waist, revealing her fabulous hairy bush all nicely framed by the straps of her black and orange lace garter-belt. ‘I hope you are wanking your cock for me,’ she says, making her stockings whisper softly with the sound of nylon on nylon as she seductively brushes her legs together.

Vanessa strips off the dress and removes her black and white polka dot bra, revealing her beautiful all natural breasts. ‘All this talk about vintage stockings is getting me excited, I think it’s time for me to have a play,’ Vanessa says, and laying back on the bed she opens her legs wide and begins fingering the moist lips of her hairy pussy.

‘I’d like you to cum all over my nylons, do you think you can cum at the same time as me?’ she asks, her fingers slipping inside her cunt making soft, wet sticky sounds as she stirs them around her juicy hole. Her hips undulating as she writhes on the bed, she builds up her pleasure; the webbing of her garter-belt straining on the tops of her stockings as she brings herself off to a lush climax.

See pretty blonde Vanessa stripping and playing with her hairy pussy in suspenders and stockings at Vintage Flash


Feb 022016
Stella Cox Busty Brunette Looks Hot In Glasses, Suspenders and Nylon Stockings At Vintageflash

See Stella Cox seductively tease and masturbate in her lacy black lingerie and rare nylon stockings in her latest video at Vintage Flash

Stella is now an instructor at the Institute of Advanced Masturbation, and is fully-certified and qualified in the art of wanking encouragement! ‘There are many requirements needed to become qualified as a I.O.A.M instructor,’ Stella says, telling us all about it as she strips down to her lingerie and genuine vintage nylons.

‘First of all, it’s very important to dress appropriately in a sexy dress, just like this one,’ Stella says, giving us a twirl in her loose-fitting dress. ‘Also wearing heels like these,’ she continues, sitting on the edge of the dresser and reaching forward to caress her ankles, ‘and not forgetting vintage nylon stockings.’

Stella stands and lifts the front of her dress, revealing flesh-colored nylon panties, layered over a black lace suspender-belt with metal clasps attached to the tops of her Hanes nylon stockings. ‘Also extensive research has shown that sexy, sheer panties are necessary, and the tighter they are, the better,’ she remarks, slipping her hand down the front of her knickers and under the stretchy nylon surrounding her shaved pussy.

‘The teasing part is also very important,’ Stella smiles mischievously, and bending slightly forward she strokes the cheeks of her ass encased in clingy nylon panties. Making a good show of it, she draws her hands up her legs, slipping her fingers under the tops of her stockings and caressing the flesh of her thighs.

Stella strips off her dress and turns to pose in a gorgeous, black lace bra, that matches the suspender-belt around her waist. She pulls down the cups of her bra and reclines on the bed, fondling her fleshy boobs and erect nipples. ‘I love rubbing my legs together, it makes my pussy nice and wet,’ Stella says, lifting up her legs and moving them gently so the sensation her nylons brushing against each-other creates the right erotic effect.

‘I want you to play with me now, start stroking your cock.’ Stella issues her command as she begins to masturbate with her hand inside her panties. ‘I’m going to give you a little encouragement,’ she adds, pulling aside the crocth of her panties and massaging the lips of her shaved cunt.

Stella strips off her panties, rolls them up and lightly strokes them all over her stockinged legs, naked thighs and around her pussy. ‘They feel so good, rubbing them on my clit,’ she says, masturbating with the soft, gauzy nylon panties brushing against her excited pussy. ‘Are you playing with your cock for me? Wanking it fast and faster?’ she asks, fingers slipping between the fat lips of her juicy pussy, and her breath coming in shorter gasps as she reaches the moment of climax.

See seductive Stella teasing and masturbating in her lingerie and rare nylon stockings video at Vintage Flash


Jan 292016
Sexy Natalia Forest Posing Topless In Black Lingerie, Stockings and Stiletto Heels at Vintageflash

Natalia Forrest stripteases out of her satin oriental dress and masturbates in her black garter-belt and 60’s designer stockings video at Vintage Flash

Natalia Forrest returns to tease and please you dressed in a blue Oriental satin dress, hat reveals a glimpse of black stocking top around her thigh…

‘Isn’t it just perfect and it fits me like a glove,’ Natalia says delightedly, running her hands over the blue satin covering her waist and the curve of her fabulous arse. ‘Are you looking at these nylon stockings?’ she asks, drawing her hands over the silky surface of her stockings on her legs, up to her thighs. ‘These are Mary Quant sheer nylon stockings from the 60s and are very rare,’ she adds, admiring her legs in their vintage stockings and shiny stiletto heels.

