Vivienne – Horny Brunette Masturbating To Climax In Ripped Nylon Pantyhose

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Feb 252015
Brunette Masturbating With Pink Vibrator In Torn Nylon Pantyhose Video

Horny brunette Vivienne masturbates to climax in her ripped nylon pantyhose in this video at Pantyhosed 4u

‘Hello naughty, I’ve caught you looking at me while getting ready, haven’t I!’ Vivienne said seductively, as she sat on the bed and ran her hands over her legs in their layer of tan nylon pantyhose. ‘I’ve just finished putting on my tights and guess what,’ she paused briefly and lowered her voice, whispering, ‘I’m not wearing any panties.’

Vivienne sat in such a way as to give a view up her dress and reveal she was indeed sans panties under her hose. ‘So start unzipping, because I want you to put your cock in your hand, as you watch me play with these delicious tights,’ Vivienne said, as her hands caressed her slender legs in silky nylon and swept over her arse, sheathed in a layer of sheer pantyhose.

‘I love the feel of the soft silkiness of these pantyhose against my body, they way they hold me tight,’ Vivienne said and opened her legs to reveal the opaque, oval gusset stretched over the slit of her pussy. ‘Tights are your favorite, aren’t they darling,’ she remarked and knelt to give a view of her fabulously rounded arse encased in clingy nylon hosiery.

Vivienne stripped off her dress and bra, then pushed her hands down the front of her pantyhose and spread the lips of her pussy wide open behind the tight, nylon gusset. ‘I’m starting to get nice and wet now,’ she said and pushed her fingers through the delicate nylon of her pantyhose crotch, widening the hole to expose the puffy lips of her pussy.

‘Do you like my little clit. Look, it’s pulsing for you!’ Vivienne said, pulling the lips of her cunt apart to give a clear view as she made the pink head of her clitoris twitch. ‘I think you’d like to put your tongue right in there, wouldn’t you,’ she said, holding the flaps of her cunt wide open while she touched and teased the nub of her erect clitoris that glistened with her flowing juices.

Reaching for her vibrator, she slipped the pink shaft deep inside her wet cunt and writhed on the bed as it sent waves of sexual pleasure through her body. She thrust the vibrator in and out of her slippery fuck hole, pressing the buzzing tip against her erect clitty as she brought herself off to a shuddering climax in her ripped, nylon pantyhose.

See Vivienne masturbating in her ripped nylon pantyhose in this (180 images) photo-set and video at Pantyhosed 4u

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