Apr 082015
Brunette Babe Masturbates in Purple Colored Pantyhose Video At Pantyhosed4u

Horny babe Deena fingers her pussy and masturbates to climax in her coloured nylon pantyhose video at Pantyhosed 4u

Deena undressed and lay on the bed in her cerise colored pantyhose, but before she went to sleep she decided to have a bit of a play. She often likes to masturbate before she climbs between the sheets and tonight was no exception…

Wearing pantyhose all day makes her feel so horny, and the sensation of the clingy nylon around her arse and thighs makes her pussy wet. It’s such a relief to get home and strip off her clothes and then sprawl all over the satin bedsheets in her sexy nylon hose.

Looking at herself in the mirror, she knelt and pushed her hand down the rear of her hose, spreading her buttocks and the lips of her pussy at the same time. All she needed now was to feel a nice hard cock rubbing against the splayed lips of her cunt that spread out behind the taut nylon screen of her pantyhose.

Laying back with her legs open, she thrust her hips upward and pulled the gusset of her pantyhose tight against her pussy to give it some friction. Then she flipped over onto her belly, folding her legs back at the knee and pointing her feet vertically, as she reached behind and pushed her hand down the rear of her hose to masturbate.

Deena gasped as her hand moved under the stretchy nylon, her fingers rubbing against her throbbing clitoris and sliding around of the wet lips of her gaping pussy, which made squelchy sounds as they thrust in and out of her sticky cunt hole.

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Apr 072015
Samantha Bentley In Sheer Lingerie, Suspenders and Nylon Stockings At Vintageflash

Horny babe Samantha Bentley masturbates in sheer nylon lingerie, suspenders and stockings in her video at Vintage Flash

‘Hi Baby, I dressed up in this vintage lingerie just for you’, Sam said, as she lay on the bed in her sheer nylon negligee, caressing her legs in their seamed nylon stockings and heels. She lifted one leg and extended it so her stilettos pointed vertically, then slowly drew her hands down from the ankle, her fingers smoothing the nylon as they followed the seam of her Cuban heel fully-fashioned stockings. ‘You can see that my pussy is already wet in these panties, just thinking about what I’m going to do in this sexy lingerie,’ she said, and pulled her panties tight around her pussy, flattening the pubic hairs above the soft, rosy lips, visible through the black, sheer nylon.

‘I hope your cock is getting nice and hard, so you can rub it against my stockings,’ she said, laying on her side and sliding her hand between the soft, warm flesh of her thigh and tan welt of her nylons. Then she pulled the crotch of her panties to one side and said lasciviously, ‘see how wet my pussy is, just thinking about you fucking me in these stockings. I’d love you to just rub your cock against my juicy pussy, teasing my clit and making me nice and wet.’

Samantha knelt and opened the front of her sheer nylon negligee, revealing a red lace ‘balcony bra’, that half covered her naked tits. ‘You could fuck my tits while I’m still wearing this bra and feel the lace rubbing against your cock and balls,’ she said, cupping her hands under the bra and lightly brushing her fingers over the fleshy nipples already stiff in response to her aroused state.

Samantha lay back and lifted her arse off the bed as she stripped the panties from under herself and down her stockinged legs. She pulled back her legs and lifted them up to slip the panties over her shoes, so they were caught around her heels. Then she reached up and held onto the panties stretched between her stilettos and rubbed the wet lips of her exposed pussy, that opened like pink petals, glistening with her flowing juices. Her fingers slipped knuckle deep inside her cunt and she stirred them around, making made wet, sticky sounds as she fucked herself openly.

Removing the tangled panties from around her heels, she put them up to her mouth to taste her juices smeared on the nylon, then threw them to one side. ‘Now I’m going to make myself cum, while wearing my suspenders, stockings and heels, and I want you to jerk off and come all over my tits and lingerie,’ she said and spreading the pink lips of her pussy wide open, she frigged herself off to a lush climax.

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Apr 032015
Cute Brunette Lifting Dress and Teasing In Panties, Suspenders and Stockings At Vintage Flash

Cute brunette Rosie-Ann strips and masturbates to climax in her sheer nylon panties, garter-belt and stockings in her latest video at Vintage Flash

Dressing up is fun and Rosie-Ann has recently got into wearing vintage attire, discovering how sexy she feels in underwear and genuine nylon stockings.

