May 112010


Strict Ms Wood has discovered that wayward Jess is breaking Academy rules, in the hosiery department!

Having been caught wearing pantyhose instead of stockings and suspenders, as are required of all the girls at the Academy, Jess is sent to see Miss Wood for a dressing down.

Jess makes the excuse that ‘pantyhose keep her bottom warm’, but Miss Wood is not impressed. Bending Jess over the desk she gives her ass a spanking in her pantyhose, which soon warms her arse cheeks.

Having punished Jess, Miss Wood then proceeds to dress up her wayward pupil in regulation stockings and suspenders. Miss Wood is very fastidious, and shows Jess just how to roll on those stockings and attach the suspenders in the correct fashion.

Once Jess is ‘suspendered-up’ Miss Wood spanks her exposed bottom again, leaving red marks where her hand has slapped the naked flesh.

Having been told she is facing a possible suspension from the Academy, Jess pleads with her school teacher not to report her to the head mistress.

Knowing Miss Wood has an ‘eye for the girls’, Jess attempts to offer her sexual favors in return for her silence. Before long Jess is pulling down her teacher’s knickers and has her lying over the desk where she can lick her mature cunt.

See Jess get her dressing down (and her dressing up), then please and satisfy her stockinged teacher in ‘Pantyhose Are Forbidden!’

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