Jan 232018
Sophia Delane gets dressed for sex in suspenders, nylon stockings and stilettos at Vintage Flash

Busty brunette Sophia Delane gets dressed for sex in suspenders, nylon stockings and stilettos and wanks her pussy at Vintage Flash

Sophia is in her bedroom, ready to tease and please in her polka dot frock, fully-fashioned tan nylons, and stilettos heels. Stripping down to her lingerie, she plays with her ample tits and fingers her juicy pussy, encouraging you to wank your cock while she masturbates for your pleasure.

‘So now I’ve got you up in my bedroom, I think it’s about time to have some fun don’t you?’ Sophia said, sitting on the edge of the bed and sliding her dress back over her thigh to reveal her suspenders and stocking tops. ‘How about you get that cock out and I’ll give it a nice tease.’

Sophia knelt on the bed and lifted the dress, revealing more of the white garter-belt and webbing of her suspenders stretched across her thighs and affixed to the tops of her tan nylon stockings.

‘I want you to imagine all the things you could be doing to me in this sexy outfit,’ Sophia said, hand massaging her pussy through the tight crotch of her white panties. ‘I bet you’d like to rub your hard cock right up against my pantie gusset, wouldn’t you?’

Sophia sat up on the bed and extended one leg, then reached down to her ankle and slowly drew her hand over the smooth nylon of her stockings and up to her suspender-clad thighs.

‘I’m going to have lots of fun teasing you, just look at those tits,’ Sophia smiled, pushing up the soft flesh of her ample cleavage, spilling over of the top of her dress. ‘Imagine grabbing my tits with your hands and rubbing your firm shaft up and down my cleavage.’

Sophia stripped off her dress and knelt on the bed with her head down and arse in view, rubbing her fingers over her pussy through the taut nylon of her sheer panties. She knelt upright with knees apart to give a view of her panties, then stripped off her white bra, unleashing her voluptuous boobs that hung heavy down her chest.

‘That’s it, rub that cock of yours while you watch me,’ Sophia said, laying against the pillows and pressing the taut nylon of her panties against the lips of her moist cunt. ‘You make my pussy so wet,’ she sighed, slipping her hand inside her panties and diddling her clitoris. ‘Go on, keep playing with that cock. I want to see it dripping with pre-cum!’

Watch Sophia Delane wanking in garter-belt, stockings and stilettos at Vintage Flash


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