Mar 172015
Blonde Milf Playing With Her Pussy In Sheer Nylon Panties, Nylon Stockings and Heels At Vintageflash

Skye Taylor playing with her wet pussy in sheer nylon panties, stockings and heels in her latest photo-set and video at Vintage Flash

‘You’ve caught me at a good time, I just got home from work, so I’m ready to relax now,’ Skye said, sitting on the couch wearing a white mohair cardigan, loose floral blouse and short yellow skirt. ‘I love this outfit, the color of my skirt and these vintage shoes, which are my favorite because I love yellow,’ she remarked, and reached down to rub her fingers over the shiny heels of her leather court shoes.

‘As you know I love wearing vintage clothes, and sometimes I like to wear my outfits at work. My colleagues don’t know what I’m wearing underneath my clothes, and that’s my little secret that I’d like to share with you.’ Skye pulled back the hem of her yellow skirt and revealed her thighs and the white suspenders attached to the tops of her tan, nylon stockings. ‘My genuine vintage nylons stockings feel so sexy on my legs. I don’t know how I managed to concentrate at work today, knowing what I was wearing underneath my skirt the whole time,’ she said, as her hand swept over her thigh and caressed the soft layer of fine nylon covering her shapely legs.

‘You see, this is the effect wearing sexy vintage stockings and underwear has on me, come and have a proper look at what I mean,’ she beckoned, sitting on the edge of the couch and opening her stockinged legs to show the damp patch in the front of her sheer nylon panties. ‘I’ve been at work in my wet panties like that, can you imagine how much I’ve been distracted all day,’ she said, giving a close up view of her cunt lips clinging to the sheer nylon of her panties soaked with her pussy juice.

Skye stripped off her blouse and skirt, then pushed her hand down the back of her panties and moved it under the flimsy, sheer nylon, as her fingers massaged the wet lips of her pussy. Then she sat back on the couch with her legs opened and hooked her thumb under the elastic waist of her panties and slipped her hand inside to feel her pussy. She breathed soft sighs of pleasure as her hand moved under the stretchy, sheer nylon, her fingers gently massaging her clitoris and the juicy lips of her wet pussy.

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Feb 202015
Sexy Redhead Dancer In Tutu, White Suspenders and Nylon Stockings at Vintageflash

Sexy redhead ballerina teases and masturbates to climax in her lacy lingerie and cream nylon stockings in this video at Vintage Flash

Petite redhead Ella Hughes is a trained ballet dancer and being quite flexible you’ll get to see what’s under her tutu as she performs for us in her white panties, suspenders and stockings…

‘Hi Guys, as you can see I have on these beautiful sandal foot nylon stockings which make my legs feel fantastic,’ Ella said, as she sat with one leg crossed over the other, running her hand down her stockings towards her feet, delicately poised in their layer of silky soft nylon. ‘Don’t they look amazing, I just love wearing vintage stockings,’ she said, lifting up her shapely legs and caressing the pink flesh of her thighs above the tops of her nylon hosiery.

Ella stood in her stockinged feet and bent right over, lifting her heels off the floor and standing on tip-toes to give a view of her ass in white, sheer nylon panties. Her hands caressed the cheeks of her ass through the delicate, soft nylon, her suspenders stretching down the back of her thighs, straining on the tops of her creamy, nylon stockings.

Kneeling on the divan, she rubbed her stockinged feet together one over the other, the soles in full view as she flexed her toes in their cocoon of silky nylon. She turned to sit and pulled down the cups of her lacy corset, her hands uplifting the mounds of her all natural breasts, brushing against the flesh of her big, erect nipples. Then she lay back and relaxed, stroking her pussy through the nylon screen of her tight fitting panties, the faint pubic hairs of her pussy mound visible through the sheer nylon of the crotch.

Ella stood and hooked her thumbs into the elastic waist of her panties, then bending right over she drew them down her legs, causing her suspenders to dig into the flesh of her thighs and pull taut on the welts of her stockings. She reclined once more on the divan and spread her legs, her fingers sliding along the slit of her pussy and opening up the soft pink lips, wet with her juices. Licking her fingers, she applied them to the hot flesh of her clitoris and uttered soft sounds of female pleasure as she frigged herself off to an intense climax.

