Oct 182019
 Blonde call girl Michelle Moist wanks in sheer nylon panties, black suspenders and tan stockings video at NHLP Central

Blonde call girl Michelle Moist stripteases and wanks her juciy pussy in sheer nylon panties, black suspenders and tan stockings in her video – ‘Some of my services’ at NHLP Central

Blonde call girl Michelle Moist entertains in her satin blouse and leopard print skirt, showing off her alluring legs in nylon stockings and stiletto heels. She strips and teases in her suspenders and stockings, then thrusts her fingers up her tight pussy and masturbates to climax.

‘I understand you need some of my services,’ Michelle said, looking very attractive in her sleeveless blouse, a glimpse of stocking tops showing below the hem of her short, leopard print skirt. ‘I’m going to make sure you’re entertained this afternoon,’ she smiled, pulling up her skirt to reveal her suspenders affixed to her tan nylon stockings.

‘I always make sure my customers are extremely satisfied,’ she added, pulling up the back of her skirt and caressing her buttocks through the sheer nylon of her panties. ‘Your balls are going to be empty by the time I’ve finished with you,’ she grinned, looking over her shoulder and giving slapping her ass.

‘Why don’t you take out your cock and we can get started?’ Michelle suggested and sat on the sofa, crossing her legs in their tan stockings and sexy heels. ‘I want to make you extremely horny,’ she said, pulling the skirt over her suspender clad thighs. ‘So, begin by giving your cock a nice slow wank,’ she instructed, a look of pleasure on her face as she caressed her extended leg in beautiful, tan stockings.

‘I can feel myself getting very excited already,’ Michelle remarked, opening her legs and feeling her pussy through the crotch of her sheer nylon panties. ‘I’m a very naughty girl, but that’s what you wanted anyway, wasn’t it?’ she smiled mischievously, slipping her hand down the front of her panties and spreading the pink slit of her pussy.

Michelle stripped off her blouse revealing a quarter cup, leopard print bra and admired the way it held and supported her petite tits as she pinched her perky nipples.

She unzipped her skirt, then pulled it over her buttocks and allowed it to slide down her stocking legs to the floor around her heels. She stepped out the skirt and kicked it to one side, then sat on the sofa and stripped off the bra.

‘I like watching you wanking your cock and getting aroused,’ Michelle smiled, fondling her perky boobs and rubbing her hard nipples. ‘I’ll take my knickers off in a minute and have a wank with you,’ she said, massaging her pussy through the crotch of her nylon panties.

Michelle knelt on the couch, hooked her thumbs into the waist of her knickers and teased them over the smooth cheeks her fabulous ass. She looked over shoulder she slowly drew the knickers down, leaving them stretched between her thighs and below her stocking tops.

‘I’m going to put on a dirty little show for you, mister,’ Michelle said, looking over shoulder and reaching behind herself to slide her fingers between the lips of her wet pussy.

‘I love watching you wank your cock, while you stare at my juicy pussy,’ she gasped masturbating with her fingers thrust between the pink lips off her tight, wet cunt. ‘I love watching men cum; seeing all that spunk exploding over me.’

Watch Michelle Moist masturbating in suspenders & stockings at NHLPcentral.com

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