Scarlet Lovatt – ‘Naughty In Nylon’ Foot Job And Hardcore Fuck In Ripped Pantyhose

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Dec 232011

Scarlet Lovatt Ripped Pantyhose Hardcore Foot Job Video At Pantyhosed 4u

In this latest video for, we go a bit hardcore with Scarlet, who gives this stud a nylon foot job and gets fucked in her ripped, sheer nylon, nude pantyhose.

Scarlet loves it when this stud grabs her pantyhosed ass, and feels up her pussy through the crotch of her gusset to get her ready for his big cock.

Unbuttoning the fly of his trousers, she releases his huge cock then gets her luscious red lips around his fat prick to suck him off.

Kneeling on the bed, the stud rubs his cock over the tight, shiny nylon covering the cheeks of her pert ass, then sticks his erection down the back of the pantyhose waistband and gives it a fuck.

Scarlet then wanks his stiff penis, with the soles of her delicate nyloned feet wrapped around his the thick shaft of his throbbing cock.

The stud rips the ass and gusset out of her nylon tights, and fucks Scarlet through the hole in her shredded pantyhose, then finally shoots his cum over her bare naked pussy.

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Kacie ‘Private Party Girl’ Masturbates For Your Pleasure In Ripped Pantyhose

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Dec 052011

Kacie Pretty Teen Masturbating Her Cunt In Torn Pantyhose Video At Pantyhosed4u

Kacie is a pretty teenager with a cheeky smile that suggests she is a whole lot of fun. Like all girls of her age she likes to go out to party and dance so she can give plenty of upskirt views of her pussy and ass in pantyhose.

However, Kacie is staying in tonight and she has invited you to a private party with, well just you and her in private!

This willing teen has the right moves to keep you entertained, beginning with a nice strip show down to her sheer to waist pantyhose and heels.

Kacie begins by showing you her hot little box, so snug and warm behind her sheer pantyhose gusset, but soon her hands are down the front of her hose and she’s giving her pussy lots of pleasure.

Kacie then uses her fingernails to rip open her hot pantyhose, exposing her pink pussy and sticking several fingers deep in her juicy fuck hole to get herself off!

Kacie has a real party in her pantyhose as you’ll see in her (213 image) photo set and 14 minute video ‘Private Party Girl’.


Jessica Pressley Shows Off Her Shapely Legs In Designer Pantyhose And Masturbates

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Sep 092011

Jessica Pressley Showing Her Pussy And Masturbating In Stripy Fashion Pantyhose Video At Pantyhosed 4U

Jessica was so looking forward to going to a party tonight, but had been let down by her date, who was supposed to be her partner at this swinging event.

Having gone to all the trouble of dressing up in her party dress and some super sexy striped pantyhose and heels, Jessica doesn’t know what to do with herself and on top of that she’s is feeling quite horny.

‘I’m glad you’re here to watch me play with myself, I’m feeling so naughty,’ Jessica says, feeling her boobs through the fabric her silky dress, and running her hands up and down her thighs covered in designer pantyhose.

Lifting her dress she gives a close-up view of her arse encased in tight hose, then rubs her middle finger down the crack of her ass, touching the ring of her butt hole through the sheer nylon fabric.

Jessica seductively runs her hands over her hosed legs from ankles to thighs, making a good show of stroking her shapely legs and buttocks through the tight mesh of her striking patterned hose.

Jessica then climbs onto the kitchen top and massages the juicy lips of her moistened pussy, now squashed behind the tight crotch of her designer pantyhose.

Slipping a vibrator down the front of her hose, she uses the gusset to keep it in place and pulls her legs back so the object slides deep into her gaping cunt.

Jesssica then grabs the vibrator through the fabric of her tights and works it in and out of her sticky love hole; increasing the rhythm of her masturbation until she reaches an intense pantyhose climax.

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Faye Taylor Sexy Sofa Teaser In Shiny Nylon Pantyhose

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Jun 072011


Petite blonde Faye was wearing some Fogal nut brown pantyhose and a skimpy mini dress when she turned up to do this video for

I noticed how her nylon pantyhose had a nice glossy shine, clinging tightly to her shapely legs, and the curves of her pert little ass as she posed with that short dress barely covering her butt.

