Louise Jenson – ‘Classically Girdled’ Lady Masturbates On The Rug In Nylon Stockings

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Mar 282011


‘Hello Darling, I’ve got on something very special for you today,’ began Louise, as she sat in the corner of the large fireplace, looking very smart in her low cut black dress, stockings and heels.

‘Not only have I got my fully-fashioned nylon stockings on,’ she continued with a hint of promise in her voice, ‘I’ve got a very special vintage girdle as well, just for you!’

Louise began her girdle seduction by showing off her shapely legs in vintage point-heel nylons, and put on a nice leg display; smoothing her hands up the length of her nyloned legs, and lifting her dress to reveal the tops of her sexy stockings.

Slipping out of her dress, Louise revealed she was wearing a lacy vintage girdle and stood before me half-naked, with her huge rounded tits hanging out front.

Then laying her girdled and nyloned self down on the rug, Louise squeezed her firm boobs and spread her seamed stockinged legs wide, so I could get up close to watch as she fingered her moist fuckhole.

Louise vigorously massaged her pussy as she sensed the approach of her orgasm, lifting her buttocks off the rug as she climaxed intensely in her girdle and stockings.

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Louise Jenson – ‘Designed For Delight’ In Sensuous Nylon Pantyhose

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Mar 092011

louise jenson british model showing off big tits and feet in nylon pantyhose video at pantyhosed4u

Glamourous, busty and leggy, Louise Jenson is a delight to watch as she puts on a sexy nylon leg show in her video at Pantyhosed 4U.

Louise was really enjoying the sensation of her pantyhose against her skin, as she sat on the edge of the bed and caressed her slender legs encased in nylon

‘You know how I always like to wear the best, so today, I’ve got on just for you, some beautiful Fogal pantyhose’, she said, smoothing her hands all the way from her ankles, up to the tops of her thighs. ‘I love the way it just clings to me.’

I could hear the nylon swish as she crossed her legs and lightly moved her fingers over her knees, and I got in closer to enjoy the sensuousness of her hands brushing against her nyloned thighs.

As she stood to show me more, I noticed how Louise’s pantyhose enhanced the shape of her legs as she stood in her heels; the subtle curvature of her leg muscles looked like perfection encased in the shiny sheath of her expensive nylon hose.

Delightfully delicious and dirty, Louise revealed all as she striped off her top to let her boobs hang free, then opened her legs to masturbate on the bed.

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Feb 132011

Louise Jenson big boobs model in nylon stocking and girdle striptease video at vintageflash

After having cooked her hubby a lovely meal, and brought him his pipe and slippers, dutiful wife Louise has some needs of her own, which only a man can satisfy.

To make sure her man rises to the occasion, Louise is wearing some lovely black seamed full-fashion nylons and patent black leather D’Orsay heels.

‘So do you like my stockings, and my beautiful shoes?’ She asks, stretching out one leg to draw our attention to what she is wearing. ‘Just for you darling,’ she says as she strokes her stockings. ‘You know how much I like to please you – do anything for you.’

Louise pulls back the hem of her skirt to show she is wearing suspenders with metal clasps attached to the tops of her black stockings.

‘So darling, do you think you can give me what I want now?’ She inquires. ‘Maybe a little stockings worship,’ she suggests, running her hands over svelte nyloned legs, ‘because I’m such a good wife?’

As she strips off her sheer leopard print blouse and tight pencil skirt, Louise reveals she is wearing a black, high waist girdle, which accentuates her curves in all the right places.

She kneads and massages her huge pendulous tits in her hands as she poses pin-up style on the bed, so provocative and enticing.

Laying back on the counterpane, your sexy girdled wife spreads her stockinged legs wide and uses her fingers to masturbate openly in front of you.

Her hand quickens as her excitement mounts, and she opens her moist pussy in readiness to receive your cock and give her a damn good fucking!

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Louise Jenson Rips Open Her Pantyhose In ‘Interview My Legs’.

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Nov 172010

Louise Jenson in ripped pantyhose at pantyhosed4u


Louise is waiting for her job interview when we sneak in to see what this ‘new girl’ might be like.

We find hot leggy brunette sitting in a chair reading a book, and she asks if we are going to interview her. We indicate we are not on the interview panel, but show an interest in her pantyhosed legs, and while she waits Louise offers her talents for our appraisal…

Wearing just a bra, tiny skirt, shiny pantyhose and heels, Louise is certainly dressed to impress and show off her best assets – those long, nylon clad pantyhosed legs, and her huge voluptuous breasts.

Louise draws attention to her slim legs, smoothing her hands over her pantyhosed thighs and stroking her ankle close to the heel of her shoes. Her fingers trace a line of seduction up and down her legs, as she stands above us, and we try to get a look up her short skirt.

From this position we get an excellent view of her hands running over her huge, jutting tits; stroking the circumference of her enormous honkers through the material of her black bra.

It looks like she’s not going to be called in for her interview for a while, as the boss is busy interviewing elsewhere. So with that in mind, Louise puts on a delicious teasing striptease for our pleasure, slipping out of her tight skirt, then ripping the sheer gusset out of her pantyhose for her to play with her juicy pussy.

After seeing her striptease and masturbate, I think we would all give her a ‘post’, wouldn’t we?

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Oct 272010

Louise Jenson mistress in black leather corset boots and nylon stockings


Just like the fetish girls from the kinky 50’s, Louise is a mistress equipped to thrill in her black leather corset.

As she reclines on the bed in long fully-fashioned nylons, sheer panties to match, and thigh high leather boots and gloves, your mistress is ready to command your attention.

‘Stop, don’t come any closer’, your Mistress instructs as you enter into her presence. ‘You stand there and do exactly what I say!’

Doing exactly as you are told, Mistress continues. ‘Now drop your trousers, and your pants… And don’t touch it!’

Watch as your mistress teases you with her sexy leather boots, massive boobs, and long legs in black nylon stockings. Then follow her instructions as she commands you to lick her nylon clad feet and slide your cock up her seamed stockinged leg.

Dare you touch your throbbing hard cock before she instructs you? Only you know the answer and the consequences…

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