‘I love this outfit and sometimes I put it on when I’m at home, just so I can look at it in the mirror,’ Rosie Ann said, as she stood in front of the big mirror, admiring how she looked in her vintage dress. ‘I’ve got white sling back heels on and fully-fashioned stockings, which are not like elasticated modern ones, so you have to wear a suspender-belt’, she enthused, as she lifted her dress and looked back over her shoulder to view her shapely legs in their suspenders and stockings.

Rosie-Ann pulled up the front of her dress, revealing a high-waist garter-belt that framed her hairy pussy through the sheer nylon of her panties. ‘I enjoy wearing this type of garter-belt as they feel great around your waist, and these big panties are really see-through, as you can see’. Rosie turned and held up the folds of the dress around her hips, then bent right over to give a look at her sexy bum, sheathed in the sheer nylon of her full-cut panties.

‘I love to watch myself undress in this mirror, but it’s so much more fun having you watching,’ Rosie-Ann said, then stripping off her dress she posed in her underwear, caressing her extended legs in their tan nylon stockings and sexy heels. ‘If you come a little bit closer you can see just how wet I am in these panties,’ she beckoned, sitting astride the ottoman with her legs spread open and rubbing her hairy pussy through the crotch of her sheer nylon panties.

Rosie-Ann looked at herself in the mirror as she unhooked her bra and stripped it away, then knelt on the seat and tilted her arse up to give a view of her pussy in her sheer nylon panties. Reaching between her legs, she massaged her hairy pussy through her panties, then slipped her fingers under the flimsy material and rubbed the moist slit of her cunt. She put her head right down and pulled the crotch of her panties to one side, her breath coming in short gasps as she rubbed the pink, swollen lips of her pussy and frigged herself off to climax.

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Apr 012015
Sultry Redhead Teasing In Sexy Nylon Pantyhose and Stiletto Heels Video At Pantyhosed4u

Redheaded mistress Sophia Smith shows off her hairy pussy as she teases in her sexy nylon pantyhose and stiletto heels

Sophia likes to dominate and is an expert at taunting and teasing in her pantyhose. What it’s all about is having control of your thoughts and desires. In her latest video she plays games with your mind, as she teases in her designer hosiery and stiletto heels…

‘You want me to lift my skirt and show you everything, don’t you?’ Sophia says, slowly easing the hem of her skirt up her thighs, but barely high enough to show you her pussy. ‘I know you are desperate to see if I am wearing any panties under my pantyhose. But why should I give you what you want!’

Sophia knows she has control over you when she is wearing her pantyhose and enjoys playing mind games, by teasing in a very controlled manner. The more she teases, the more excited you get at the glimpses of her pussy in pantyhose under her skirt.

‘The fact is, I have complete control of you when I wear these pantyhose, don’t I?’ Sophia pulls up the front her skirt, revealing the mound of her hairy pussy behind the front of her sheer nylon pantyhose. ‘I know you’d give anything to be running your dirty little paws all over my legs right now,’ she adds, brushing her hand over the dark patch of hair behind the nylon screen of her pantyhose.

‘How much more should I give you, how much more can you take?’ Sophia asks, as she lays on top of the desk and runs her hand over her extended legs in their sexy nylon hose and stiletto heels. She crosses her ankles and brushes them against each other; the soft nylon of her pantyhose making a swishing sound as her legs rub together. ‘Do you think you can handle lot more of me playing with your mind? Teasing you, by giving what you want, just a little bit at a time.’

Sophia strips off her blouse to reveal her petite all natural breasts, then lowers her skirt and steps out of it and stands in her heels with her feet apart. ‘Why don’t you tell me what you want, while you wank your cock, and I’ll decide how much I give you,’ she says, looming over you, her hairy pussy so close you can almost feel it’s heat against your face. Pulling the sheer nylon of her hose between the lips of her cunt, she slides her finger along the nylon groove of her pantyhose cameltoe, teasing you with a perfect view of her hot pussy, which you are only allowed to see but not touch.

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Mar 312015
Hot Brunette Showing Her Pussy In Nylon Panties, Stockings and Heels At Vintageflash

Roxy Mendez masturbates to climax in her sheer nylon panties, black nylon stockings and heels in her latest video at Vintage Flash

Roxy is in the ’50s den’, surround by memorabilia of the time, wearing in a vintage dress that clings to her fabulous curves and superbly shaped ass – one of her best ‘assets’ you could say.

