Jul 162019
Mistress Tindra Frost teases in vintage open-bottom girdle, black nylon stockings and sexy leather heels video at NHLPcentral.com

Dominant Mistress Tindra Frost teases and masturbates in vintage open-bottom girdle, black nylon stockings and sexy leather heels in her latest video – ‘Worth waiting for’ at NHLPcentral.com

Mistress Tindra Frost is not the sort of woman who likes being kept waiting in the bedroom, especially as she has dressed up for you in her black slip, satin and lace bra, open-bottom girdle and rare vintage fully-fashioned nylons. Unimpressed by your late arrival, she instructs you to watch her undress and explicitly masturbate in front of you with legs wide open, fingering her juicy pussy to climax.

‘As a punishment, you are not going to get to fuck me,’ Tindra said, looking imperious as she stood and posed in her slinky black slip with her hands around her hips. ‘Though you can’t touch me, I’m still going to have my fun,’ she said, the look of displeasure disappearing from her face. ‘I didn’t get dressed up for nothing,’ she smiled, lifting the slip to reveal her open-bottom girdle, suspenders and shiny metal clasps affixed to her stocking tops.

‘I even turn myself on wearing these stockings, they feel so good against my skin.’ Tindra sat upright on the bed and slipped her fingers between the flesh of her thighs and stockings tops. ‘They make my long legs look so elegant,’ she remarked, admiring her legs as she extended them to draw attention to her feet in their patent-leather mules.

‘Do you like my vintage bra?’ Tindra asked, slowly stripping the slip down to her waist and uncovering the plush satin and lace bra that supported her ample tits. ‘Look how it shapes my big boobs?’ she said, her hands slowly caressing her shapely boobs through the shiny black bra cups.

‘Now, I bet you are dying to take a look at my girdle?’ Tindra stood and looked seductively over her shoulder, bending slightly as she pulled down the slip and revealed her girdled arse. ‘Do you like it?’ she asked, circling her hand over the tight elastane of her black girdle that stretched around her shapely buttocks.

‘I’m quite enjoying tormenting you like this, it’s making me rather horny,’ Tindra smiled and sat upright on the bed with her legs open, showing her shaved pussy. ‘But that’s what you deserve for being late,’ she said, reaching behind her back to release the catch of her bra and pulling it forward. ‘Your cock could be right here between my tits if you’d just been on time,’ she said teasingly, holding the loose bra cups against her chest and massaging her ample tits.

Watch Mistress Tindra Frost stripteasing in vintage girdle and nylons stockings at NHLPcentral.com

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