May 102010

Honeyb- Black-Pantyhose-Boots


Honey arrives back home fantasizing about a guy she met on the bus, and immediately has to masturbate in her hallway!

She’s been out at work all day, wearing pantyhose beneath her skirt with no panties! Just wearing pantyhose gets her horny, but wearing them with no panties gets her even hotter.

When she’s alone at her desk her hand can reach down and diddle her clit through the nylon mesh of her pantyhose crotch. She’s been at it all day, rubbing herself off and teasing her pussy to the point of cumming, but not quite reaching full climax in case it becomes too obvious to her co-workers.

Honey is feeling as randy as hell by the time she arrives home, and ready to tear open her hose so she can rub pussy .

She’s  just so pleased you are there to watch her frig herself off in her pantyhose.

Watch as she teases her pussy through her pantyhose gusset,  then rip open the nylon to get at her hungry cunt and give herself orgasmic relief, in this movie from

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