‘That’s it, you have a good look,’ Natalia encourages, standing to show off her legs and the designer pattern running up the back of her stockings. ‘Do you like them?’ She asks, then teasingly lifts her dress to give a flash of her black, sheer nylon panties. ‘Show me how much you really like them and masturbate in front of me! Go on, tell me how you’d love to rub your cock over my gorgeous nylon stockings and make them soaking wet with all your spunk!.’

Natalia lifts up the front of her dress, revealing a black vintage garter-belt and tight, sheer nylon panties around her shaved pussy. ‘Look, aren’t they gorgeous and you can see how tight they are against the crotch of my pussy,’ she says, her fingers tracing the raised mound of her naked cunt through the stretched nylon of her panties.

‘Doesn’t that look so hot, watching me rub myself, while you wank yourself off over my gorgeous Mary Quant nylons,’ she says, her hand moving under the stretchy sheer nylon down the front of her panties while she massages her wet pussy. ‘Go on, I want you to wank all over them, and fill them with your spunk!

Watch Natalia stripteasing and encouraging you to jerk-off of her designer stockings in her latest video at Vintage Flash

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‘Superb. This has it all, stilettos, stockings, sheer panties, shaven pussy, gorgeous tits, filthy talk , two finger fucking, and a gorgeous Natalia . Made me very hard.’ retro**
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Lucy Mae – Horny Blonde Masturbating In Vintage Garter-Belt & Nylon Stockings

 Lucy Mae, Vintage Flash  Comments Off on Lucy Mae – Horny Blonde Masturbating In Vintage Garter-Belt & Nylon Stockings
Jan 262016
Pretty Girl Lucy Mae In Sexy 60s Suspenders, Tan Nylon Stockings and Heels at Vintage Flash

Horny blonde Lucy Mae strips down to her garter-belt and fully-fashioned nylon stockings and masturbates in her latest video at Vintage Flash

Lucy Mae went to a retro-clothes shop and bought herself some things to wear, including some genuine, vintage nylon stockings. She went to a party dressed in her light blue 60s style dress, but her sexy outfit made her feel real horny, so she decided to come back to her hotel room and have some fun in her erotic underwear…

‘I’ve bought these genuine DuPont nylon stockings, and they look great on my legs, very sheer and silky,’ Lucy Mae says, as she stands and slowly raises the hem of her dress, revealing pink suspenders and the tops of her vintage tan stockings.

‘I just love running my hand up and down my legs in these nylons, they feel so soft,’ she says, bending over and drawing her hand up the back of her legs; lifting the dress to show where the metal clasps of her suspenders are attached to the tops of her seamed nylon stockings.

‘Of course, I’m wearing genuine 60s suspender-belt holding up my lovely nylon stockings.’ Lucy sits on the couch and lifting her legs, she extends their length; her nylon stockings brushing together as she peddles her stiletto heels in the air. Rubbing the soft white leather of her shoes against her calves, she draws the pointed toe along the seam running up that back of her fully-fashioned stockings.

Laying back on the couch with her legs open, she rubs her pussy through the tight nylon of her pink, sheer panties. ‘I love how these suspenders feel clinging against my waist, and these sheer panties rubbing against my pussy,’ she says, her hands slowly caressing the inside of her nyloned thighs, all nicely framed by the webbing of the garter-belt attached to her stockings.

Unzipping the back of her dress, she strips it down her slender figure, revealing a light pink bra, matching the vintage garter belt around her waist. ‘I’m told that this is a genuine bra from the nineteen-sixties. It fits me perfectly and feels so nice and soft,’ she says, fondling her breasts though the pink lace cups. Taking off the dress and removing the bra, she squeezes her petite tits in her hands and strokes the hard nipples between her spread fingers.

‘I’m glad I didn’t stay at that party, it’s so much more fun laying here and stroking myself,’ Lucy says, pulling her panties from under her ass and slowly teasing them down her stockinged legs and over her heels. ‘Ive been waiting to do this all night,’ she says, putting her hand between her thighs and fingering her wet pussy, ‘so glad I joined you guys to have a little play.’

