Mahina – Exotic Asian Stripteases In Lingerie and Masturbates In Girdle and Nylon Stockings

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Mar 142017

Exotic Asian Mahina stripteases in lingerie and masturbates in her open-bottom girdle and RHT nylon stockings video at Vintage Flash

Gorgeous Asian babe Mahina invited us into her boudoir where she stripped off her sensual lingerie and posed in her open bottom girdle and tan RHT stockings. Watch her spreading her legs wide open and playing with her delicious hot pussy for you in her latest video at VF.

‘I’m wearing my favourite RHT nylon stockings from the 60s, I think they make my legs look great,’ Mahina said, lifting her pretty French negligee and letting it float around her thighs, displaying the white garter straps attached to her tan nylon stockings. Raising the diaphanous sheer nylon negligee higher, she turned to  fully reveal the high waisted open bottom girdle clinging to her feminine curves and holding her body in a tight embrace.

‘I love beautiful stockings and how they make my legs look,’ Mahina said, reclining on the couch and resting her pretty feet in their sexy heels against the arm rest. ‘They feel so smooth against my skin,’ she mused, raising and extending her beautifully shaped legs, drawing back her hands over the surface of her stockings and up to her suspender clad thighs.

‘I can feel myself becoming a bit wet,’ Mahina said, swinging round and opening her legs to show the dark bush of her pussy between her naked thighs. ‘Oh, I forgot I’m not wearing any panties,’ she exclaimed, drawing in her breath in mock surprise. ‘It’s to early for you to see my pussy, that’s very naughty of you,’ she chided.

Mahina stood and stripped off her negligee, swaying as she posed in the silk and lace chemise that framed her thighs and stocking tops. Slipping the thin straps of her chemise over her shoulders, she wiggled her hips as the delicate garment slid down her body and stockinged legs to the floor. Turning, she leaned over the couch and the elastane of her girdle expanded around her shapely arse; the taut suspenders stretching and straining on the tops of her stockings.

‘Oh, I’m so wet,’ she exclaimed, sliding her fingers between her legs and pulling her arse cheek to one side. ‘I’m so wet, I think I need to have a little play,’ she sighed, giving a glimpse of her dark pubic bush between her thighs. ‘Would you like to join me?’

Mahina reclined on the couch and closed her eyes, spreading her legs wide as she began to masturbate. A smile of pleasure flickered across her face as her fingers opened the exotic dark lips of her succulent pussy. She breathed deeply, gasping with mounting pleasure as she massaged the flesh of her throbbing clitoris and brought her off to a lush climax.

Watch exotic Asian babe Mahina stripteasing and masturbating in her girdle and stockings video at Vintage Flash

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