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Jan 012015
Blonde Hippy Chick Teasing In White Panties, Suspenders and Stockings at Vintageflash

Blonde hippy chick Skye Taylor strips and teases her pussy in white panties then masturbates to climax in her white stockings and suspenders at Vintage Flash

Skye Taylor’s favorite era is the 60’s and she has quite a collection of memorabilia, as well as genuine vintage clothing, including underwear and stockings. Today, she’s dressed as hippy chick in her flower power dress and in keeping with tradition, she’s wearing a genuine vintage garter-belt and a pair of white nylons.

‘These are my favorite stockings from the 60s, you can see they fit me really well,’ Skye said, getting up and lifting her dress to give a tantalizing glimpse of the metal clasps of her suspenders attached to the tops of her stockings. ‘I love the way they feel against my legs, there’s something sexy about stockings, isn’t there?’

Skye stripped off her dress to reveal a satin bullet bra, vintage, lacy garter-belt and suspenders that framed her pussy and the damp crotch of her white, sheer nylon panties. ‘I love the style of these big panties and these are even better, because they are see-through,’ she said, sliding her hand down the inside of her knickers and fingering the moist slit of her excited cunt.

Kneeling on the floor in classic pin-up style, she slipped the straps of her satin bra over her shoulders and stripped the cups away to uncover her petite, all natural tits, large round aureolas and perky nipples. Fondling her tits in one hand, she pushed the other down the inside of her panties and it moved under the taut nylon as she massaged the supple lips of her hot pussy.

Skye lay down on the luxurious rug and spreading her legs, she caressed her pussy and moved her hips, causing the webbing of her suspenders to pull taut on the tops of her stockings. Her hand moved inside her knickers and fingered her pussy as she masturbated on the floor, soft sighs of sexual pleasure escaping her lips as she climaxed in her erotic nylon hosiery.

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Oct 142014
Gorgeous Blonde Jennifer Jade Topless In White Suspenders and Tan Nylon Stockings At Vintageflash

Seductive blonde Jennifer Jade strips off her polka dot dress and masturbates to climax In her white suspenders and tan nylon stockings At Vintage Flash

‘Hi guys, I’m Jennifer. Have you come to get up close and personal with me? Look how shiny my legs look in these stockings,’ said hot blonde Jennifer, as she stood and stroked her hand over the surface of her fully-fashioned nylons. ‘I wish you could feel how smooth they are, they are so fine, it looks like I’m not wearing any stockings on my legs, but I am.’

Jennifer swished her polka dot dress it from side to side, giving a tantalizing view of her white panties, stockings and suspenders. ‘I love these vintage style dresses, I can just tease you buy lifting it up,’ she said and pulled up her dress to reveal she was wearing sheer nylon panties. ‘Were you looking at my pussy? I think you can see through my nice, big nylon knickers,’ she said and rubbed her fingers over the slit of her moist pussy through the flimsy material of her panties. ‘There’s something so horny about touching myself through my wet, sexy panties.’

Opening the top of her dress, she pulled down the cups of her pink gingham bra and and jiggled her huge tits in the palms of her hands. ‘I’d love to lean forward and slip my nipples into your mouth, then bury your face in the cleavage of my big tits,’ she purred suggestively, jiggling and pushing her firm boobs together to make them bounce and look so enticing.

‘I always like to slip my fingertips down my stockings tops. I could just take you cock and slide it down the top of my nylons and give it a nice massage,’ she said, suggestively rubbing the welt of her nylon stockings and the soft, naked flesh around the top of her thigh.

Jennifer knelt to show off her ass and pulled on the sides of her panties so they stretched tight around her rounded buttocks. ‘How does my arse look in these tight, knickers,’ she said, giving her ass cheeks a slap, her suspenders stretching around her thighs and pulling taut on the tops of her nylon stockings. ‘My pussy, feels so wet,’ she said, pushing her fingers into the rear of her pantie crotch and massaging her hot cunt through the damp, clingy nylon.