Roxy ran her hand all over her body, feeling the outline of her underwear through the thin material of her dress as she stood in her sexy, red stiletto heels. She turned and lifted the front of her dress, revealing an ‘eight-strap’ garter belt that framed her pussy, semi-visible through the gauze like sheer nylon of her white panties. ‘I like the way they feel on my pussy,’ she said, gently rubbing her fingers over the taut nylon membrane of her panties stretched over her cunt. ‘And they look so good on my arse, too.’

Roxy turned and pulled the dress up around her hips, the cheeks of her shapely ass so tantalizing in the clingy nylon of her white panties. She placed her hands on her buttocks and pulled them apart, then bent over and drew her hand up her legs in their, black, shiny nylon rht stockings, which had wrinkled slightly around her ankles.

Roxy stripped off her dress and slipped the straps of her vintage bra over her shoulders, slowly peeling away the cups to reveal her pendulous all natural breasts and their large, round aureolas. Placing her legs apart as she stood in her shiny red heels, her suspenders strained on her stockings as she bent over and supported her herself with one hand on the bed. Reaching between her thighs, she slipped her hand inside her panties and it pushed against the stretchy nylon of the crotch as her fingers massaged the juicy lips of her moist pussy.

Roxy moved forward and knelt on the bed, her buttocks filling out the nylon of her panties as she titled up her arse. She continued to masturbate, moaning softly as her hand increased its rhythm, sending waves of pleasure throughout her body. Her fingers pressed hard against her throbbing clitoris and the supple pink lips of her cunt, as she suddenly climaxed with her hands down her sexy, nylon panties.

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Mar 272015
Pretty Girl Pulling Down Her Panties With Legs In Black Nylon Stockings and Heels At Vintageflash

Pretty girl Brook Logan strips down to her black suspenders, rht nylon stockings and heels and masturbates to climax in her video at Vintage Flash

Brook Logan looked so pretty, dressed up vintage style in her black top and necklace, a mustard colored pencil skirt, black nylons and heels.

‘I just in love wearing these gorgeous stockings, they feel so smooth and sexy against my skin,’ Brook said, while sitting on sofa with one leg crossed over her knee, her hand caressing the soft texture of her black rht nylons. ‘Come and check out these sexy leather heels’ she said, extending her leg and slipping off her shoe to let it dangle from her stockinged toes. ‘I think they look so good, do you agree?’

Brook replaced the shoe on her foot, then lay back and lifted her legs to rub one against the other, the nylon of her stockings whispering as they brushed together. ‘I love the way these sheer nylons feel against my legs,’ she said, drawing her hands up from her ankles and over her knees, smoothing out the tiny, nylon wrinkles. ‘I bet you would like to come and feel them,’ she smiled, a sparkle of naughtiness in her eyes, ‘wouldn’t you?’

Brook stood to unbuckle the broad belt around her waist and unzip the back of the skirt, stripping it over her ass and down her stockinged legs to the floor. She stepped out of the skirt and turned, revealing the black, vintage garter-belt framing the crotch of her white nylon panties. ‘Look at these sheer panties,’ she said excitedly, swinging her hips as she rubbed her hands around the crotch of her full-cut knickers.

‘Come and get a closer look my pussy and that perfect bum of mine,’ she beckoned and bent over so the flimsy material of her panties pulled tight around the cheeks of her peachy ass. ‘Look at that little pussy showing through those panties’, she added, sliding her finger over the taut nylon surrounding her cunt. ‘I just love the feel of the soft, sheer nylon rubbing against my pussy.’

Brooke stripped off her top and pulled down the cups of her lacy bra, uncovering her petite, all natural breasts and their perky nipples. She then hooked her fingers into the elastic of her panties and swaying her butt, she slowly teased them down her legs to her ankles, then sat down on the sofa.

‘I know how much you love looking at me, my legs spread wide open for you,’ she said, sitting with her legs spread apart to fully expose her shaved pussy, the fabric of her panties stretched tight between her ankles. ‘Is this turning you on,’ she said, lifting her legs and sliding her hands over the surface of her wrinkled, black stockings. ‘It’s turning me on knowing that you are looking at me, with your hard cock in your hand.’

