Apr 192011

After a long day studying at the Academy it’s time for the girls to relax, so Natalia visits Faye in her room for a bit of girlie chat.

Sitting close together on the bed, Natalia shows her admiration for Faye’s nylon stockinged legs and asks it she fancies girls, but Faye is a little shy.

The more experienced Natalia soon gets to work on Faye, who has never been with anyone before, getting her to relax as she shows her the joys of lesbian sex.

Squeezing Faye’s tits through her white blouse, and putting her hand up her friend’s skirt to feel her stockings and suspenders, Natalia soon has Faye interested in girl-on-girl fun.

Natalia then massages Faye’s pussy through the crotch of her black school knickers, getting her nice and wet in preparation for some cunt licking, 69 style!

Both girls indulge in lots of pussy licking before fingering their sticky holes as they masturbate together for a duel orgasmic climax!

Watch Natalia and Faye having sex in their stockings and suspenders in this (242 image) photo set, and 26 minute video ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Sex’ at VF Academy.


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