Jul 072011

Evey Krystal Gorgeous Blonde Babe In Black Lingerie Stockings And Suspenders Video At Vintageflash

“Wearing sexy black lingerie definitely does something to me,”  said Evey, when she was getting ready to do this video shoot. “It puts me in the mood for sex every-time, and gets my pussy tingling with excitement as I put these things on.”

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Evey seductively ran her hands from her ‘fuck me heels’, all the way up the length of her seamed stockinged legs, to the tops of her thighs where she pulled up her slip to show me her stockings tops.

“I love running my hands up and down them, but you know what I’d really like is your tongue running all the way up that seam,” said Evey, tracing her finger slowly up the thick black line of her seamed nylon stocking.

“Yes, you could start at my heels, licking and kissing my legs as you work your way up slowly, then touch your lips right here on the flesh of my naked thigh,” she said, drawing attention to the area of bare flesh above her stockings tops.

“Then you could kiss me right there through my naughty see-through panties,” she suggested, as her fingers caressed her pussy through the black triangle of her sheer nylon knickers.

Then kneeling on the bed, Evey peeled off her black panties, pulling them over the rounded globes of her pale buttocks, exposing the perfect puckered ring of her butthole and the lips of her pink pussy.

“You know what I want today,” said Evey, mooning her ass and sliding her fingers in the cleft between her butthole and her pussy. “I want you to come right here and lick my pussy wide, then grab my ass and take me from behind!”

Let Evey show you in this racy video, just how a woman’s passions can be aroused by lingerie, and watch as she masturbates with several fingers up her holes to reach a satisfying climax.


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