Apr 162019
Sexy secretary Michelle Moist masturbates in garter-belt, suspenders and fully-fashioned nylon stockings at NHLPcentral.com

Dominant secretary Michelle Moist stripteases in the office and masturbates in vintage garter-belt, suspenders and fully-fashioned nylon stockings at NHLPcentral.com

Dominant secretary Michelle entertains a client in the office and teases in her beige pencil skirt, fully-fashioned stockings and designer heels. She strips for him and reveals she is wearing a vintage bustier, deep garter-belt and no panties for easy access. She insists the client must watch her wanking her pussy in anticipation of her boss fucking her over the desk in her suspenders, stockings, and heels.

‘Sexy stockings and designer heels make a girl feel horny,’ Michelle said, sitting with her feet up on the desk, stroking her legs in their fully-fashioned nylons. ‘I’m going to be a bit of a tease for you this afternoon,’ she said, getting up and parading in her smart outfit, her heels clicking on the floor as she turned.

‘You can look, but you can’t touch,’ Michelle exhorted, bending and swaying her peachy ass in her tight fitting skirt. ‘Yes, sit there and make sure you keep your hands to yourself,’ she chided, stripping off her jacket and running her hands over the bra cups of her tight pink bustier.

‘I bet you want to sneak a peek under my skirt, don’t you?’ Michelle taunted and knelt on the desk and presented her fabulous arse. ‘I bet I’m giving you all sorts of dirty ideas, whilst I’m bent over the desk,’ she said derisively, rocking on her knees and provocatively displaying her delectable read end.

Michelle stood, unzipped the back of the dress, and wiggled as she pulled it over her arse and the elastane of her garter-belt. She allowed the dress to slip down her stockinged legs to the floor, then turned to show her shaved pussy framed by the edge of her garter-belt , suspenders and stockings tops.

‘When my boss comes into the office, I always make sure he notices I’m not wearing any knickers,’ Michelle confessed and sat facing the back of the chair with her legs astride, buttocks positioned over the edge of the seat. ‘It drives him crazy and makes him want me even more,’ she gave a naughty smile, lifting her ass off her seat and twerking it provocatively.

‘I bet you’d love to lick all my holes, wouldn’t you?’ Michelle teased, sitting back in the chair with her legs wide open showing her shaved, naked pussy. ‘Licking my pussy and rimming my arse,’ she continued, putting her hand between her thighs and spreading her pussy to show pink.

‘Well, not until you’ll have bought me some new shoes and stockings, you won’t,’ Michelle solicited, her hands sweeping seductively over her long legs in their beautiful tan nylons. ‘So just sit there and wank your cock, while I tease and show you what you could be having,’ she instructed and began to masturbate openly, her fingers massaging the supple lips of her hot, wet cunt.

Watch secretary Michelle masturbating in garter-belt and stockings at NHLPcentral.com

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