Heidi Bush – Sexy Blonde With Hairy Pussy Masturbates In Pantie Girdle and Nylon Stockings

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Jun 172016
Heidi Bush sexy blonde shows her hairy pussy in open-crotch pantie girdle and nylon stockings at Vintageflash

Sexy blonde Heidi Bush with hairy pussy stripteases and masturbates to climax in open-crotch pantie girdle and nylon stockings at Vintage Flash

‘Hello there, my name is Heidi Bush and I want to welcome you to my vintage parlour,’ Heidi said, posing in a lacy cocktail dress, that gave a tantalising glimpse of her suspenders through the sheer fringe that covered her thighs.

‘I’m wearing a twin set pearl necklace from the 20’s and a green lace dress from the 40’s which is very sexy,’ Heidi said, running her hands over her slender figure in her racy cocktail dress. ‘You may notice that my breasts look quite pointy under this dress and that’s because I am wearing a vintage, satin bullet bra,’ she revealed, her hands cupping the mounds of her breasts through the clingy material of her dress.

‘I’m also wearing and suspender-belt that’s open-crotch, with six-straps that are securing in place my lovely, fully-fashioned stockings. They are fresh out of the packet and they are at least fifty years old and it’s quite exciting to know that I’m the first person to wear them on my legs,’ she said and lifted up the dress to show her suspenders and metal clasps firmly attached to the tops of her seamed nylon stockings.

‘I love knowing that when I wear these stockings and walk down the street, people can’t take their eyes off my long legs and that perfect seam,’ Heidi remarked, looking back over her shoulder as she ran her hand over her suspender-clad thighs and the tops of her tan stockings. ‘And you can see that there is a nice hairy pussy there,’ she said suddenly, bending over and pulling apart her buttocks to show her hairy pussy through the open-crotch of her pantie-girdle.

Heidi teasingly pulled down the top of her dress and slowly removed her black bra and cast it to one side. Her hands swept upward and over the flesh of her petite, all natural tits and her palms rubbed against the stalks of her huge, erect nipples. Then sitting on the sofa and spreading her legs wide open, she gave a view of her hairy quim and suspenders pulling taut on the tops of her seamed nylon stockings.

‘Wearing this pantie girdle has got me so wet,’ Heidi said, placing her hand against the mound of her hairy cunt, perfectly framed by her naughty, open-crotch pantie-girdle. ‘I love the thought of you cumming over these stockings,’ she moaned softly, her fingers circling over her erect clitoris and the supple lips of her juicy cunt as she began to masturbate openly.

See sexy blonde Heidi Bush strip-teasing and masturbating to climax in her pantie-girdle and and seamed nylon stockings video at Vintage Flash

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