Jul 192019
Masie Dee stripteases and masturbates in sheer nylon panties, suspenders and nylon stockings video at NHLP Central

Seductive blonde Masie Dee stripteases and masturbates in sheer nylon panties, suspenders and nylon stockings in her video – ‘I just can’t help myself at NHLPcentral.com

Masie has been waiting for you to arrive and her sheer nylon panties are damp with excitement in anticipation of a fun time. She teases whiles stripping off her tight-fitting sweater and pencil skirt, then pulls down her panties and masturbates with her legs open in seamed nylon stockings and stilettos heels.

‘I’m so glad you’re here,’ Masie said, sitting and looking at herself in the dressing table mirror, brushing her long blonde hair. ‘I’ve been crossing and uncrossing my legs while waiting for you,’ she said, pulling up her skirt to show her thighs arrayed in black suspenders attached to her stocking tops. ‘My nylons sound so sexy, it drives me wild,’ she said, her nylons whispering as she rubbed her legs together in their seductive stockings.

‘Are these sort of things I should wear if I want to encourage you to touch me?’ Masie teased, reclining on the bed and extending her legs to point her feet and toes in her sexy heels. ‘You don’t mind if my full-back panties are a little bit moist, do you?’ she asked, opening her legs and flashing the crotch of her nylon panties. ‘I got excited while I was waiting for you,’ she smiled mischievously, her fingers playing around the tops of her nylon stockings.

Masie stood and unzipped the back of her pencil skirt, then pulled it over the nylon panties that covered the cheeks of her shapely arse. ‘I love it when your eyes are on me, it makes me feel very special,’ she said, allowing the skirt to swiftly drop down her stockinged legs to the floor.

Masie’s nylon panties stretched around her buttocks as she bent over to pick up the skirt, her black suspenders pulling taut on her seamed nylon stockings.

‘Will you do me a favour?’ Masie asked, turning around and posing in her sexy panties, suspenders, and stockings. ‘Let me watch you touching your cock,’ she grinned and her hand stroked her pussy through the damp nylon her panties. ‘I really like watching you, watching me,’ she smiled, somewhat excited as she pulled the sweater above her head and stripped it off to uncover her polka dot bra.

‘I’ve made sure my stockings are straight,’ Masie remarked, laying on the bed and tracing her fingers along the black seam running up the back of her stockinged leg. ‘You know why they have seams at the back?’ She looked over her shoulder as she drew her hand up her leg towards her stocking tops. ‘They’re there to draw your eye up to the right place, as these lines lead to pussy,’ she giggled, kneeling and thrusting her up ass into view, her hand rubbing her pussy through the crotch of her sheer nylon panties.

Watch seductive blonde Masie Dee masturbating in her nylon stockings at NHLPcentral.com

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