Jun 022017

Horny blonde Lucy Lume gets excited by her open-bottom girdle and nylon stockings she lays on the bed pleasuring her hot pussy with a big black dildo

We just caught Lucy as she was about to go out, dressed in her leopard print dress, legs seamed nylons and wearing some sexy pumps. Easily distracted, she had time to strip down to her vintage bra and girdle and give herself pleasure with her favourite dildo.

‘It would be a shame if I didn’t show you what I wearing under this dress before I go out.’ Lucy stood, hand flowing over the curves of her shapely body outlined by clingy material of her leopard print dress. ‘I don’t normal wear animal print, but I’m definitely feeling a bit wild tonight, what do you think?’ She turned to give a rear view and show her ass in the tight dress; the seams of her Cuban heel stockings drawing the eyes down to her ankles and sexy mules.

‘You’ve got me feeling rather horny right now. I think we might have to do something about that,’ Lucy decided, unzipping the back of her dress and pulling down the top half to reveal her vintage lace bra. ‘Look at my nipples, so hard,’ she smiled, feeling and squeezing her breasts through the lace ups of the bra. ‘And my girdle is very tight fitting, just look at those cheeks.’ She stripped off the dress and turned her head to look down as she caressed the curves of her tightly bound girdled arse. ‘Look at that perfect view. I’m surprised you haven’t jumped on me already.’

Lucy knelt face down on the bed and spread her legs wide, lowering her head against the pillow and pushing up her rear end to show her naked snatch. The girdle stretched over the curved of her lower back and around the soft flesh of her buttocks, the short suspenders straining on the tops of her seamed nylon stockings.

Lucy stripped off the bra and lay on her back, opened her wide and pulled them back to reach up and slip off her heels. ‘You like my little toes and my hot feet inside their stockings. I think you need to give them a good rub, don’t you?’ Lowering her legs, she gave a close-up view of the soles off her stockinged feet and flexed her toes inside their cocoon of sheer nylon.

‘I like showing off my body to you, especially in this sexy lingerie and nylons.’ Lucy ran her hand over the smooth mound of her shaved pussy, and teasingly pulled the juicy lips of her swollen labia wide apart. ‘I’m going to get that clit nice and big for you, and then I’ve got something nice and big for me.’ She smiled promisingly, reached under the pillow for her dildo and held it up in front of her face. ‘Look at that, it’s nice and big and ready for my pussy.’ Lucy grinned with anticipation and sucked on the end of the dildo, then placed the head against the lips of her gaping cunt and pushed it deep inside her hot, wet fuck hole to give herself pleasure.

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