Mar 162020
Natalia Forrest masturbates in satin lingerie, nylon stockings and stilettos heels video at NHLP Central

Glamorous babe Natalia Forrest auditions for a porn video and masturbates in satin lingerie, nylon stockings and stilettos heels video – ‘Give it a go’ at NHLP Central

Glamorous babe Natalia Forrest turns up for her porn audition and strips off her elegant silk dress to show her fit, tanned body in green satin lingerie, sheer nylon panties, and powder blue stockings. She gives an explicit performance, showing off her tanned tits and ass while enthusiastically frigging her shaved pussy to orgasm.

‘I’ve never tried doing porn before. But I’m open-minded, so I thought why not give it a go?’ Natalia stood and posed in her beautiful green silk dress, her legs in sheer nylon stockings and stilettos. ‘Normally, I’m all prim and proper, but underneath I’ve got this inner naughtiness,’ she said, lifting the front of her dress and revealing her green satin suspenders and tops of her sheer nylon stockings. ‘All my friends would be shocked,’ she said, lifting the dress around her waist to show the sheer nylon of her panties, ‘they’d never guess I would audition to be a porn star.’

Natalia looked in the tall, ornate mirror and stripped off the dress, letting drop swiftly down her stockinged legs to the floor. Stepping out of the dress, she caressed her tanned body through in her shimmering satin lingerie, her hands feeling her pussy through the delicate nylon crotch of her panties.

‘I thought I would shave my pussy to show how cute it looks underneath these sheer nylon panties.’ Natalia looked down at her hands framing her shaved pussy through the front of her sheer panties. ‘I always wear panties over my underwear, because it’s easy to peel them off,’ she remarked, slowly pushing down her panties to reveal her naked pussy, framed by her satin suspenders and stocking tops.

Natalia stripped the panties down her legs in their shiny nylon stockings and over her stiletto heels. She gathered the rolled-up panties and rubbed the soft nylon against her face, down to her chest and over the tanned flesh of her cleavage.

Stripping off the bra, she stood in front of the mirror, admiring her tanned body in her contrasting green satin suspenders and delicate, sheer nylon stockings. ‘I love stroking myself after I’ve just shaved my pussy, it feels like silk,’ she said, swaying sensually with her hand between the thighs stroking her smooth pussy.

Natalia reclined on the couch with her legs open and used her fingers to spread her labia to show the pink slit of her beautiful cunt.

‘I’m loving this,’ Natalia said, massaging her clitoris and the supple lips of her pussy. ‘Are you turned on by this too? It looks like you are,’ she grinned and slipped off the couch and squatted down on her heels with her legs open wide. ‘Show me how turned on you are,’ she said spreading her pussy wide open with her fingers. ‘Go on, wank that cock for me, nice and hard,’ she said, her fingers moving rapidly as she masturbated, slapping against her throbbing clitoris and the gaping lips of her pink pussy.

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