Nov 212010

Axa J blond college babe in nylon stockings and garterbelt stuffs her panties up her pussy

Academy girl Axa strips down to her nylon stockings and suspenders, then masturbates with her panties in our latest movie at VF Academy.

Axa is one for losing her cotton panties, mainly because she doesn’t like those big white knickers she is expected to wear.

She would rather show the boys her bare naked ass when she lifts her skirt behind the bike sheds, or at least be wearing those soft, see-through nylon panties some of the other girls are allowed to wear. But she has not graduated to ‘nylon grade’ knickers, yet!

Axa will just have to do better at her ‘Sex-Ed’ lessons and pass both practical and theoretical tests. Only having passed, will she be allowed to wear those sexy gossamer like panties. It’s the rules of the Academy.

Now, Axa is back in detention after school hours, made to write her lines, ‘I must not lose my panties’.

So what does she do with them? Why not let our luscious leggy nyloned blonde show you as she climbs on the teachers desk and stuffs them up her pussy hole! After all, no telling tales here! Over to you Axa!

Watch Axa J stuff her cotton panties up her pussy then wank herself off in her (157 image) photo set and movie ‘Lost Panties’ at VF Academy.

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