Eva Johnson – A Little Bit Kinky In Sexy Suspenders & Nylon Stockings

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Feb 182019
Sexy babe Eva Johnson masturbates to climax in suspdners and nylon stockings in her video 'A Little Bit Kinky'

Sexy babe Eva Johnson strips off her sheer nylon panties and masturbates to climax in suspdners and RHT stockings in her video ‘A Little Bit Kinky’

Saucy brunette Eva is dressed for sex in her plastic micro skirt, tan RHT nylons, and red patent leather heels. She’s a kinky girl, eager to pull down her nylon panties, open her legs to expose her pussy and wantonly frig herself off in suspenders and stockings for your pleasure.

‘Look at what I’m wearing today,’ Eva said, sitting on the chaise lounge with her plastic skirt pulled up revealing the array of white satin garter-straps affixed to the tops of her nylons. ‘Sexy tan nylon stockings from the 60s,’ she said, caressing her ankles and sweeping her hands up and over the taut muscles of her legs in their silky nylon stockings.

Eva stripped off the soft wool cardigan and fondled her tits through her white satin bra. She pushed her titties together and massages them in her hands, the hard erect nipples standing prominently under the shiny satin bra cups.

‘Start wanking your cock,’ Eva said, opening her legs and sliding her hand between her thighs. ‘I want to see it get nice and hard,’ she said encouragingly, rubbing her pussy through the sheer nylon crotch of her sexy white panties. ‘Would you like to touch my bum with your hard cock?’

Eva knelt and presented her arse sheathed in nylon, looking over her shoulder as she caressed her buttocks through her panties. ‘Oh, yeah! Keep wanking all over my bum,’ she said excitedly, rocking on her knees and tiling up her arse, suspenders straining on the shiny tops of her stockings as she mooned her behind.

Eva stood with her legs apart and swayed sexily in her stilettos as she unzipped and opened the skirt, then turned and slowly lowered it down her shapely stockinged legs.

Sitting back on the couch she removed the bra and caressed the soft warm flesh of her naked tits in her hands. She slipped her thumbs into the waist of her panties and tugged them from under herself, then rolled back and pulled them down until they were stretched between her thighs.

‘Look at this pussy, so wet for you,’ Eva said, laying with her legs pulled back against her chest, fingers spreading her labia wide open to show the glistening juices of her enticing cunt.

Eva stripped off the panties, held them in her hands and rubbed the stretched nylon over her erect clit and pouting lips of her gaping cunt.

‘Oh, yeah! That feels so good,’ she sighed pleasurably, her finger pressing the nylon against her throbbing clitoris. ‘Look at this pussy, keep wanking,’ she whispered excitedly, massaging her cunt and opening it wide in invitation. ‘Oh, my pussy is so wet for you,’ she moaned pleasurably, slipping her finger between the supple lips of her snatch and teasing herself to orgasm.

Watch Eva masturbating in suspenders and stockings in her video – ‘A Little Bit Kinky’

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