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Mar 312014
Slim Blonde College Girl Masturbating In Vintage Nylon Stockings and Suspenders At VFAcademy

Horny blonde college girl Chloe strips down to her black nylon stockings and white suspenders then masturbates with her dildo at VF Academy

Chloe was feeling horny after being at the academy all day and distracted by her pussy tingling in her panties, she decides she would rather masturbate than do her homework.

Finding her vibro under the cushion on the chair, she lifted her skirt and opening her legs began to rub her clitoris with a circular motion of her hand, through the sheer nylon of her panties. She then rubbed the shaft of her pink vibro along the groove of the camletoe, which had formed around the lips of her vagina in the front of her clingy panties.

Chloe placed the head of the dildo against the material of her pantie crotch, then pushed it inward and gasped with pleasure as the thick shaft of the latex cock, wrapped in nylon, thrust inside her cunt hole. Then pulling her panties to one side to get at her cunt, she pleasured herself by rotating the bell end of the rubber cock over her clit and the juicy lips of her moist pussy.

Chloe unzipped the front of her plaid pinafore and pulled it open to massage her small breasts through the front of her crisp white shirt. Then she stripped off her pinafore and revealed she was wearing a vintage, white suspender belt and removing her bra, she brushed her fingers over the soft, pink nipples of her petite teen titties.

Chole knelt with one knee on the arm of the chair and pushed the virbo once more up her crack, stuffing the nylon of her panties deep inside her tight snatch. Then she pulled down her knickers and laying back in the chair with her legs open, she licked her fingers and rubbed them over the moist lips of her juicy pussy, all nicely framed by the webbing of her vintage garterbelt.

Chloe then licked the cockhead of her sex toy and stuffed it up her tight pussy; the walls of her cunt sucking on the sides of the thick dildo as it penetrated her hot, sticky fuck hole. Pushing the object deep inside her cunt, she flicked the bean of her clitty as she wanked the dildo up her tight crack and made her bumhole twitch as she reached her climax.

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Mar 032014
Sexy College Girl Showing Up Skirt Panties, Stockings and Suspenders At VFAcademy

Naughty college girl Aston masturbates in her white panties, nylon stockings and vintage suspenders at VF Academy

Aston clearly doesn’t mind you distracting her from doing her homework, in fact she’s quite a wanton girl who enjoys any opportunity to be naughty.

Sitting back in her chair with her legs resting on top of the table, she lifts the folds of her skirt and teases you with a view of her seamed nylon stockings and sexy stiletto heels. ‘You’re going to get me in trouble,’ she says, as she opens her legs to give a view of her white crotch of her cotton panties. ‘If I don’t get my homework done, my tutor is not going to be happy.’

Nevertheless, she continues to tease, putting her hand over the front of her panties to give her pussy a feel, then closing her thighs together so you can’t see what she is doing under her skirt.

Aston takes off her shirt to reveal she is wearing a vintage bullet bra and strips if off to uncover her perfectly formed, all natural tits and her huge, erect nipples. Then kneeling on the table top, she lifts up her skirt to show you her ass clad in tight, cotton knickers and gives her ass a spank with the flat of her ruler.

Aston stands once more and bends over as she strips off her skirt, letting it slide over her pantied ass and down her legs in their seamed nylon stockings and heels. ‘I just love rubbing my pussy, it feels all warm and moist,’ she says, her fingers massaging the slit of her cunt through the damp crotch of her cotton panties. ‘Would you like to come and rub my pussy and feel how wet it is?’

Aston pulls down her knickers and strips them off, then holds them up to her nose and breathes in the scent of her fragrant pussy. Rubbing her ruler against her clitoris, she slides a pencil between her pussy lips, then bends over the table to give a view of her ass and legs in their seamed nylon stockings, as she masturbates to her climax.

