Sophie Parker – Busty Brunette Stripteasing In Vintage Garter-belt, Nylon Stockings and Heels

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Jul 032015
Busty Brunette Lifting Up Dress In Vintage Suspenders and Seamed Nylon Stockings

Busty brunette Sophie stripteases and masturbates to climax in her garter-belt, tan fully-fashioned stockings and stiletto heels at Vintage Flash

Sophie had been looking forward to spending the afternoon getting fucked by her boyfriend, and had dressed for the occasion in her vintage dress, stockings and heels. She lay down on the bed to take a nap while she waited for her him to turn up, but he never showed. So we got to have her to ourselves and she shared her sexy secrets while stripping and playing on the bed in her vintage nylons and garters.

Sophie sprawled on the bed and lifted up her dress to flash her white, six-strap suspender belt, sheer nylon panties and fully-fashioned stockings. ‘I love to get to dressed up like a vintage fuck doll, because a lady keeps on her stockings, suspenders and her high heels when she gets fucked,’ she said, telling us how much she enjoys dressing up vintage style in her dresses, seamed nylon stockings and stiletto heels.

Sophie stripped off her dress to reveal her white bra, uplifting and pressing her cleavage together so the ample flesh spilled over the cups supporting her huge boobs. She lay flat on the bed and spread her legs wide apart, then slipped her hand down the back of her sheer nylon panties.

‘I can see you are enjoying that view through my see-through panties, so naughty,’ she said, her fingers opening the soft, pliable lips of her delicious cunt that glistened wet and pink through the diaphanous nylon of her naughty knickers. ‘I love it when you can see right through them, so get your cock out because I want to see your get nice and hard for me!’

Sophie kicked her legs back and swung up her heels into view, tracing her finger along the dark seam running up the back of her tan nylons stockings.’ That’s it, rub your cock all the way up my stockings, all the way up to my panties and feel the soft fabric against your hard erection!’

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Samantha Bentley – Horny Babe Masturbating In Lingerie, Suspenders and Nylon Stockings

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Apr 072015
Samantha Bentley In Sheer Lingerie, Suspenders and Nylon Stockings At Vintageflash

Horny babe Samantha Bentley masturbates in sheer nylon lingerie, suspenders and stockings in her video at Vintage Flash

‘Hi Baby, I dressed up in this vintage lingerie just for you’, Sam said, as she lay on the bed in her sheer nylon negligee, caressing her legs in their seamed nylon stockings and heels. She lifted one leg and extended it so her stilettos pointed vertically, then slowly drew her hands down from the ankle, her fingers smoothing the nylon as they followed the seam of her Cuban heel fully-fashioned stockings. ‘You can see that my pussy is already wet in these panties, just thinking about what I’m going to do in this sexy lingerie,’ she said, and pulled her panties tight around her pussy, flattening the pubic hairs above the soft, rosy lips, visible through the black, sheer nylon.

‘I hope your cock is getting nice and hard, so you can rub it against my stockings,’ she said, laying on her side and sliding her hand between the soft, warm flesh of her thigh and tan welt of her nylons. Then she pulled the crotch of her panties to one side and said lasciviously, ‘see how wet my pussy is, just thinking about you fucking me in these stockings. I’d love you to just rub your cock against my juicy pussy, teasing my clit and making me nice and wet.’

Samantha knelt and opened the front of her sheer nylon negligee, revealing a red lace ‘balcony bra’, that half covered her naked tits. ‘You could fuck my tits while I’m still wearing this bra and feel the lace rubbing against your cock and balls,’ she said, cupping her hands under the bra and lightly brushing her fingers over the fleshy nipples already stiff in response to her aroused state.

Samantha lay back and lifted her arse off the bed as she stripped the panties from under herself and down her stockinged legs. She pulled back her legs and lifted them up to slip the panties over her shoes, so they were caught around her heels. Then she reached up and held onto the panties stretched between her stilettos and rubbed the wet lips of her exposed pussy, that opened like pink petals, glistening with her flowing juices. Her fingers slipped knuckle deep inside her cunt and she stirred them around, making made wet, sticky sounds as she fucked herself openly.