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Mar 252015
Glamorous BBW With Big Tits and Hairy Pussy In Vintage Negligee and Fishnet Pantyhose at Pantyhosed 4u

Glamorous blonde BBW Ellie Roe plays with her hairy pussy and masturbates to climax In her fishnet pantyhose and heels at Pantyhosed 4u

Ellie is about to go to bed in her lingerie and pantyhose and wants you to join her for a little play before she retires for the night…

‘I wanted to let you in on a little secret, before I go to bed,’ Ellie said, sitting on the sofa wearing her beautiful chiffon night-dress. ‘I often put on tights to sleep in and sometimes I just like to wear them because they turn me on,’ she smiled, her hand gently caressing the fishnet pantyhose that covered her shapely legs. ‘So, I thought I would put this lovely pair of flesh colored fishnet tights on for you,’ she said, getting up from her chair and standing in her heels, looking back over her shoulder as she extended one leg to the side. ‘And that you might appreciate these tights and their seams, which run all the way up to the waist of my hose.’ Then bending right over, she slowly drew her hand all they way up her leg and lifted her nightdress to give a view of her arse in clad in fishnet pantyhose.

‘Now these particular tights are quite high and I like to pull them all the way up,’ she said, pulling her hose up her front, so they were stretched tight around the mound of her hairy pussy. She then opened her nightdress and let is slide down her arms, revealing more of her bra and huge tits, broad hips and thighs sheathed in their layer of fishnet hose. Finally, stripping off the nightdress, she slipped the straps of her bra over her shoulders and released the catch at the back and pulled the loose cups away from the ample flesh of her huge, all natural breasts.

Ellie reclined on the sofa and lifted her legs up, spreading them wide open to give a view of her hairy pussy behind the nylon mesh of her pantyhose crotch. ‘I just love the feel of the tights rubbing against my pussy,’ she said, pulling the nylon mesh of her pantyhose against the juicy, external-lips of her fleshy cunt. ‘Another thing I like is sliding my hand inside my hose and feeling the fishnet fabric against my hand as I play with myself,’ she added, pushing her hands down the front of her hose and spreading her labia wide open so the pink wetness of her vagina showed through the fishnet crotch.

‘I bet you like watching women getting off, rubbing their pussies through their tights,’ she said, her hand causing friction against her pussy as she rubbed it through the rough netting of her hose. ‘I know you fantasize about wanking over women in their tights and cumming over them,’ she whispered, her hand moving deep inside her pantyhose, circling over the gash of her cunt, surrounded by the soft hairs of her muff. ‘Well, now is your chance to cum on mine.’

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Mar 242015
Busty Brunette With Hairy Pussy In Retro-Lingerie, Garter-Belt and Nylon Stockings At Vintage Flash

Busty brunette Brianna strips down to her white satin garter-belt and rht nylon stockings, then fingers her hairy pussy and climaxes at Vintage Flash.

Brianna enjoys shopping for vintage clothes and underwear, so we found her trying on her latest outfit, including some genuine nylon stockings from the 60s and some red, stiletto heels.

‘Of course, if you are wearing these kind of heels they really must go with some proper, vintage rht stockings,’ Brianna said, drawing back the hem of her skirt over her thigh to show the metal clasp of her suspenders attached to the tops of her nylons. ‘I just love how they hug my legs, they have a whole different texture to modern stockings and feel really good,’ she added, drawing her hand from her ankle, over her knee and up to her thigh, where she playfully tugged on the straps of her suspender-belt.

‘So what do you think of that?’ She knelt on the divan and pulled up the front of her dress to show her hairy pussy framed by the webbing of her white satin garter belt. ‘I love how it’s boned,’ she said, smoothing her hands over the soft, shiny satin front panel, then sliding her fingers under the taut suspenders attached to her classic stockings. ‘It’s feels almost like I’m wearing a corset.’

Brianna spread her hands around the cups of her vintage bra and massaged them through the diaphanous material of her red, nylon blouse. Then, she lowered the back of her skirt over her arse, revealing the flesh of her shapely buttocks, bounded by the taut suspenders of her garter-belt that strained on the tops of her rht stockings. She stripped off her blouse and posed in classic style, and as her hands caressed her body, she felt the contrast of lingerie and flesh as they followed the contours of her fabulous, feminine curves.

Brianna took off her bullet bra and knelt on the divan, fondling her breasts and rolling the nipples between her fingers as she stroked the mound of pubic hairs surrounding her pussy with her other hand. She moved to sit and positioned her arse over the edge of the seat, stockinged legs spread wide open to expose her hairy cunt. Putting her hand between her thighs, she rubbed her fingers between the wet lips of her hot pussy and began to masturbate. Her mouth opened wide and she gasped with relief as a wave of intense pleasure spread from deep within her pussy and caused her to shake as she climaxed in her sexy, vintage lingerie and stockings.

