Apr 122019
Seductive blonde masturbates in 60s bra, garter-belt and fully-fashioned nylon stockings video at NHLPcentral.com

Glamorous blonde Penny Lee masturbates in 60s long-line bra, garter-belt and genuine vintage fully-fashioned stockings in her video – ‘I Dress For Nylons’ at NHLPcentral.com

Glamorous blonde Penny Lee teases seductively in her fabulous grey pencil dress, vintage lace lingerie, grey fully-fashioned nylons and leopard print heels in this scene. She entices you to fuck her voluptuous all natural breasts, strips off her nylon panties and encourages you to join in and jerk-off, while she masturbates with her, trimmed pussy on display.

Penny posed while sitting on the bed with one leg crossed over the other, a tantalizing glimpse of her stocking tops peeking from under the hem of her smart, grey dress.

‘Are you getting turned on looking at me stroking my legs?’ Penny smiled, pulling up the dress to reveal the fascinating array of suspenders and their metal clasps attached to her grey stocking tops. ‘It feels so good rubbing my hands all over my legs,’ she said, sliding her hands up and down her alluring legs in their shiny nylons and stiletto heels.

‘I’m wet at the thought of your throbbing hard cock. I’d love to see it.’ Penny’s mouth parted slightly and her tongue suggestively licked the corner of her luscious red lips. ‘Do it!’ she urged suddenly, ‘get out your cock for me!’

Penny stripped off the dress and posed in her lingerie, caressing her boobs encased in a white lace, long-line bra, and the matching garter-belt and suspenders framing her pussy in sheer nylon panties.

‘My bra really shows off these big tits of mine,’ Penny remarked, squeezing her boobs through the tight fitting lace cups. ‘And these big knickers are exactly what you like to see, aren’t they?’ she said and turned to show the cheeks of her shapely arse sheathed in sheer nylon panties.

‘Go on, stroke that cock for me while I tease you with a view from behind,’ Penny said, kneeling and presenting her ass in the stretchy, transparent fabric of her panties. ‘Can you see that pussy getting all nice and wet through these knickers?’ she said, deliberately swaying her ass in an enticing manner, the slit of her pussy showing through the sheer nylon crotch of her panties.

Penny sat up and stripped off the bra, then scooped up her pendulous boobs in her hands and ran her thumbs over the hard brown nipples.

‘I bet you’d love to slide your cock right in here, with these big tits wrapped right around the shaft,’ Penny whispered invitingly, pressing her boobs together and pushing the soft flesh of her ample cleavage upward. ‘That’s it, keep wanking that dick for me,’ she encouraged, moving her hand up and down as if she were jerking-off an erection between the warm flesh of her heavy tits.

Watch seductive blonde Penny Lee masturbating in fully-fashioned nylons at NHLPCentral.com

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