Removing the tangled panties from around her heels, she put them up to her mouth to taste her juices smeared on the nylon, then threw them to one side. ‘Now I’m going to make myself cum, while wearing my suspenders, stockings and heels, and I want you to jerk off and come all over my tits and lingerie,’ she said and spreading the pink lips of her pussy wide open, she frigged herself off to a lush climax.

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Mistique – Vintage Lingerie Lover Masturbates In Seamed Nylon Stockings

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Jan 232015
Redhead Masturbating In Vintage Bra, Nylon Stockings and Suspenders At Vintage Flash

Lingerie lover Mistique strips off her bra and panties and masturbates to cliamx in her seamed nylon stockings video at Vintage Flash

‘Do you like nylons? I know I do, they feel so silky,’ Mistique said, wearing a slip and sitting on the bed with her legs open, revealing her panties framed by the tops of her tan nylon stockings. She smiled lasciviously and licked her lips, then slipped her hand between her thighs and rubbed her hairy pussy through the taut nylon of her pantie crotch.

Mistique knelt on the bed so the soles of her stockinged feet were in view, then pushed her hand down the rear of her panties and squeezed the cheeks of her arse. She ran her hand from her ankles and up the back of her legs and touched the metal clasps of her suspenders, that strained against the tops of her seamed nylon stockings.

Mistique lifted up her slip to reveal her vintage bra, then pulled down the waist of her panties and ran her fingers through the springy hairs of her pussy, all nicely framed by the webbing of her garter-belt. She pulled the slip over her head and stripped away her bra to squeeze the pale flesh of her all natural boobs, then hooked her thumbs into the elastic of her panties and teased them down and around her thighs.

Mistique flipped over to lay on her back and drew her panties down her legs in their fully-fashioned nylon stockings. Then lifting her legs up high, she stretched her panties between her nylon clad feet and spread the lips of her hairy pussy to show the pink insides of her cunt, glistening with her vaginal juices.

Mistique stripped off her panties and ran her hands over her legs, smoothing out the little, nylon wrinkles around the back of her knees. She pulled her legs back and opened them wide to expose her hairy pussy, then rubbed her fingers against her throbbing clitoris and the supple lips of her cunt that oozed with the flowing juices of her hot cunt.

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Jenny Smith – Sexy Redhead Plays With Her Hairy Pussy In Vintage Underwear and Nylon Stockings

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Dec 192014
Sexy Redhead Pulling Her Panties Down Her Legs In Seamed Nylon Stockings and Heels

Redhead Jenny Smith pulls down her panties and plays with her hairy pussy in sexy suspenders and nylon stockings at Vintage Flash

Jenny is something of a traditional girl who likes to wear vintage dresses, seamed nylon stockings and peep-toe heels. Although she may appear to be demure, this girl likes to reveal her wild side when the mood takes her and strip down to enjoy masturbating in her underwear…

Jenny got into dressing up retro-style when she visited an aunt a few years ago, who introduced her to an extensive wardrobe full of genuine items of vintage clothing. Amongst all the clothes her aunt had collected, was a chest of draws full of foundation wear, corsets, girdles and garter belts. Naturally, her aunt had a collection of genuine stockings from the 60s, mainly fully-fashioned nylons, some of which where still in their original and unopened packets.

Fascinated by all these fine garments from a time when women dressed in feminine attire, she asked her aunt if she could try them on for herself. Her aunt was please to help and handed her a longline bra, pair of lace, full-cut panties, vintage garter-belt and a genuine pair of tan, ff-nylon stockings to wear.