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Mar 202015
Glamorous Lady Showing Her Pussy In Black Girdle, Nylon Stockings and Red Stilettos At Vintageflash

Elegant lady Holly Kiss tease and masturbates in her sheer girdle, black nylon stockings and red stiletto heels in her latest video at Vintage Flash

Holly had been tidying up around her house, but feeling a little bored. So she’s really pleased you popped round and happy to keep you entertain for the rest of the afternoon…

‘I was just on my way out, as I had plans to have tea with my friends, but I’m very glad to see you,’ Holly smiled, sitting on the leather sofa wearing, an animal print top, red skirt, black stockings and red strap-on heels. ‘Yes, and that’s why I’m dressed up so elegant, in my fully-fashioned nylon stockings and patent leather court shoes,’ she added, swinging her leg outward and sliding her hand over the surface of her vintage nylons. ‘They feel gorgeous, as smooth as glass and they even have their own shine,’ she remarked, her hand sweeping up from her ankles as she admired her legs in their elegant stockings and heels.

‘Are you wondering what underwear I’m wearing today?’ Holly grinned naughtily. ‘Well take a little peek and see if you can guess.’ And sitting on the edge of the couch with her legs slightly parted, she gave a clear view up her skirt, revealing her bare pussy framed by her thighs and stocking tops. ‘Look, no panties,’ she laughed, amused by her naughty revelation. ‘Well, not exactly underwear down there, but I am wearing something else that feels exquisite and fits like a glove around my body.’

Holly stood and unzipped the back of her skirt, revealing her ass clad in a black, sheer nylon girdle, then let it slide down her shapely legs to the floor. She stepped out of the skirt and stood proudly in her underwear; her hands caressing the curve of her hips and ass, sheathed in the tight fitting, open-bottom girdle. ‘Look at that,’ she said, referring to her girdle, ‘it’s so snug around the curve of my arse, all six metal suspender clasps supporting my fully-fashioned stockings.’ She bent over to touch to her ankles and ran her hand over the sculpted muscles of her calves, her fingers tracing the long black seam up the back of her legs.

Holly took off her blouse and pulled down the cups of her black lace, strapless bra, lightly brushing her fingertips over the warm flesh of her tits and against the pink nipples, erect with excitement. She reached behind her back and released the catch, then stripped the bra away and reclined on the leather sofa with her stockinged legs set wide apart. Sucking on her fingers to make them wet, she put her hand between her thighs and pressed hard against her throbbing clitoris, massaging the supple lips of her juicy cunt, as she masturbated to climax in her girdle, stockings and heels.

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Mar 182015
Teen Girl Pulling Her Ass Cheeks Apart In Sheer Nylon Pantyhose and Heels

See horny babe Kate Anne teasing and masturbating to climax in her sheer nylon pantyhose video at Pantyhosed 4u

‘Today, I’ve got a surprise for you because I know you guys love pantyhose. Well guess what? I’m wearing some!’ Kate stood holding her turquoise lace dress half-way up her slender thighs that looked so flawless in beige, nylon hose. ‘I love wearing pantyhose because of the way they feel extra smooth on my legs, and also because you can see right through them, which is really sexy,’ she said, lifting the dress higher to show she was sans panties under the layer of her sheer nylon hosiery.

Kate Anne turned and ran her hand over her arse, sheathed in its layer of fine nylon that clung to the smooth, rounded cheeks. Then she reclined on the couch and lifted her legs to give a view of the hairs of her pussy through the crotch of her pantyhose, partly concealed between her thighs. She lowered legs, then opened them wide and pushed her hand down the front of her hose, which could be seen moving under the stretchy layer of sheer nylon as she stroked the short pubic hairs of her pussy.

Kate Anne stripped off her lacy dress and circled the palm of her hand over her arse, encased it’s fine layer of silky nylon. Then she turned to pose with her pendulous breasts hanging freely and pulled up her hose so the crotch stretched tightly around her naked pussy. Kneeling on the couch, she pushed her hand down the rear of her tights and caressed the flesh of her buttocks, showing her pussy through the sheer nylon gusset of her beige hosiery.

‘I’m feeling really horny, knowing you are watching me playing in my pantyhose, so I’m going to have to touch myself and I hope you’ll join in.’ Kate reclined on the couch and held open the pink lips of her hairy pussy, under the flimsy nylon of her tights. She began to masturbate and her hand pushed against the the nylon membrane of her hose as she rubbed the the mound of her hairy pussy. Her fingers circled over her clitoris and against the supple lips of her wet pussy as she frigged herself off, her breathing coming in short gasps as she cried out and climaxed in her sexy, nylon pantyhose.

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