Mar 072017

Seductive sales lady Kiana Kraze strips in hotel room and masturbates in black suspenders and tan RHT nylon stockings at Vintage Flash

After being at the conference all day, sexy sales lady Kiana is in need of entertaining and so gladly accepts your invite to meet up later in your plush hotel room for some some relaxing fun. Dressed for sex in her RHT nylon stockings and heels, this dissolute woman is willing to striptease and encourage you to wank your cock over her as she masturbates openly on your bed.

‘This bed is so comfy, I think I’ll stay in your room, if that’s OK?’ Kiana says, lightly bouncing on the mattress as she sits on your hotel bed, looking very attractive in her her 60s style dress, her slender legs in tan nylons and some sexy strap heels. ‘I’m feeling really naughty now,’ she says, excited at being in your room, just you and her together. ‘After being at that boring meeting all day, your mind starts wandering, you know? So how about I get more comfortable. Should I take my dress off?’

Kiana unzips the back of her dress, stands and wiggles her ass as she strips it off, revealing her red on black balconette bra, black panties, suspender-belt and tan RHT nylon stockings.

Reclining one the bed, Kiana strips off her bra and fondles her petite tits, squeezing her pierced nipples between her fingers. She slips her hand down the inside of her sheer nylon panties and begins to slowly massage her shaved pussy, sighing softly as her fingers tease her clitoris and the lubricated lips of her labia.

‘I can see you’ve got a hardon in your trousers,’ Kiana smiles saucily as she slides her hand over the front of her panties between her thighs and continues to masturbate. ‘Why don’t you get your cock out and play with it for me,’ Kiana suggests, gasping softly, rubbing her hot cunt through the sheer nylon crotch of her panties. ‘Get it nice and hard. We can play together for a bit, yeah?’

Kiana kneels and hooks her thumbs into the elastic of her panties, then slowly slides them over the soft cheeks of her arse and leaves them stretched between her thighs. She leans forward, resting her blonde head against the pillows and lifting her cute arse up, exposing her shaved pussy as she masturbates and encourages you to wank your cock.

Watch seductive sales lady Kiana stripping and masturbating to climax in her lingerie and stockings at Vintage Flash


What our members are saying about Kiana Kraze in this scene:
Thom*** says: Beautiful gal with gorgeous legs and a tight butt that always turns me on. Love her milky white thighs. Great VF…tx.
Road*** says: Kiana has such lovely skin to go with her pretty face and lovely body. Love the panty play with her hands on those black sheer panties.
gary*** says: Amazing, such a beautiful lady and an amazing body.

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