Apr 192019
Seductive blonde Liz Rainbow masturbates in suspenders and stockings video at NHLPcentral.com

Seductive blonde Liz Rainbow strips off her sheer nylon slip and masturbates in suspenders and stockings in her video – ‘Slipping and A Slide In’ at NHLPcentral.com

Seductive blonde Liz Rainbow is ready for erotic fun in the bedroom, dressed in a sheer nylon slip, matching white bra and suspenders, and tan nylon stockings. Stripping off her sexy nylon panties and laying on the bed with her legs wide open, she encourages you to ejaculate over lovely juicy pussy.

‘Look at this slip, it feels so nice and sexy,’ Liz remarked, caressing her body through the sheer nylon slip that covered her body. ‘You can see everything through it,’ she said, turning to show her ass in panties and the white suspenders that showed under the sheer nylon of the slip.

Liz lifted the slip and pulled it over her head, revealing the matching white lace bra and garter-belt; the metal clasps of the suspenders affixed to the tops of her tan nylon stockings.

‘I feel so fucking sexy in lingerie. It makes me feel so horny,’ Liz exclaimed and bending forward slid her hands down her legs to her ankles. ‘I love these fully-fashioned stockings, they look so perfect on me,’ she said, slowly drawing her hands up her legs to the flesh of her thighs and nylon stocking tops.

‘Come on, I want to see your cock,’ Liz said excitedly and stripped off the bra, exposing her petite, curved breasts and perky nipples. ‘Get your cock out and wank it like this,’ she encouraged, demonstrating with a vigorous movement of her arm as if jerking-off an erection in her curled fingers.

Liz knelt on the couch and looked back, smiling sensually as she caressed the cheeks of her arse in sheer nylon panties. She hooked her thumbs into the elastic waist of her panties, then slowly pulled them down around her stocking tops, exposing her naked pussy.

Liz turned to sit back and stripped the panties down her stockinged legs and over her pink stiletto heels. She opened her legs wide and leaned forward, then drew her hands up from her ankles to her inner thighs and naked pussy.

Liz moved over to the bed and her arse swayed as she crawled across it on hands and knees. Then she turned and sat upright with her legs open and reached between her thighs to touch her pussy.

‘Do you want this pussy?’ Liz whispered seductively and used her fingers to open her labia and show the pink flesh of her cunt. ‘Come on. Keep wanking for me,’ she urged, laying back and opening her legs wide, she spread the succulent lips of her pussy. ‘I want you to spunk for me and empty your balls,’ she coaxed, closing her eyes and rolling back her head as she massaged her throbbing clitoris and the lush pink flesh of her gaping cunt.

Watch Liz Rainbow masturbating in lingerie and stockings at NHLPCentral.com

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