Oct 222019
Mature lady boss Beau Diamonds stripteases and masturbates in open-bottom girdle and nylon stockings video at NHLP Central

Mature lady boss Beau Diamonds and stripteases masturbates in open-bottom girdle and fully-fashioned nylon stockings in her video – ‘The bosses requirement’ at NHLP Central

Mature lady boss Beau Diamonds likes to have her way with male employees and invites you back to her hotel suite after the conference. She performs a seductive striptease in her girdle and fully-fashioned nylons, then instructs you to wank your cock while she masturbates on the bed with her fingers thrust up her wet pussy.

I thought I’d invite you up to my hotel room, so you know exactly who is in charge,’ Ms. Diamonds said, looking attractively dressed in her flared white blouse, and pencil skirt that covered her legs in their nylon stockings. ‘As you can see, I like to wear stockings. Would you like to have a look?’

Ms. Diamonds lifted her skirt and revealed her white suspenders and metal clasps attached to the tops of her tan nylon stockings, firmly holding them up.

‘You didn’t know that I wear stockings under my clothes, did you?’ Ms. Diamonds smiled, her hand lightly caressing the flesh of her thighs, the taut white suspenders, and tops of her tan nylons.

‘Did seeing my stockings give you a little bit of twitch?’ Ms. Diamonds sat on the bed with her skirt pulled over her suspender clad thighs. ‘Knowing that makes me feel powerful and I want you to know who is in charge here,’ she said, stroking her legs in their elegant stockings and stiletto heels. ‘So, your first task is to drop your trousers for me. Come on, don’t be shy!’

Ms. Diamonds laughed as she watched me fumble with my belt and zipper. ‘Do what the boss lady wants you to do! That’s it, drop them trousers, let’s see that cock!’ she commanded trying to hurry me up.

‘Oh look at that!’ Ms. Diamonds exclaimed as I stood there holding my dick in my hand. ‘You have a huge hard cock!’ she remarked, looking pleased as she unbuttoned the front of her blouse. ‘Now, put your hand around your cock and wank it slowly. That’s it, not too fast now,’ she instructed, pulling open the blouse and clasping her boobs through the reinforced cups of her white lace bra.

Ms. Diamonds stood and stripped off her blouse, then unzipped her skirt and pulled it over her girdled ass and let it drop to the floor around her stiletto heels.

‘Are you gagging for your boss lady, are you?’ Ms. Diamonds smiled seductively, one hand stroking her buttocks through the tight girdle that stretched over her arse. ‘Do you like looking at your lady boss and wanking over her stockings and heels?’ she said, pulling aside her buttocks and exposing her cunt, framed by the girdle suspenders and stocking tops.

‘Look at you perving at your boss’s cunt,’ Ms. Diamonds said, sitting on the bed and spreading her pussy wide open. ‘You never thought to see your boss like this, did you?’ she said, her hand slowly massaging the juicy lips of her cunt.

‘You’re such a lucky boy working for me,’ she said, circling her fingers around the flesh of her throbbing clit. ‘Watching your boss finger her cunt, while you’re wanking your cock,’ she gasped, inserting her finger inside her wet, mature pussy.

Watch lady boss masturbating in girdle nylon & stockings at NHLPcentral.com

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