See Lucy Mae stripteasing and masturbating in her garter-belt and stockings in her video – ‘Desires Of A Darling Blonde’ at Vintage Flash

Alexa Red – Sexy Redhead In 50s Dress, Black Nylon Stockings and Stiletto Heels

 Alexa Red, Vintage Flash  Comments Off on Alexa Red – Sexy Redhead In 50s Dress, Black Nylon Stockings and Stiletto Heels
Jan 222016
Alexa Red - Sexy Redhead In 5os Dress, Black Nylon Stockings and Stiletto Heels at Vintage Flash

Sexy redhead Alexa Red strips off her 50s style dress and masturbates in black suspenders, nylon stockings and stiletto heels video at Vintage Flash

Alexa Red looks fabulous as she poses in her 50s style black and white dress and swishes it around to give tantalizing glimpses of her lace petticoat, suspenders and stockings.

‘I have my favorite, fully-fashioned stockings on, take a good look,’ Alexa says, lifting up her dress to adjust her suspenders attached to the tops of her black vintage nylons. She turns and bends over, revealing her bum cheeks clad in white, sheer nylon panties, then reaches down to her ankles and draws her hands up the back of her legs in their seamed nylon stockings.

Reclining on the bed with the dress around her hips, her hands caress the black suspenders contrasted against the creamy softness of her pale thighs as she admires the look of her legs in nylon stockings and stiletto heels.

Untying the black sash around her waist, she pulls down the top of her dress to reveal her gorgeous, black satin and lace bra, running her hands over the cups and appreciating the feel of the soft material around her boobs. Stripping the remainder of the dress over her hips and down her stockinged legs, she steps out of it and poses in the black suspender-belt that frames her shaved pussy, under the layer of her sheer nylon panties.

The webbing of her suspenders strain on her stockings as she kneels on the bed with her legs set wide, massaging her pussy through the front of her sheer nylon panties. Stripping off her bra, she fondles her peachy tits and lays back to spreads her legs wide, running her hands up her back of her seamed nylon stockings.

Alexa lifts her ass off the bed and tugs her diaphanous nylon panties from under herself; stripping them down her nylon clad legs and over her white stiletto heels. She gets into a comfortable position with her legs wide open, sliding her fingers over her clitoris and penetrating the soft, open lips of her moist pussy. Biting her lip, she focuses on masturbating with her fingers sloshing inside into the juicy hole of her hot cunt; moaning with pleasure as she brings herself off to an intense orgasm.

See Alexa Red masturbating in her black suspenders and seamed nylon stockings video at Vintage Flash.

Chloe Toy – Sexy Blonde Babe Stripping In Lingerie and Nylon Stockings

 Chloe Toy, Vintage Flash  Comments Off on Chloe Toy – Sexy Blonde Babe Stripping In Lingerie and Nylon Stockings
Jan 152016
Sexy Blonde Babe Stripping In Lingerie, Suspenders and Nylon Stockings at Vintageflash

Sexy blonde babe Chloe Toy stripteases out of off her silk dress and masturbates in her lingerie and fully-fashioned nylon stockings in this video at Vintage Flash

Chloe attends a cocktail party wearing a beautiful, silk designer dress, under which her underwear showed visible through the semi-sheer-material. The looks she attracted from one of the better looking guys at the party made her feel so sexy, she just needed to get away from all the boring conversations and enjoy a little playtime upstairs.

Chloe found a spare bedroom and relaxing on the bed she lifted the dress around her waist, revealing yellow suspenders attached to the tops of her tan, fully-fashioned nylon stockings. Sitting with her legs open to show the sheer nylon panties between her thighs, she gathered and smoothed away the slight wrinkles in her stockings.

‘I just love dressing up in my vintage fashion clothes, especially as most of it is see-through,’ she says sliding her hand down the front of her frilly lace, sheer-nylon knickers. She knelt to give a rear view of her cute little ass sheathed in nylon and the lips of her hot pussy visible through the transparent material of her pantie crotch.

Chloe stood by the bed and unzipped the back of her dress, allowing it to slide over her slender figure and slither down her stockinged legs to the floor. She giggled with delight as she bent over and ran her hands up the back of her legs; the yellow straps of the suspenders stretched over her thighs pulled taut against the tops of her erotic nylon stockings.


