Oct 252019
Sexy housekeeper Lucy Lauren masturbating in lingerie, stockings and stilettos video at NHLP Central

Sexy housekeeper Lucy Lauren strips for her boss and masturbates on the desk in lingerie, stockings and stilettos in her video – ‘Job satisfaction’ at NHLP Central

Sexy housekeeper Lucy Lauren is caught rummaging through the draws of her employer’s desk. To keep her job, she strips for her boss and masturbates on the desktop in her suspenders, nylon stockings, and stiletto heels.

Lucy bent over as she opened her employer’s desk drawers looking for anything of interest, her pinstripe dress lifting to reveal her suspenders and seamed nylon stockings.

‘Oh sir!’, Lucy exclaimed, suddenly realizing her boss was standing behind her, obviously enjoying the view under her dress. ‘I’m sorry,’ she blurted. ‘I was just looking in the drawers, tidying up, ‘she explained, standing upright and leaning against the desk. ‘I know I shouldn’t be looking through your personal things. Please don’t fire me,’ she said looking worried. ‘I really need this job. I’ll do anything, to make it up to you,’ she pleaded, removing her glasses and placing them on the desktop.

Lucy noticed her employer looking down at the front of her dress where the side split had opened to reveal a glimpse of white suspenders affixed to the tops of her stockings.

‘If you like suspenders and stockings, I could show them to you,’ Lucy smiled and sat on the desktop, her legs open to reveal her sheer nylon pantie that stretched over her pussy. ‘My stockings feel smooth and silky, would you like to feel them?’ she teased, drawing attention to her legs in their black, fully fashioned nylons and patent leather stiletto heels.

‘Perhaps, I could bend over like this, and show you my panties,’ Lucy suggested, bending over the desk and wiggled her ass sheathed in the white, sheer nylon of her knickers. ‘I wondered why you were following me around the house when I was cleaning the stairs,’ she smiled knowingly. ‘You are naughty,’ she quipped and slapped her buttocks with her hand.

‘You know, back before I was a housekeeper, I was a stripper,’ Lucy confessed, reaching for the zip on the side of her dress. ‘Is that why you hired me? So I could strip for you?’ she said, unzipping the dress and stripping it off, revealing her white bra, garter-belt, and sheer nylon panties. ‘I could do a striptease show for you every morning,’ she said promisingly and sat in the chair where she began to rub her pussy through her nylon panties.

‘I think this job just got a whole lot more fun,’ Lucy remarked, pulling aside the crotch of her panties and exposing her smooth, shaved pussy. ‘We’re going to have so much fun around here, now that I know what you really want from me,’ she purred, delighted at the prospect of some naughty fun with her boss.

‘Would you like me to clean your house dressed just in a cute bra, panties, and lacy garter-belt, sir?’ Lucy grinned and pulled down the front of her nylon panties, exposing her shaved pussy. ‘I’m such a naughty cleaner, aren’t I?’ she said and stripping off her bra, she lay on top of the desk posing for her boss in her lingerie stockings and spiky stiletto heels.

Watch sexy housekeeper Lucy Lauren masturbating in suspenders & stockings at NHLPcentral.com

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