Apr 022019
Seductive brunette stripteases in sheer nylon, lacy lingerie & black stockings video at NHLPcentral.com

Seductive brunette Eva Johnson stripteases in sheer nylon, lacy lingerie & black stockings in her latest video at NHLPcentral.com

Seductive brunette Eva Johnson stripteases for your pleasure in a sheer nylon gown, black lace lingerie, and seamed stockings. Her lingerie ignites her desires as she wantonly plays with her shaved pussy and spreads her shapely arse, inviting you to take her from behind.

‘Hello darling would you like to come and join me,’ Eva smiled seductively, relaxing on the bed dressed in a sheer negligee, stroking her legs in black stockings and heels. ‘Look at what I’m wearing today, especially for you,’ she said, enjoying the contrast of lingerie and bare flesh as she swept her hands over the garter-belt around her hips and the lace cups of her black bra.

Eva stretched out on the bed and extended one leg, then reached down and stroked her ankle above her heels. She slowly drew her hand up her leg, fingertips lightly touching her calves as they followed the back-seam of her nylon stockings.

‘My pussy is already wet for you,’ Eva sighed pleasurably, sliding her hand over her shaved cunt through her nylon knickers. Lifting and opening her legs, she pulled aside the crotch of her panties and rubbed her fingers over the smooth flesh of her naked pussy.

‘Come and touch my lovely bum,’ Eva said invitingly, kneeling on the bed and stroking her arse through the tight nylon panties stretched over her buttocks. She slid her hand down the back of her legs in their seamed nylons, following the curves of her calves down to her spiky stiletto heels.

Eva stripped off her gown and released the catch of her bra, then slipped it down her arms and held it against her chest, squeezing her fabulous boobs through the loosened cups. She stripped away the bra and stood, bending over with her legs apart, wiggling her bum and showing her pussy through the sheer nylon of her panties.

Eva swayed her arse from side to side, slowly tugging the panties over her buttocks and pulling them down until they were stretched tight between her legs. Bending over with her head down she placed her hands on her buttocks and spread them wide exposing the puckered ring of her butthole and gaping pussy.

Eva stripped the panties down her legs and over her stilettos heels, then knelt on the bed with her arse and pussy fully exposed. She reached between her thighs and began to masturbate, gasping with pleasure as her fingers massaged her clitoris and supple lips of her cunt.

Watch seductive brunette Eva stripteasing and masturbating in stockings at NHLPCentral.com


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