What some of our members are saying about Chloe in this video:
 ‘Chloe is a real hottie with a beautiful trim figure. More please.’ Thom5**55
‘Great to see Chloe again. Such a pretty girl, with a fabulous figure – and her hair looks great as well!’ o3gyx*fw 
‘Such a sexy lady, shows such confidence in her flawlessness.’ da*ev*r 
‘Chloe is lovely. Another fantastic strip from this gorgeous sexy girl. What lovely eyes Chloe has and such a beautiful body.’ h**ch 

Michelle Thorne – British Blonde Bombshell Returns In Classic Nylon Stockings

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Jan 132016
Busty Blonde Michelle Thorne In Classic Nylon Stockings and Stiletto Heels Video at Vintage Flash

British blonde bombshell Michelle Thorne returns in classic nylon stockings and stiletto heels at Vintage Flash

Great news! One of our most popular models Michelle Thorne returns to Vintage Flash next week!

We first introduced Michelle back in 2006 and she made regular appearances on Vintage Flash over the years. It’s been a long while since we last had Michelle on VF due to her other commitments,  but we are scheduled to have her perform for us in a new series of videos and photo-sets.

In fact we have been busy this week shooting new and exclusive content of Michelle, and her latest video shows her performing in classic nylon stockings and stilettos (see pic above). All in superb 4K UHD video too!

Michelle is one of the finest leg and foot sex models in the UK, so expect that special magic you may remember so well from her previous appearances. And for those of you who haven’t seen her earlier VF videos and photo-sets, they are still available for you to access right now on Vintage Flash!

Rest assured, you can expect to see a lot more of busty blonde Michelle in rare vintage nylons, high end retro lingerie by Dita Von Teese and Jimmy Choo stiletto heels on VF over the next few months.

We must say it’s great to have her back and are looking forward to seeing her display her fabulous legs in even more incredibly sexy poses!


Red – Seductive Cougar Red Stripteases & Masturbates In Black Girdle & Nylon Stockings

 Ms Red, Vintage Flash  Comments Off on Red – Seductive Cougar Red Stripteases & Masturbates In Black Girdle & Nylon Stockings
Jan 122016
Busty Milf Red Dildos Her Pussy In Black Girdle & Nylon Stockings at Vintageflash

Seductive cougar Red stripteases and masturbates with a dildo in black open-bottom girdle and nylon stockings in her latest video at Vintage Flash

Red shows off her fabulous curves in a classy combination of racy leopard print skirt, lingerie and black nylon stockings. Introducing us to her favorite friend a vibrating black dildo, this scene is only going to get hotter…. as everyone knows a girls best friend is her vibrator.

‘I’m wearing my usual sexy nylons, and lovely tight pencil skirt and killer stiletto heels,’ Red says, presenting herself in her sexiest pulling outfit while running her hands over her fabulous haply figure. ‘I’m here all alone in my friend’s flat, so I hope you are going to keep me company,’ she says hopefully, ‘and enjoy watching me while I undress.’

Making herself more comfortable on the sofa she crosses one leg over the other and swings out her foot to draw attention to her expensive stilettos.

‘I know you love to look at my lovely vintage nylons and heels,’ she remarks, rubbing her legs together, causing her stockings to swish with the erotic sound of nylon on nylon. ‘I’ve also got a nice vintage girdle on,’ she hints suggestively, ‘just look at those straps holding my stocking tops nice and tight.’

Uncrossing her legs, she slowly pulls back the hem of her skirt and brushes her fingers over the shiny metal clasps of her suspenders attached to her nylon stockings.

‘I haven’t got any panties on under this girdle,’ Red says with a amused smile and turns to sit with her legs slightly parted, giving a tantalizing glimpse of her naked pussy under her skirt.

‘I can see you are having a close look between my legs, aren’t you? ‘She adds in mock reproach, her hands stroking the naked flesh above the tops of her black nylon hosiery. ‘Your eyes following those stockings up my leg to that nice bit of thigh and the lips of my pussy.’

See more of ravishing cougar Red seductively teasing and masturbating in her girdle and stockings video at Vintage Flash

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“Red is another mature legend of Vintage Flash. Black on Red looks great!” says RoadRunner**
‘Gorgeous as ever… hurray for toys on vintageflash,” says davegre***77 says:
“Awesome mature, no holds barred, beauty,” says link**
“Red is marvelous!” says sp**i*m