Jasmin Jae – Horny Asian Babe Fingers Her Pussy and Orgasms In Sheer Nylon Pantyhose

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Mar 112015
Jasmin Jae posing topless and showing her hairy pussy in sheer nylon pantyhose at Pantyhosed4u

Horny Asian babe Jasmin Jae fingers her wet pussy and orgasms in her sheer nylon pantyhose in this video at Pantyhosed 4u

Jasmin dressed for a night out clubbing, wearing a tight fitting, spandex dress that clung to her fit body, its short length just covering her ass and legs in their layer of sheer nylon pantyhose.

‘I love wearing my pantyhose because they feel so good against my skin,’ Jasmin said and leaned over to caress her long legs, in their, fine nylon hosiery. ‘I always wear no panties under my hose and love the way they rub against my bare pussy,’ she said and sliding her hand between her thighs, she briefly touched her pussy through her nylons. Then she turned and lifted her heels to stand on tip-toe, looking back over her shoulder as she rubbed her hand over the pert cheeks of her arse. ‘I bet you’d like to come up behind me, rip open these pantyhose and slide your cock inside.’

Jasmin lay back on the sofa and lifted her legs, holding them close together so her pussy was concealed between the thighs. ‘I told you I wasn’t wearing any panties,’ she remarked, then lowering her legs, she swung around and sat with them spread open to explicitly show her pussy through the crotch of her pantyhose. ‘It turns me on so much, to feel that seam rubbing against my pierced clit, I can feel myself getting wet,’ she said, sitting on the edge of the sofa, slowly grinding her hips in a fluid movement so that the tight, nylon crotch, rubbed against her pussy.

Jasmin massaged her cunt through the crotch of her hose and thrust her fingers inward, pushing the taut nylon between the moist lips of her tight pussy. ‘Look how wet I am,’ she exclaimed, ‘can you see my pussy juice, creating a little wet patch, right there?’ She pulled and stretched at the material of her pantyhose gusset and sure enough, her pussy juice was smeared over the taut, nylon membrane.

Jasmin reached for her vibrating wand and pressed the head against the crotch of her pantyhose, teasing her pierced clitoris through the layer of nylon surrounding her pussy. She pulled on her pantyhose so the nylon slipped between the lips of her cunt and squealed with delight as the sex toy sent thrilling sensations of sexual pleasure through her lithe body.

Jasmin ripped open the seat of her hose and the flesh off her buttocks popped through the bursting nylon, exposing the juicy lips of her pussy and the tight ring of her anus. Her hand vibrated as she held the wand firmly against her clitoris, thrusting several fingers between the lips of her wet cunt she brought herself off to an intense orgasm in her ripped nylon pantyhose.

See horny babe Jasmin Jae masturbating in her sheer nylon pantyhose in this (222 images) photo-set and 14 minute video at Pantyhosed4u

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