Jun 132017
Honour May strips down to her nylon stockings and gives masturbation encouragement

Retro-lingerie lover Honour May strips down to her nylon stockings and gives masturbation encouragement in her latest video at Vintage Flash

Honour is looking forward to her day out and you’ve been invited to come along by your mutual friend, Stephanie. Arriving at the apartment, you discover Stephanie is busy in the shower and immediately hit it off with Honour, who begins to flirt in her vintage attire. As things progress, Honour strips down to her underwear, suggesting you both get intimate and enjoy a wank together to pass the time.

‘Stephanie said you might be coming round.’ Honour introduced herself, as she sat on the comfortable 60s style modern sofa, wearing a pretty summer dress, stockings and heels. ‘She’s just stepped in the shower, so as we’ve got a while to wait, we could just hang out here for a bit, make yourself comfortable.’ She relaxed back on the sofa and the hem of her dress pulled back over her thigh, revealing a glimpse of stocking top.

‘Stephanie let me wear some of her clothes, what do you think? These nylons are vintage. I’ve seen the original packet and they are the real deal.’ Honour casually pulled back her dress and drew her hands up the length of her legs, adjusting and straightening her nylons.

‘Oh, I’m sorry. I do apologize. You’re a complete stranger and here I am showing you the tops of my stockings. I do get carried away sometimes.’ Honour appeared a bit flustered, pulled down her dress and sat upright on the sofa. ‘Are you getting turned on?’ She suddenly put her hand to her mouth, mildly surprised. ‘Because I can see a bulge in you pants right now, and it looks pretty big from where I’m sitting.’

Honour opened her legs to give a view under her dress and stroked the crotch of her red satin panties. ‘Do you like my panties? They are gorgeous, aren’t they. I love the way they feel so silky against my clit.’ She looked down to watch her fingers rubbing the mound of her pussy, teasing her clitoris through the soft, shiny satin of her red knickers.

‘I’m feeling a little bit horny myself right now, and as Stephanie is going to be a while, we may as well enjoy ourselves.’ Honour suggested, reclining on the sofa and raising her legs high to show off her fully-fashioned nylons and sexy, red heels. ‘I know how much you love vintage lingerie, perhaps you can show how much you appreciate what I’m wearing and wank that cock for me.

‘So go on, get it out for me please, as I’d really like to see it.’ Honour lay on her back extending her legs and caressing the silky nylon of her seamed stockings. ‘That’s it, move your hand up and down that shaft.’ She instructed, gesturing with her hand as if she were stroking an erection, ‘See, you are so naughty! Wanking in your best friend’s living room over a hot stranger.’

Watch Honour May stripteasing and giving masturbation encouragement in her nylon stockings at Vintage Flash


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