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Dec 232013
Naughty College Girl Fingers Her Pussy In Panties, Stockings And Suspenders At VFAcademy

Horny college babe Chessie Kay strips down to her seamed nylon stockings, suspenders and heels to masturbate in her latest video at VF Academy

When you visit Chessie in her bedroom, she makes it clear who is in charge and what she wants you to do while she teases in her black nylon stockings and heels…

‘Do you, like these seams?’ Chessie teasingly lifted up the hem of her pleated skirt to reveal what she was wearing underneath.’You look like you are getting a little bit excited,’ she remarked and lifted her skirt even higher to show her long white suspenders stretching to the tops of her black, seamed nylon stockings.

Chessie knelt on the bed with her legs apart to give a view of her white panties. ‘Are you looking up my skirt!’ She chided, yet pulled up her skirt even higher to give a proper look at her white cotton panties and taut suspenders radiating out to the tops of her black nylon stockings.

‘If you start wanking your cock, I might show you a little bit more,’ she said, then knelt with her arse tilted up and her skirt around her waist to fully display her white panties, her seamed nylon stockings wrinkling at the back of her knees.

Chessie continued to tease me as she stripped off her uniform and removed her bra, then hooking her thumbs into the elastic waistband of her cotton panties, she slowly tugged them over her arse and slipped them down her stockinged legs.

‘Do you like watching a dirty little slut play with her pink pussy,’ she said, as she sat with her legs open and slotted several fingers between the splayed lips of her moist cunt. ‘It looks as if it’s ready for your big cock, but I’m just going to let you watch me masturbate!’

Kneeling once more she exposed the puckered ring of her arse, spreading the soft, pink lips of her twat wide open with her fingers. ‘I bet you’d love to fuck me in this position, wouldn’t you?’ Chessie inserted her fingers and thrust them rapidly up the tunnel of her wet fuck hole. ‘Slide your cock right in and stretch my tight, little cunt!’

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Dec 162013
Sexy College Girl Satine Spark Caught Smoking In Nylon Stockings And Suspenders At VFAcademy

Naughty college girl Satine Spark gets caught smoking so strips down to her nylon stockings and suspenders and sucks off the janitor to stay out of trouble

Satine was on a break and looking forward to enjoying a crafty smoke, when the janitor caught her just about to ‘spark up’ and light her cigarette…

Satine begged the janitor not to tell the headmaster or she would be in trouble for bad behavior, especially if her father got to hear about it. So taking advantage of the situation, he persuaded Satine to reluctantly strip off her crisp white shirt and remove her bra. Then he stood behind her chair and reached down to fondle the her pale skinned boobs, kneading the soft flesh in his hands and tweaking the buds of her pink nipples between his fingers.

The janitor made Satine stand and bend over the table, lifting her skirt so he could run his hands over her stockings tops and thighs. He rubbed her pert buttocks through the material of her white cotton panties, then pushed his hands inside them and felt the soft, warm flesh of her arse. Taking hold of her knickers, he slowly pulled them over her bum cheeks, leaving them stretched around her thighs and the tops of her seamed nylon stockings

Instructing Satine to get on her knees, the janitor opened his coat and she began to rub the bulge of his erection through the front of his trousers. Satine had never seen an erect cock before, let alone touched one, so he pulled down his zip and encouraged her to reach in and give his stiff rod a good feel.

The janitor suddenly lowered his pants and his huge erection sprang out and loomed large in front of her face. She tentatively reached out and wrapped her fingers around the thick shaft of his prick, curious about his stiff member throbbing in the palm of her hand.

‘You academy girls act all prim and proper, but deep down you’re the same as all the common girls, once you’ve got a cock in your mouth,’ the janitor said and pushing her head towards his groin she was forced to open her lips and take his stiff prick in her mouth.

Satine bobbed her head as she sucked on the janitor’s erect cock in an effort to please him, her lipsticked lips forming a tight circle around the shaft as they as they slid up and down the length of his prick.

Satine serviced the janitor with her wet and willing mouth until he was about to cum, then watched as he wanked off his cock and ejaculated thick cum all over her chest and down her petite boobs.