‘You’ll notice I’m not wearing any underwear,’ she said as she sat on the sofa, licentiously parting her legs to show me she was sans panties.

‘It feels sexier having these pantyhose against my naked pussy,’ she added, her hand reaching down to stroke her pussy through the reinforced patch of on her pantyhose, her fingers massaging her slit through the opaque nylon material.

Faye teased me further, masturbating in several positions through her pantyhose, getting on her knees and spanking her ass through the tight mesh encasing her fuckable arse.

She even took off her shoe, and used the spike of her heel to stimulate her clitoris through the tight nylon screen covering her hot cunt.

Then Faye showed me her nylon covered feet and made her pantyhose swish as she moved her legs together, one hosed leg rubbing against the other.

Working her hand inside the sheer nylon of her pantyhose gusset as she masturbated, her moist pussy made liquid sounds as she eagerly fucked herself with fingers and her favorite glass dildo.

Then finally pulling her hose down so they were tight around her thighs, she pressed her legs together and plunged her dildo into her sticky fuck hole until she reached a breathtaking climax.

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Axa J – Sucks Her Toes & Licks Her Feet In Nylon Pantyhose

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Feb 022011

axa j blonde babe wanking her pussy in blue stripped pantyhose video

Axa has just returned from her night out strutting her stuff in a sexy black dress and sheer fancy blue pantyhose.

Her feet are tired from all that dancing, so she slips off her high heeled shoes, and begins to massage them in her hands.

‘I love having my big toe sucked, especially with the tights over them, it’s such a good feeling,’ she says, and puts her toe in her mouth showing us exactly what she enjoys.

Axa licks the side of her big toe and tastes the nylon of her pantyhose tights. ‘It feels so nice against my tongue, it’s just so good to lick and suck!’

Turning her attention to her other foot, she runs her tongue right up the inside of her pantyhosed sole. ‘I’ll let you have a suck on these later,’ she promises.

Axa opens her legs and reveals she is wearing no panties under her dress, and shows you her ass encased in sheer blue pantyhose nylon.

Then she gets into massaging her hot pink pussy lips through the nylon gusset before applying her blue vibe to her juicy pussy.

Inserting the vibe inside herself, Axa pulls the nylon gusset back over to hold it in place and lets it do its work.

With the the vibrator wedged right in her pussy, Axa plays with her clit through her sheer nylon pantyhose, before ripping them open to masturbate to a frantic orgasm!

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Michelle Moist Says ‘I Wanna Get Fucked’ In Nylon Pantyhose

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Jan 172011

Michelle Moist wanking in ripped black pantyhose video at pantyhosed4u

Want to know what goes on in a girls mind when she’s after a feller? Well Michelle gives us the low down on how she uses her pantyhosed charms to, well… Get fucked by that chosen guy!

Wearing her ‘barely there’ little black dress that shows off her fabulous thighs in black pantyhose, Michelle is all ready to go out ‘on the pull’ tonight.

She has this guy in mind that she wants ‘all to herself’, and knows exactly how to win him over with this incredibly sexy ensemble she’s wearing.

‘You see I’m a horny, greedy, little bitch, and I’m going to do everything I can with my sexy nylon pantyhose, my little black dress and no panties,’ she tells us, opening her legs and showing us she is indeed, wearing no knickers.

To further capture this guy’s interest, Michelle states that, ‘I’ll be sitting there crossing my legs like this, flicking my hair, then maybe flash a bit of gash to get his attention’.

Michelle further demonstrates how she will put her plan of seduction into practice, and bending over shows how she will shake her pantyhosed ass right in his face.

‘I want to make sure I get his attention, because I want a right good seeing too’, she confesses. ‘That’s right, I wanna get fucked!’

Michelle gets herself all excited by her own actions, and so carried away by her sexual desires she just has to masturbate.

Ripping open the crotch of her pantyhose, she shows just how she wants to get fucked, and fingers her hot cunt as she imagines a big cock fucking all her exposed fuck holes.

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Vicki J ‘Northern Nylon Naughty’ Wanks In Shiny Pantyhose

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Jan 112011

horny northern girl wanking in nude pantyhose

Vicki J is naughty northern lass and well up for some nylon kink! She’s all dressed up so sexy for you and ready to strip down and get very sexed up in her glossy nude pantyhose.

