Oct 292019
Sexy secretary Kate-Anne masturbates in suspenders, nylon stockings and stilettos video at NHLP Central

Sexy secretary Kate-Anne stripteases and masturbates in suspenders, tan RHT nylon stockings and stilettos in her video – ‘Let’s fool around’ at NHLP Central

Sexy secretary Kate Anne dressed to impress her boss in a clingy sweater, pencil skirt, tan RHT nylons, and stiletto heels. Accepting his invitation to join him after the party, she strips seductively in her lingerie and nylons and openly masturbates to orgasm.

‘It’s so nice of you to invite me back to your place,’ Kate Anne said, sitting on her bosses sofa, her stocking tops showing below the hem of her skirt. ‘I noticed you staring at me all night. But I don’t mind. You’re the first boss that’s ever invited me back to his place,’ she remarked, feeling a little tipsy after having had a bit to drink at the party.

‘So, what do you reckon we should do now?’ Kate Anne asked, feeling relaxed and ready to take things further. ‘Do you want to have a bit of sexy fun, maybe?’ she smiled invitingly, pulling her skirt back over her thighs and revealing her black suspenders affixed to her stocking tops.

‘Do you like what I’m wearing?’ Kate Anne asked inquisitively, caressing her legs that looked so attractive in tan nylon stockings and sandal, stiletto heels. ‘I don’t wear stockings for just anybody, you know?’ she smiled seductively, slowly drawing her hands up her stockinged legs and around the flesh of her suspender clad thighs.

‘I think, I should give you a sexy striptease,’ Kate Anne smiled promisingly, her hands feeling her breasts through the soft wool of her sweater. ‘And you should take off your pants and have a wank,’ she suggested, gesturing with her closed hand and fingers as if she were stroking an erection.

‘So, come on then, take your trousers down,’ Kate Anne instructed, smiling as she pointed her finger in the general direction on her bosses’ groin. ‘I want to see how big your cock is,’ she grinned, lightly caressing her thighs and the metal clasps of her suspenders attached to her stocking tops.

‘Now you’ve got your cock out, I think you should wank it,’ Kate Anne suggested, stripping off her jumper and revealing her pretty bra, the nipples showing through the black, sheer nylon. ‘Go on keep wanking that big hard cock,’ she encouraged, stripping off the bra and fondling her ample tits.

‘Imagine your cock between my breasts as I give them a nice wank.’ Kate Anne lifted and squeezed her boobs, making them bounce as she jiggled them in her hands. ‘My nipples are so hard and erect right now,’ she said, pinching her brown nipples and strumming them lightly with her fingertips.

Kate Anne unzipped her skirt and pulled it over buttocks, then allowed it to slide down her stockinged legs to the floor. She stepped out of the skirt and hooked her thumbs into the waist of her panties, bending as she tugged her panties down her legs and over her heels.

She reclined on the sofa and slipped off her shoes, her stockings making a swishing sound as she brushed her legs together and rubbed her stocking feet over each other.

‘I feel so horny, watching you wanking,’ Kate Anne smiled and opened her legs, exposing the succulent lips of her shaved pussy. ’Stroke your cock up and down,’ she instructed and began to masturbate with her fingers gently rubbing her clitoris.

‘That feels, so good,’ Kate Anne sighed, expressing sounds of delight as she slipped her fingers between the moist lips of her pink pussy. ’Oh yeah! Are you going to cum soon?’ she breathed excitedly, finger fucking her juicy, wet cunt. ‘Yes, I’m going to cum too,’ she gasped, sensing the approach of her orgasm and increasing the movement of her hand against the lushness of her gaping pussy.

Watch sexy secretary Kate-Anne masturbating in stockings & stilettos at NHLPcentral.com

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