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Dec 132013
Sexy MILF Tammy Lee Lifting Skirt And Showing Panties, Stockings And Suspenders At Vintageflash

Naughty MILF Tammy Lee teases and masturbates in her white suspenders, nylon panties, tan stockings and heels at Vintage Flash

‘I knew you were coming today, so I wore this stunning outfit. Do you like it?’ Tammy said as she posed in her tight fitting top, light blue pencil skirt and white heels. ‘I’m wearing some very sexy nylon stockings and of course I wore them just for you.’

Tammy turned around and bent over slightly, swinging her ass from side to side as she ran her hands over the tight material of her skirt, through which the outline of her panties could clearly be seen.

‘Are you stroking your cock?’ Tammy turned and looked over her shoulder, curious as to the reaction she was having. ‘Nice and gently now, we’ve got plenty of time,’ she suggested playfully and lifted the hem of her skirt up her thighs, revealing the taut suspenders attached to the the tops of her tan nylon stockings.

‘If you look right here, see how tight my panties are around my crotch,’ she said, now sitting on the edge of the sofa with her legs open, stroking her hands over the front of her her white panties. ‘Tammy fucking Lee is being very, very naughty!

Tammy stripped off her top and slipped her tight skirt over her arse sheathed in sheer nylon panties, then knelt on the sofa and presented her buttocks. She slowly moved her ass back and forth, bouncing it up and down so her nylon panties pulled tight around her cheeks and her suspenders strained on the tops of her stockings.

‘Am I being a very bad girl? Am I teasing you? Am I making you feel horny?’ She whispered seductively, her fingers pulling on the tight elastic of her suspender so it snapped against her thigh.’ Good, because that’s what I want!’

Tammy stood and hooking her thumbs into the elastic of her panties, she slowly tugged them down until they were stretched tightly around the flesh of her thighs. ‘That’s it you take a good look, you naughty boy,’ Tammy said, as she spread her buttocks with both hands and exposed the puckered ring of her arse and the juicy lips of her hot cunt.

‘I bet you’d like to keep my knickers and have lots of fun with them, wouldn’t you?’ Tammy said, then stripped her  panties down her stockinged legs and left them dangling from her heels. ‘Well, I’m about to have lots of fun, with my pussy!’

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Oct 282013
Sexy Blonde College Girl In Uniform, Stockings And Suspenders At VF Academy

Flirty blonde college girl Taylor teases in her white lingerie bra, panties and suspenders, then gets down to masturbate to climax in her black nylon stockings

Taylor is busy doing her homework in the living room, when she suddenly notices you are standing there cock in hand, looking at her sexy legs in stockings and heels.

Taylor giggles at the sight of your nice big cock and the suggestion that she should have a play with it. Insisting she has to finish her assignment, she resists at first, but admitting to feeling turned on she eventually gives way to temptation.

‘You know what. I’ll tease you and you can wank your cock, because I can see you are really getting hard,’ she suggests, then begins to tease you by opening the front of her crisp white shirt and reveals she is wearing a vintage lace bullet bra.

‘Do you like what you see, are you going to come and play with me?’ Taylor massages and squeezes her breasts together through her bra, then pulls down the cups to to give you a glimpse of her the lovely pink circles and the flesh of her erect nipples.

Taylor discards her shirt, then turns around to lower her skirt and let it slide down her seamed stockinged legs to the floor; revealing white, sheer nylon panties, through which she gives the cheeks of her arse a little pat with her hand. She turns around to show she is wearing an incredibly sexy white garterbelt under her nylon panties, then strips off her bra and blows you a kiss as she invites you to play with her big boobs.

Taylor gets down to sit on the rug and masturbates with her hands down the front of her sheer nylon panties; the webbing of her taut suspenders stretching outwards to the tops of her black nylon stockings as she fingers her hot pussy to climax.

Flirty blonde college girl Taylor will tease the spunk out of you when you see her masturbate in her lingerie and nylon stockings in this (178 images) photo set and video – ‘You Want Me To Suck You?’