Jun 062017

Mistress Red gets the party going by stripping and masturbating in her black corset, stockings and stiletto heels in this scene at Vintage Flash

You have an special appointment with Mistress Red, your local candidate of the Nylons Party. Meeting in her private office, Red uses all her powers of seduction in order to convince you to give her your vote by stripping down to her underwear and masturbating on top of her desk.

‘I need as many members as possible in my party. Do you think you are ready to join me in my quest for nylon domination?’ Red got up from her chair and walked around to the front of the desk and leaned against it. ‘Well, I may have to try and convince you a little bit more, so maybe you should unzip and have a look at these seams while you let your cock do the thinking.’

Red turned and leaned over the desk so the material of her skirt pulled tight around her shapely arse. ‘As you can see, my legs are encased in genuine vintage nylon stockings, which I’m sure connoisseurs will recognize as harmony points.’ She looked over her shoulder and reached down to her ankle, drawing attention to her legs in their seamed stockings and heels.

‘All this talk of members, is making me rather hot and bothered under my suit.’ Red appeared a little flustered and unbuttoning the front of her red jacket she caressed the cups of her black lace bullet bra. She removed the jacket and unzipped the back of her skirt, revealing the black corset that narrowed her waist and emphasized the feminine curves of her hips.

‘Feast you eyes on that ample backside and the whole length of my legs in nylons’. Red wiggled as she pulled the skirt over her suspender clad arse, and it fell swiftly down her stockinged legs to over her stiletto heels. She leaned over to pick up the skirt and cast it to one side; her suspenders straining on her stockings tops as she ran her hand up the back of her legs in their fully-fashioned nylons.

‘Are you having a good look? See what you are voting for?’ Red sat on the desk, hands around the cups of her lace bra giving a close-up view of her boobs. ‘I’ve got my hands full with this campaign, I can tell you,’ she smiled, pushing her cleavage together, ‘I hope you are still stroking that cock!’

Red slipped the straps of the bra down her arms, and jiggled her voluptuous boobs inside the loosened cups. Stripping the bra away, she leaned forward and shook her shoulders from side to side, making the ample flesh of her boobs wobble from her chest.

‘I’m feeling quite horny, knowing all you guys are wanking those cocks, wanting to join me.’ Red stood with her legs apart and bent over the desk, a glimpse of her pussy showing between her thighs as she swayed her suspender clad arse. ‘Are you stroking that cock! I do hope so. I need to know you are an obedient follower, so when I tell you to drain those balls, I expect you to do exactly as I say.’

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