Jenny went behind the dressing screen in the corner of the bedroom and stripped off all her modern clothes, then put on the bra, tight-fitting garter belt and slipped on the lacy, full cut panties, which felt so snug around her bottom. Needing to sit down to put on her stockings, she stepped out from behind the screen to find that her aunt had stripped off her own clothes and was standing in the room wearing just a bullet bra, girdle, silky nylon stockings and heels.

‘Here, let me show you how to put on your first pair of real nylon stockings,’ her aunt said and detaching the suspenders of her girdle, she slipped off her stockings and sat down of the dresser chair. Her aunt picked up a pair of vintage nylons and showed her how to carefully gather the stockings in her hands, slip them over her feet, slowly roll them up her legs and attach the metal clasps of the suspenders.

Jenny sat by the dresser and rolled on her first pair of fully-fashioned nylon stockings in the way her aunt had demonstrated. The sensation of the silky nylon as she drew her stockings up her legs and attached the suspenders, felt incredibly erotic to say the least. Her aunt smiled and handed her a pair of very high stiletto heels, which she immediately slipped onto her feet. Standing up, she walked over to the long mirror and admired herself in her feminine underwear and felt aroused by the way her legs looked so erotic in her fine nylon stockings and heels.

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Bianca – Blonde Hippy Chick Masturbating In Suspenders, Nylon Stockings and Heels

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Jul 012014

Blonde Hippy Babe Masturbating In Suspenders, Nylon Stockings and Heels At Vintage Flash

One of Bianca’s favorite fashion periods is the mid-sixties so it’s all flower power and colored RHTs in her latest video for Vintage Flash.

Remember the swinging sixties, when free love and hairy holes were on offer and the girls wore a lot of colourful clothes and hosiery. Bianca loves the style of that era and so we gave her a pair of genuine 1960s, sheer orange tone nylon stockings to wear, which we must say looked really good on her slender legs.

‘It makes me feel really good wearing all this sexy clothing, especially as I’m not wearing much underneath,’ she said, standing with one foot on the pouffe and drawing her hand up the length of her leg in those coloured nylon stockings.

Bianca lifted the front of her printed floral dress to reveal she was wearing a vintage suspender belt; the mound of her neatly trimmed hairy pussy perfectly framed by the long suspenders stretching down her thighs to the tops of her stockings.

‘I can see you are getting very turned on watching me play around,’ she said, sitting back in the chair with her legs open and giving an eyeful of her naked pussy under her dress. ‘Maybe you should to take your trousers down and we can play together.’

Stripping off her dress and bra, Bianca fondled her tear-drop shaped titties as she massaged the outer lips of her exposed pussy. ‘That’s really turning me on watching you play with your hard cock,’ she said, as her fingers slid between the lips of her juicy cunt, ‘I bet your balls are filling up with spunk, ready to shoot all over me!’

Bianca spread her legs wider and inserted her fingers between the moist lips of her pussy as she continued to masturbate; the webbing of her garter-belt and suspenders, pulling on the tops of her sexy stockings. Her fingers circled over the hood of her clitoris and slipped inside her cunt, making wet sticky sounds as they slid in and out of her sopping wet hole.

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Chessie Kay – Horny College Girl Wanking In Black, Seamed Nylon Stockings, Suspenders And Heels

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Nov 182013
Chessie Kay Horny Naked College Girl Masturbating In Black Nylon Stockings, Suspenders And Heels At VFAcademy

Horny college girl Chessie strips off her uniform and wanks in her black seamed nylon stockings, suspenders and heels at VF Academy

Chessie was studying for her biology exam and while reading about human reproduction she had become quite excited and her thoughts turned to sex.

Having heard some stories about men and their cocks from other girls in the academy, she was curious about the ways men can become easily aroused simply by looking at women’s legs.

‘Some of the girls told me that pantyhose makes a man’s cock grow, do you think that’s true? Does a lady sliding her hands up and down her pantyhose, get a cock hard?’

