Satine Spark – Naughty College Girl In Nylon Stockings And Suspenders Sucks Off The Janitor

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Dec 162013
Sexy College Girl Satine Spark Caught Smoking In Nylon Stockings And Suspenders At VFAcademy

Naughty college girl Satine Spark gets caught smoking so strips down to her nylon stockings and suspenders and sucks off the janitor to stay out of trouble

Satine was on a break and looking forward to enjoying a crafty smoke, when the janitor caught her just about to ‘spark up’ and light her cigarette…

Satine begged the janitor not to tell the headmaster or she would be in trouble for bad behavior, especially if her father got to hear about it. So taking advantage of the situation, he persuaded Satine to reluctantly strip off her crisp white shirt and remove her bra. Then he stood behind her chair and reached down to fondle the her pale skinned boobs, kneading the soft flesh in his hands and tweaking the buds of her pink nipples between his fingers.

The janitor made Satine stand and bend over the table, lifting her skirt so he could run his hands over her stockings tops and thighs. He rubbed her pert buttocks through the material of her white cotton panties, then pushed his hands inside them and felt the soft, warm flesh of her arse. Taking hold of her knickers, he slowly pulled them over her bum cheeks, leaving them stretched around her thighs and the tops of her seamed nylon stockings

Instructing Satine to get on her knees, the janitor opened his coat and she began to rub the bulge of his erection through the front of his trousers. Satine had never seen an erect cock before, let alone touched one, so he pulled down his zip and encouraged her to reach in and give his stiff rod a good feel.

The janitor suddenly lowered his pants and his huge erection sprang out and loomed large in front of her face. She tentatively reached out and wrapped her fingers around the thick shaft of his prick, curious about his stiff member throbbing in the palm of her hand.

‘You academy girls act all prim and proper, but deep down you’re the same as all the common girls, once you’ve got a cock in your mouth,’ the janitor said and pushing her head towards his groin she was forced to open her lips and take his stiff prick in her mouth.

Satine bobbed her head as she sucked on the janitor’s erect cock in an effort to please him, her lipsticked lips forming a tight circle around the shaft as they as they slid up and down the length of his prick.

Satine serviced the janitor with her wet and willing mouth until he was about to cum, then watched as he wanked off his cock and ejaculated thick cum all over her chest and down her petite boobs.

See Satine Spark stripping down to her suspenders and stockings, then sucking off the janitor in this (203 image) photo set and video – ‘Smoking No! Sucking Yes!’ at VF Academy

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