Mar 132020
Chloe Toy masturbates in sheer nylon panties, stockings and stiletto heels video at NHLP Central

Seductive blonde Chloe Toy strips and masturbates in sheer nylon panties, stockings and pink stiletto heels in her video – ‘Something old, something new’ at NHLP Central

Seductive blonde Chloe Toy strips off her pink nylon slip to reveal her pink lace bra, sheer nylon panties, garter belt and vintage nylon stockings. She strips off her bra and panties and lies on the bed with her stockinged legs open, giving her shaved pussy a good frigging.

Chloe sat on the bed with one leg crossed over the other, her pink nylon slip draped over her thigh revealing her taut suspenders and nylon stocking tops. ‘It’s so much fun just teasing you,’ she smiled with a glint of mischief in her eyes, her hands seductively caressing her legs in their soft tan nylon stockings.

Kneeling on the bed she put her head down and pulled up the slip revealing nylon panties stretched over her pert ass.

‘Don’t those panties look good on this peachy ass of mine?’ Chloe grinned, caressing and squeezing her bum cheeks through the pink, sheer nylon knickers. ‘See my pussy through that sheer material,’ she said, rubbing her fingers over her pussy through the nylon crotch of her naughty panties.

‘Why don’t you take your cock out and give it a good stroke, whilst I strip out of my gorgeous pink outfit.’ Chloe sat up and flexed her wrist and hand, gesturing as if she were jerking off a cock in her curled fingers.

Chloe stripped the slip over her head, revealing her delicate pink lace and bra covering her petite breasts, her brown nipples showing through sheer nylon cups. She stripped off the bra and squeezed her beautiful tits and pushed them together in her hands, her fingers teasing her erect nipples.

Chloe sat on the edge of the bed with her legs open and pushed her hands down the front of her sheer nylon panties. ‘It feels so good when I rub my pussy and watch you stroking your cock,’ she said, spreading the soft pink lips of her pussy with her fingers so it showed through the sheer nylon crotch.

Chloe lay on the bed and arched her back as she tugged the nylon panties from under her ass. She pulled the stretched panties over her suspender clad thighs, down her stockinged legs and stripped them over her pink stiletto heels.

Chloe lifted her legs and held them in position close together and crossed at the ankles, her shaved pussy enclosed between the soft flesh of her thighs. She placed both of her hands on her buttocks and spread them apart, holding her legs vertical to show off her seamed nylon stockings and stiletto heels.

‘That’s it, keep tugging your cock, get it throbbing for me,’ Chloe drawled, kneeling on the bed, fully exposing her peachy ass and enticing pussy. ‘Look at me bent over, showing off my sweet holes while you jerk off for me,’ Chloe said invitingly, her hands caressing the smooth flesh of her buttocks, fingers spreading the moist lips of her juicy pussy.

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