Jul 012011

Michelle Moist Dirty Blonde Fucks Herself With Dildo In Torn Pantyhose Video

Michelle brought along her favorite pair of pantyhose to this video shoot which she was excited about showing off to our members at Pantyhosed4.com.

“I love these nude tights,” said Michelle, sitting on the rug caressing her pantyhose with both hands running up the length of her tapering her legs. “I like stroking my legs in them, because it turns me right on!”

Slipping off her slinky purple party dress from her shoulders, Michelle removed her black bra to play with her nipples. Then sliding her dress down over her butt, she revealed her special backless pantyhose, which exposed each of her naked ass cheeks.

“I love these, because I can feel my bottom rubbing against everything I’m wearing, at the same time getting the pleasure of these nylon tights all over my legs,” she said, moving her hand over the soft naked flesh of her arse.

Having revealed the secret of her pantyhose, Michelle made herself comfortable on the rug and began masturbating with legs open and hands down the front panel of her nylon hose.

“I bet you can see that clit popping right through,” she said, pressing the sheer nylon material of her pantyhose against the pink slit of her moist pussy.

Michelle teased her cunt through the nylon fabric of her pantyhose tights, then pulled the nylon thong to one side so she could insert a vibrator into her sticky wet hole.

Setting the control on her vibrator to maximum pleasure, Michelle reamed her cunt with her sex toy and fucked herself with it in a variety of positions.

“I just love to fuck myself in my pantyhose,’ she said, lying on her side and reaching behind to stuff her buzzing vibrator up her sopping wet pussy. “Especially when I don’t have to take them off to fuck myself in them!”

Enjoying the pleasure of masturbating in her favorite tights, Michelle used extended dildo play to fuck herself to an intense pantyhose climax on the living room rug.

See Michelle Moist masturbating in her backless pantyhose in this (159 image) photo set and video ‘My Favorite Pantyhose’.


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