Jul 122019
Seductive redhead Zara Durose masturbates in suspenders and nylon stockings in her latest video at NHLPcentral.com

Seductive redhead Zara Durose stripteases and masturbates in bullet bra, suspenders and nylon stockings in her latest video – ‘Your own vintage vixen’ at NHLPcentral.com

Glamorous redhead Zara Durose looks stunning in her polka dot dress, full-skirt petticoat, fully-fashioned nylon stockings! She strips down to her white suspenders and openly plays with her trim ginger pussy to give herself a thrilling orgasm.

‘I’d like you to come and join me on the bed, we could have some fun together,’ Zara said, standing by the bed and gently squeezing her breasts through the front of her polka dot dress. ‘I’ve got a treat for you,’ she smiled and lifted the dress and petticoats to show her sheer nylon panties and suspenders attached to the tops of her tan nylon stockings.

Zara knelt on the bed and lifted her dress, then slipped her hand down the back of her sheer nylon panties and caressed the smooth cheeks of her ass.

‘I bet your cock is very hard now,’ Zara grinned, looking over her shoulder and reaching between her thighs. ‘I can feel myself getting wet through the knickers,’ she smiled pleasurably, massaging her pussy through the crotch of her panties.

Zara knelt upright, stripped off the dress and caressed her breasts through the lace cups of her bullet bra. She removed the bra and squeezed the soft flesh of her boobs in her hands, enjoying the sensation of her fingers circling over the pink buds of her erect nipples.

Having stripped off the petticoat, she knelt with her legs apart and pulled aside the crotch of her panties. ‘Can you see how wet my pussy is?’ she said, massaging the supple lips of her wet pussy, then lifting her hand to her luscious mouth and sucking the juices from her fingers.

Zara reclined against the pillows and drew the diaphanous nylon panties down to her stockinged legs and stripped them over her stiletto heels. She opened her legs and rubbed her pussy; the webbing of her garter-belt stretching and pulling on the tops of her stockings.

‘I want you to slowly stroke that hard cock of yours,’ Zara instructed, flexing her wrist as if she were holding an erection in her hand and wanking it off. ‘Keep stroking that cock and imagine spunking all over me,’ she suggested, pulling back her legs and dipping her hand between her thighs to touch her pussy. ‘I want you to cum, when I cum, ‘ she said, massaging her clitoris and sliding her fingers along the slit of her gaping pussy as she masturbated openly.

Watch seductive redhead Zara DuRose masturbating in suspenders & stockings at NHLPcentral.com

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