Kate Rose – Horny Teen Babe Finger Fucks Her Hot Pussy In Pink Pantyhose

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Apr 052017

Horny teen babe Kate Rose finger fucks her hot pussy in pink sheer nylon pantyhose in her latest video at Pantyhosed 4u

Hot teen Kate lay on the sofa admiring how sexy her long slender legs look in hot pink pantyhose and heels. She got into a kneeling position and caressed her breasts through her tight fitting top, lifting it up to reveal her pink bra. She gently rocked on her knees as she slid her hand around her slender waist and over the cheeks of her pantyhosed ass.

Kate knelt and pushed her hand under the top, lifting it higher to massage her ample boobs through her pink bra. Stripping off the top, she stretched it between her legs and pulled it back and forth in her hands, enjoying the sensation as it rubbed against her pussy through the crotch of her pantyhose.

Stripping off the bra, Kate knelt with her legs spread wide and pulled the cheeks of her arse apart to show the puckered ring of her anus through the sheer nylon of her tights. She gave her ass a slap with one hand and rubbed the compressed lips of her pussy through the tight nylon of her pantyhose crotch. Sliding her hand down the back of her hose, it moved under the stretchy nylon as her fingers massaged the supple lips of her shaved pussy.

Kate sat up high on the sofa with her legs open wide and put her hand down the front of her hose. Her breath deepened as she masturbated, pressing her fingers against her hot clitoris and sliding them over the moist petals of her gaping pussy. She lay back, lifted her legs up and held them close together, then hooked her thumbs into the waist of her hose. Pulling the hose from under herself, sliding the stretched nylon over her firm buttocks and exposing the soft lips of her gaping pussy.

Kate licked the fingers of one hand and used the other to spread the moist lips of her labia. She applied her wet fingers to her pussy, her hand circling over the hood of her throbbing clitoris as she masturbated openly. She gasped with the intensity of her fingers slipping and sliding over the soft flesh of her exposed cunt, moaning softly as she frigged her delicious hot pussy hole to a lush climax.

Watch horny teen babe Kate finger fucking her hot pussy in pink sheer nylon pantyhose at Pantyhosed 4u

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