Karina Currie – Horny Business Lady Wanks In Nylon Tights & Stiletto Heels

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May 022018
Horny business lady Karina Currie showing her pussy in nylon tights at Pantyhosed4u

Horny business lady Karina Currie teases in the office and wanks in sheer nylon tights and stiletto heels at Pantyhosed4u

Horny business lady Karina is prepared to extend your loan if you are willing to make a transfer from your personal ‘Wank Bank’. Wearing her clingy mini dress, sheer black pantyhose hose, and designer heels, she is hoping to entice you into giving her more than just a cash deposit.

‘Let me get a bit more comfortable for this transaction,’ Karina said, sitting on top of the desk and opening her legs to show her pussy through the sheer nylon of her pantyhose. ‘Now, just to reassure me you have enough liquidity, you will have to watch while I open your file and defile myself,’ she laughed lasciviously, rubbing her pussy through the crotch off her tights. ‘I want to make sure you have enough to deposit.’

Karina slipped her hand down the front of her hose and it moved under the stretchy sheer nylon while she massaged her cunt. She removed her hand from the hose, put it up to her mouth and sucked the juices off her fingers.

‘You seem to be in a bit of a rush,’ Karina said, opening her legs wider and massaging her pussy through her pantyhose. ‘Calm down and just relax, you’re here to enjoy it,’ she said, her lips curling into a suggestive smile. ‘These things take a bit of time to process and the purse of the pink pussy needs to play. So you sit down and chill, while I have a little fiddle with the books, so to speak.’

Karina turned, leaned over the desk and looked over her shoulder while rubbing her pussy through the back of her tights.

‘Shall we get to the bottom of things?’ Karina asked, sliding her fingers between the cleavage of her nylon clad buttocks. ‘I need an asset injection, immediately,’ she smiled lewdly, slipping her hand down the back of her hose and rubbing her asshole with her fingers.

Karina sat on top of the desk, spread her legs wide open and threw back her head as she slipped her hand inside her pantyhose and began to massage her wet pussy. She caught her breath at the sensation of her fingers pressing against the slippery flesh of her throbbing clitoris; the movement of her hand quickening behind the sheer nylon as she climaxed in her clingy nylon pantyhose.

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