Chessie ran her hands over her stockings as she imagined men admiring her shapely legs, and sensing a tingle of pleasure in her pussy, she pushed her hand down the inside of her knickers and began to play with herself.

‘If you really want to help me with my homework, I suggest you get your cock out and I might actually learn something for once,’ she giggled and laying on the beanbag she opened her legs to give an enticing upskirt view of her panties and the tops of her nylon stockings.

‘So do you like my uniform,’ she wondered, ‘can you imagine fucking me in it?’ Chessie opened her legs wider and rubbed her finger over the tight crotch of her sheer nylon panties. ‘If I was to show you my tight little arse, do you think that would help?’

Getting into a kneeling position she lifted the back of her pleated skirt, smoothing her hand over her arse in clingy black nylon panties and the taut suspenders straining on her stockings tops. ‘Well have a look,’ she insisted, ‘I want to watch that cock of yours grow nice and hard!’

Chessie stripped out of her uniform and sat on the beanbag with her stockinged legs wide open, splaying the pink petals of her pussy and showing how they glistened with her wet juices. Taking her pen, she rubbed it over the nub of her erect clitoris and then slipped it between the lips of her gaping cunt and fucked herself with it.

‘You want me to get into doggie, position, for you?’ Chessie turned and tilted her ass up provocatively, her black garter-belt stretching around her petite arse and suspenders pulling taut on the tops of her seamed nylon stockings, perfectly framing her wanton cunt. ‘Yes, take your cock and stick it right in my cunt,’ Chessie suggested and pulling her arse cheek to one side she rammed several fingers up her tight snatch.’Slide it right in an stretch me!’

Chessie’s pushed her fingers deep inside her vagina and reamed her gaping fuck hole, spreading the distended lips of her cunt wider as she frigged herself off, bucking her hips and thrusting her snatch forward as she achieved an intense orgasmic climax.

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Taylor Morgan – Horny Cougar Masturbating In Chocolate Seamed Nylon Stockings, Suspenders & Heels

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Sep 062013
Taylor Morgan - Horny Cougar In Brown Seamed Nylon Stockings, Black Suspenders, Panties And Heels At Vintageflash

Horny cougar Taylor Morgan strips down to her seamed nylon stockings, suspenders and heels and masturbates to climax in her latest video at Vintage Flash

Taylor is a hot blonde cougar who needs a lot of sex and likes to entertain gentlemen at her home in the afternoons while her husband is at work.

Taylor sat on the couch in her sexy leopard print dress and crossing her legs she rubbed them together, which caused them to whisper with the static electric sound of nylon brushing against nylon.

Lifting the hem of her dress, she pushed her hand down the tops of her ‘Harmony’ point nylons so the taut suspenders with their metal clasps, stretched and pulled on the tops of her sexy nylon stockings.

‘I’m going to be a dirty little tease,’ she said and opened her legs to give a flash of her black knickers and the array of suspenders attached to her stockings, then stood and raised her dress higher to give a better view of her full-cut, satin panties, clinging to the buttocks of her nice big arse.

Stripping out of her dress, she slowly teased her panties down to give a view of her trimmed pubic hair and naked cunt framed by the webbing of her garter-belt. Then she knelt of the couch so her arse mooned into view and pulled down her panties, leaving them stretched around the back of her knees.

Taylor unhooked the back of her silk and lace bra, holding the cups in place over her huge titties as she pushed them together, then stripping the bra away, she kneaded her firm breasts and squeezed them in her hands.

‘I think it’s time you slipped your cock inside me, I want to feel it so bad,’ Taylor said, moving her hand between her thighs as she began to play with her naked cunt, adding, ‘I want to wrap these stockinged legs right around your waist as you slide that hard throbbing cock deep into my pussy.’

Taylor lay back on the couch and spread her stockinged legs wide, then inserting several fingers between the fleshy lips of her cunt, she bounced her arse on up and down as she masturbated to an intense orgasmic climax.

