May 302017

Mistress Sapphire Blue stripteases in her girdle and nylon stockings while giving masturbation encouragement in her latest scene at Vintage Flash

Sapphire Blue is waiting for you in her boudoir, dressed in a seductive, sheer blouse showing the black bra underneath, a yellow pencil skirt and legs in black nylons and shiny stiletto heels. Watch her striptease in her girdle and stockings while encouraging you to wank your cock in this thrilling nylon seduction scene.

‘Look how eager you are, with that cock bulging in your hand.’ Sapphire giggled delightfully, caressing her knee and pulling back the hem of her skirt to show the black shadow of the stocking welt. ‘I can see the anticipation of watching me strip and show-off these sexy nylons turns you on.’ She gestured with her hand, thumb and finger closed in a circle as if wanking an erection, tugging the skirt up her thigh to reveal the taut suspenders affixed to her stocking tops.

Sapphire stood and slid her thumbs around the waist of her skirt, her breath trembling with excitement. ‘I love watching you wanking, stroking that cock for me,’ her hand flexed and moved in a graceful rhythm in imitation of giving a cock a slow and sensual wank. ‘It turns me on so much, knowing I’m making your cock hard, when all I’m doing is teasing you by flashing the tops of my stockings.’

Sapphire moved over to the bed and sat on the edge, pulled back the skirt and began rubbing one leg against the other so her stockings made the soft rasping sound of nylon on nylon.

‘I want you to hear that sound of the stockings rubbing together, to see what is does to your cock.’ Sapphire smiled mischievously, then rapidly rubbed her legs together so the rasping sound of her nylons increased in volume. ‘Come on! Wank that big dick harder for me.’ Her hand moved swiftly to indicate an increase in masturbation tempo. ‘Pump it faster!’ Her voice rose with excitement as she brushed her legs together and vigorously pedalled her feet in their stiletto heels.

‘Now slow back down, because I don’t want you to cum to quickly, as you watch me strip for you.’ Sapphire instructed, her gesturing hand returning to it’s gentle tempo and steady rhythm. ‘The girdle I have on underneath this skirt is very fucking sexy,’ she intimated, then got up to stand in her heels, released the fastening of her skirt and let it slide down her stockinged legs to the floor.

Sapphire exhaled a sigh of pleasurable relief as she ran her fingers around the top edge of the semi-sheer girdle and caressed the elasticated front panel around her tummy. ‘Wearing a girdle means I have no panties on as well.’ She raised her eyebrows knowingly and giggled excitedly at her naughtiness. ‘Oops, I see your dick is twitching, just knowing that I have no panties on, so keep wanking it nice and steady,’ she instructed, unbuttoning her blouse and stripping it away to reveal a retro, low-cut bra, supporting her ample boobs.

‘Now, I want you to imagine your big hard cock between those lovely red lips, a print of lipstick around the base of your dick, after I’ve taken every inch to the back of my throat.’ Sapphire indicated with her hand and fingers curled as if circling the girth of an erection, slurping loudly as she imagined feeding a bell-end into her wet and willing mouth.

Watch mistress Sapphire Blue giving masturbation encouragement in nylon stockings at Vintage Flash

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