What is more, she’s not wearing any panties so her pussy shows through the sheer nylon, as you will soon see. But firstly, she’s is the mood to tease you…

‘I’m feeling naughty today, and I just love the feeling of this nylon’, she begins, as she strokes her pantyhosed legs.

‘I’d love you to come and lick me through my tights,’ she continues, as her hand runs over her nyloned pussy crotch. ‘Run your tongue up and down them, feel how silky they are.’

Vicki takes a few things off, and letting you know how hot and horny she’s feeling, rips open her pantyhose and relieves her sexual tension with her ‘little friend’ as she thinks about your cock!

Well, you know what English girls from the north are like, and if you don’t, then Vicki will show you how much they are always ‘up for it!’

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Scottish Babe Ashley Masturbates In Black Nylon Pantyhose

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Jan 052011

blonde model with blue eyes wanking in black pantyhose at pantyhosed4u

Scottish babe Ashley wanted to be videoed masturbating in her pantyhose after seeing a few other girls doing the same thing on the internet.

‘Seeing all those sexy girls playing in their tights and knowing loads of guys would be wanking over them made me think, hey, I’d love to do that!’

So Ashley go in touch with us here at and we made her wish come true.

‘This is really turning me on,’ she said, stroking her pantyhosed ass, legs open and nyloned cunt on full display from behind.  ‘It’s so strange, just touching yourself through a pair of tights. How it can make you feel so hot!’

Ashely continued to tease her pussy through the nylon mesh of her hose, then eventually ripped them open so she could fuck herself with a ‘rampant rabbit’ vibro.

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Sexy Nylon Secretary Valentina Gets Down To ‘Pantyhose Business’

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Dec 272010

valentina cruz dirty secretary wanking through rippped pantyhose in the office pantyhosed4u

Valentina has come to work dressed in her smart pinstripe mini dress, black pantyhose and high-heels, and you’ve popped along to her office to see how she looks.

‘Oh, it’s you again, is it? I supposed you’ve heard about my short, tight fitting dress I’m wearing today!’

Val knew the effect her attire would have on all the male staff, and though she is busy, this flirty office tease still has time to put on a bit of a sexy show for you!

Sitting on her chair Val opens her legs to show you her pantyhosed crotch and rubs her hand over her sheer nylon covered pussy. ‘I bet you’d love to stroke you cock all over there, wouldn’t you?’

Our leggy secretary knows all about the business of sexy pantyhose pleasures! In fact, she is the business! Wanking her pussy through her pantyhose, then ripping them open so she can shove a dildo up her cunt as she leans over the desk to let you see!

Have some fun on the desktop with our kinky nyloned secretary Val, as seen in this (164 image) photo set, and 16 minute nylon sex movie ‘Pantyhose Business’ at

Axa J Says ‘I’m All Yours’ As She Wanks In Sheer Nylon Pantyhose

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Dec 182010

axaj hot leggy blonde babe masturbating in nylon pantyhose video at pantyhosed4u

‘Do you like what I’m wearing,’ asks, Axa J. ‘I’m your pantyhosed slut for the day, so you can do whatever you like with me!’

Pantyhosed babe Axa J is in a real slutty mood in this video, urgently needing to be fucked in her sheer gray pantyhose!

But first she wants to feel your hands running all over her pantyhosed legs, moving up softly and slowly towards the top of her inner thighs, but stopping just short of her pantyhosed pussy, for now…

‘I like to be teased first, like to build myself up, get myself really horny’, she tells us as she demonstrates exactly, stroking her hands up her legs.

‘I want you to rub your hands up the back of my legs, stroking my pantyhose, going right up to my bum’, she says, as she massages and grabs her arse though through the material of her dress and hose.

Our sexy blonde builds up her excitement as she describes how she’d like you to rub your cock against the material of her pantyhose crotch and dry fuck her pussy!

When Axa can no longer contain her lustful feelings, she rips the whole ass right out of her nylon hose, and wanks her juicy pussy with her big fat dildo to give herself a shuddering orgasm!

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