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Taylor Morgan In Cuban Heel Nylon Stockings And Black Lace Garter Belt

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Feb 072011

taylor morgan big boobs blonde with red lipstick in black lingerie stockings and panties video at vintageflash

Taylor is ready to go to her Latin dance class, and she tells you off for ‘keeping a lady waiting’, especially as she’s dressed real sexy for you this evening.

Wearing a figure hugging dress with lace frill, Cuban heeled fully-fashioned stockings and black high heels, Taylor looks hot to trot.

‘You know how excited I get when I’m wearing them, don’t you?’ She remarks, smoothing her hands up the length of her legs in those black nylon stockings.

‘Let me see what you’ve got under those trousers, you naughty boy,’ she says encouragingly as she notices the bulge in your pants.

‘I’d love to wrap my hand around it right now, start stroking it for you,’ she adds, moving her lace gloved hand in a wanking motion, as if it was wrapped right around your hard-on.

Taylor slips out of her dress to reveal she is wearing a ravishing red and black lace lingerie bra and suspender belt.

‘Look how hard you are. I bet you’d get even harder if you rubbed that cock up and down my nylon stockings.’

Taylor encourages you to release your cock, and offers to suck it as you admire her big titted bullet bra, lacy panties and saucy garter belt.

‘You like feeling your cock against the nylon, don’t you. It gets me very excited too!’ She continues, inviting you to stick your cock down the top of her nylon stockings.

Taylor then opens her nyloned legs and encourages you to join her in mutual masturbation… Will you cum with her?

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Aug 062010

michelle moist vicki peach hands down see-through panties

Michelle comes to her friend Vicki for a little chat about the other Academy girls, she’s heard they can be very naughty. Vicki reassures her, and gives her a hands on experience, well lips on too!

As we see, this goes down very well with Michelle, and the nylon clad twosome show they are just as naughty as all the other girls, nice n’ naughty we’d say!

Michelle and Vicki are keen to get into each others panties, and when the knickers come off they both get down to some fine pussy licking 69 style in their stockings and garter belts.

Watch Michelle and Vicki pleasure each other in their nylons in this 182 image photo set and full length movie ‘Michelle and Vicki Have A Girly Chat’ at VF Academy.

May 092010


Business lady Lucy is working at her desk, looking very smart in her tight pinstripe skirt, seamed nylon stockings and slinky satin blouse.

Working from home means Lucy can take time to have a play with herself, as it’s not unusual for her to feel sexy wearing stockings and heels.

‘I get carried away when I’m at home… nobody can see me and I can do exactly what I like’, she told me as she ran her hands over nyloned legs.

Lucy stood up and let me have a look at her slender stockinged legs from behind. ‘How do my seams look, do they look straight. We must have straight seams now, mustn’t we?’

Lucy mentioned she is looking for an assistant, as it gets a bit lonely on her own. The person for the job must have an interest in nylons of course, and one of the daily tasks would be to make sure Lucy’s seams are exactly straight.

Showing me, Lucy hiked up her tight pinstripe skirt revealing she was wearing a white garter belt, then turned and lifted one leg so it was stretched out on the top of the desk. The webbing of her suspenders stretched to the tops of her lovely toning nylons, where I could clearly see the suspender-garter clasp fixed exactly to the top of the seam. Lucy slowly traced her fingers up the nylon line along the back of her leg, right up to the top of her stockings.

She was wearing no panties, and noticing I was looking at her pussy, her hand went between her legs as she started to play with her luscious cunt. Then she turned  back around and pulled her bra cups down over her large round tits, which are some of the best I’ve seen.

Slowly pulling her skirt down, the curves of her splendid ass looked so tempting in her sexy vintage garter belt that stretched half-way over her buttocks. It was an amazing sight, and I could see her new assistant would certainly have their hands full.

New applicants, please view Lucy’s video before you apply for the position of ‘nylon stocking assistant’,  here at Vintage Flash.