May 312016
Samantha Bentley In Sexy Burlesque Corset, Suspenders and Stockings at Vintageflash

Samantha Bentley stripteases and masturbates in her satin burlesque corset, black fully-fashioned nylon stockings and sling-back heels video at Vintage Flash

Horny babe Samantha Bentley is dressed in her corset, stockings, and sexy sling-back heels, all ready to go and perform in her burlesque show. Instead, she decides to indulge in some naughty fun and games and put on a personal striptease show for you…

‘I’ve heard that you are really into nylon stockings,’ Samantha said, posing in her blue satin corset and showing her hairy pussy framed by the suspenders attached to her vintage nylon stockings.’ ‘Particularly fully-fashioned nylon stockings and the way they are held up by my suspenders,’ she added, her fingers nimbly adjusting the metal clasps to the top of her stockings.

‘Do you like the way my corset holds my waist in tight and makes my tits spill out over the top?’ Samantha asked, pushing her boobs together and lifting her cleavage above the top of her boned corset. ‘I bet you’d just love to fuck me from behind in this corset, whilst holding and pulling the laces tight to make my waist even smaller.’

Reclining on the bed, Samantha detached the metal clasps of her suspenders from the tops of her stockings and rolled the wrinkled nylons down her legs. Then teasingly pulled the stockings back up her legs, and pushed her hand under the flaccid nylon to stroke the soft flesh of her thigh.

Samantha popped the fasteners along the front of her corset, pulled the garment open and stripped it off to reveal her naked breasts. Then reclining on the bed, she lifted up her legs and used her feet to slip off one of her sling-back heels so it dangled from her toes.

‘Do you want to come and stick your cock between the bottom of my foot and my shoe?’ Samantha asked, sliding her fingers in the space between the dangling shoe and the sole of her stockinged foot. ‘Feel my stocking clad foot against your cock, and hear the sound of the nylon as I rub my legs together?’ she said, briskly rubbing her nylon clad legs against each other so her stockings made a rasping sound.

Removing her sling-back heels, Samantha lifted her legs to give a close-up view of her stockinged feet and point the toes inside their layer of nylon. She rolled her stockings down to her ankles and gathered the loose nylon in her hands, then drew the hosiery up her legs and adjusted the tops around her thighs.

Samantha lay back with her hairy pussy in full view and stripped off one of the black seamed stockings and draped the diaphanous nylon over the mound of her pussy.

‘Keep stroking that cock as I play with my juicy wet pussy,’ Samantha urged, as she rubbed the soft nylon against the tuft of pubic hair and teased her clitoris, gasping with pleasure as she slid the drawn out stocking over the lips of her shaved cunt.

See Samantha Bentley stripteasing and masturbating in her satin corset and seamed nylon stockings in her latest video  -‘Personal Burlesque’ at Vintage Flash

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