Jun 092017
Classy Blonde Anna Belle strips and masturbates in her garter-belt, nylon stockings and stiletto sandals

Classy blonde Anna Belle strips and masturbates in her garter-belt, nylon stockings and stiletto sandals at Vintage Flash

Anna Belle has been at a village fete and pleased to be home where she can rest up her tired feet and relax. She’s been feeling sexy all day long, flirting in her summer dress, she enjoyed the attention her Cuban heel nylons and stiletto sandals attracted.

‘I received a lot a of attention today when the wind caught my dress and lifted it up, and people caught a glimpse of what I was wearing.’ Anna sat on the edge of the bed with one leg crossed over the other, her dress pulled back over her thigh, revealing her white suspenders attached to the tops of her tan stockings.

‘There was this one guy who quite liked my beautiful stockings, who said he wanted to pull my dress right up. To be honest, it kind of turned me on, so I bent over in front of him, which is quite naughty, isn’t it.’ She giggled, one hand leisurely stroking the silky nylon and the contrasting flesh of around her stockinged thighs.

‘Well, he’s not here now, so I’m going to have to entertain myself,’ Anna Belle concluded and standing, she stripped it off her dress to reveal a vintage bustier, white garter-belt attached to her fully-fashioned nylons. ‘Don’t you just love that sound,’ she giggled, pulling on her suspender and letting it snap back against the flesh of her thigh.

‘You’ll notice I’m not wearing any panties,’ she stood, posing in her fabulous vintage lingerie, ‘I told you I was naughty. But I think we can get a bit naughtier, don’t you.’

Sitting on the bed, Anna Belle looked up and smiled as she unzipped the front of her bustier. She opened the bra, sighing with relief at the sensation of being released from it’s constriction, her hands caressing the soft flesh of her petite, all natural breasts.

Anna Belle reached down to unbuckle the straps of her sandals and slipped them off her cute size 4 feet. Sitting upright on the bed with her back against the pillows, she stretched out her legs and pushed her feet together. ‘I really like how these nylons feel, so silky and soft,’ she said, stroking the soles of her stockinged feet and wiggling her toes inside their cocoon of fully-fitted nylon.

‘How about I play with myself, and you play with yourself,’ she suggested, getting more comfortable against the pillows. ‘Go on naughty boy, I know you want to get your cock out for me and wank it, like this,’ Anna Belle gestured with her hand closed in a tight fist, moving it up and down as if she were stroking an erection. ‘That’s it, let’s be naughty together, it really turns me on knowing you are doing it as well.’

Watch classy blonde Anna Belle stripping and masturbating in her garter-belt and nylons at Vintage Flash



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