Jan 192018
Horny Kayla dressing in girdle fully-fashioned stockings and sexy stiletto heels at Vintage Flash

Horny Kayla catches you spying on her dressing in her girdle, fully-fashioned stockings and stiletto heels and entertains you by fucking her pussy with a sexy toy at Vintage Flash

Kayla catches you spying on her while she gets dressed in sexy black lingerie and stockings in her bedroom. Discovering you have been going through her lingerie drawer and sniffing her nylons and stilettos, she is not pleased.

Her annoyance turns to arousal when she sees you have a raging hard-on and decides she is willing to entertain your fantasies. Of course, she demands you compensate her with cash to buy herself some new nylons and a few pairs of her favorite designer shoes.

Reaching for her vibrator, Kayla discovers it’s a lot cleaner than she left it the night before under her pillow.

‘Have you sucked it clean or something?’ Kayla held up the vibrator, sounding a bit disgusted. ‘Oh, my goodness! I can’t believe you’ve actually sucked my pussy juices off this toy! Well, I guess you are in luck because I’m feeling horny and I was just going to use it!

Kayla stripped off her black sheer nylon negligee revealing her ass clad in the stretchy elastane of her open-bottom girdle.

‘Since you are here and you’ve got a hard cock, you can’t really leave now, can you? So why don’t you take it out and start wanking it.’ Kayla says, stripping off her bra and getting more comfortable on the bed. ‘Go on, don’t be embarrassed,’ she encourages, adding, ‘if I’m going to use this toy, you’ve got to wank your cock for me.’

Kayla kneels and bends over, giving a view of her beautifully shaved pussy framed by the edge of her open-bottom girdle and suspenders attached to her stockings tops.

‘I bet you’d love to rub your cock on these nylons, wouldn’t you?’ She says, running her hand up along her extended leg and tracing a finger along the seam of her fully-fashioned nylons.

‘That’s it you keep wanking it for me just like that,’ she says, swinging her arm and gesturing with her closed hand as if jerking-off an erection. ‘Keep wanking it for me until you shoot your load,’ she encourages, opening her legs wide and rubbing her sexy toy against the smooth lips of her exotic pussy.

Watch Kayla masturbating in girdle, nylons and stiletto heels at Vintage Flash


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