Apr 272011

Danni is bored with doing homework and the only thing on her mind is having sex with her boyfriend.

She can’t wait for him to arrive and give her a good fucking, so instead she decides to have a play with herself to while away the time.

Her boyfriend loves to see her in uniform blouse, pleated skirt, and seamed nylon stockings that she wears, and wonders if she should do a striptease and give him a sexy surprise.

Rehearsing her moves, Dani removes her white blouse and takes off her skirt, then parades around in her stockings and suspenders, imagining her boyfriend is watching her every move.

Standing with her legs apart, Dani puts her thumbs into the waistband her white panties and tugs them down until they are stretched around the tops of her thighs, then slips them all the way down her seamed stockinged legs.

Unable to wait any longer, Dani takes her vibrator and laying back with legs apart, she pleasures herself with the sex toy inserted deep inside her throbbing pussy.

See Dani striptease and masturbate in this (172 image) photo set and video ‘Where Is That Boyfriend?’ at VF Academy.


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