Tara Spades – Horny Secretary Wanks On The Desk In Nylon Stockings & Stilettos

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Jan 112019
Sexy secretary strips in the office and wanks on the desk in seamed nylon stockings and stiletto heels

Horny secretary Tara Spades strips in the office and wanks on the desk in fully-fashioned nylon stockings and stiletto heels

Horny blonde secretary Tara Spades is willing to entertain while you wait for your interview, showing off her legs in her black fully-fashioned nylons and stiletto heels. She strips in front of you, enjoying the attention while showing off her busty figure in sexy lingerie, giving you the privilege of watching her masturbate wantonly on the desk.

‘You like my nylons?’ Tara inquired, sitting on her chair with one leg crossed over the other, the revealing short skirt framing her thighs and stocking tops. ‘These are fully-fashioned retro-nylons,’ she said, drawing attention to her elegant long legs in their black, seamed nylon stockings and red patent leather heels. ‘Would you like to look at them?’

Tara stood and turned to give a view of the back of her legs in their seamed nylons and sexy heels. ‘What about if I just walk around a bit and tease you?’ she wondered and walked across the polished floor with her stiletto heels clicking on the hard wooden tiles.

Tara leaned back against the edge of the desk and raised the hem of her skirt, revealing the bright and shiny array of metal suspender clasps affixed to the tops of her stockings.

‘You often wonder what us girls do in the office when we’re alone,’ Tara said, opening her blouse to reveal a tight-fitting lace bra supporting her big round boobs. ‘Well, this is what we do,’ she confessed, caressing her voluptuous tits and ample cleavage swelling over the cups of her bra. ‘Just don’t tell my boss what you see here, OK?’

Tara stripped off her blouse then turned and showed her hands unzipping the back of her skirt. She pulled the skirt down to her thighs and caressed her shapely buttocks through the flimsy, black lace trimmed, sheer nylon panties.

‘You won’t tell my boss?’ she whispered, slowly lowering the skirt down her stockinged legs and stepping out of it. ‘I’m the dirtiest secretary in the world.’

Tara leaned against the edge of the desk, lowered the cups of her bra and scooped her massive tits in her hands, pushing them together and squeezing the nipples between her fingers.

‘Oh baby, please come close and suck my nipples,’ she said passionately, leaning forward and kneading the warm soft flesh of her boobs in her hands. ‘Look at this dirty-minded office girl with spit on her tits,’ she remarked, covering her nipples with shiny saliva and licking them with the wet tip of her tongue.

Join secretary Tara in the office and watch her masturbating in stockings and stiletto heels


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